Tuesday 9 August 2016

It's not so black and white

In my last post, I wrote that I have issues with advisers of PM DS Najib Razak.

Someone asked me about it, so I was trying to be honest.

It doesn't matter to me if the advisers were unhappy with me if they read that.

I just simply don't like the way they do things.

Anyway, it's not the first time I wrote such things.

If you check this blog's archive, you will find that I have been saying that, way before the Umno rebellion started last year.

However, you all should know that I don't like many of those around Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad too.

Those such as that lady who was being hysterical on video screaming "kencing, kencing, kencing".

I don't want to be led by people such as that.

Come on, a lady shouldn't behave crazy like that in public no matter what.

If she thinks Najib stole those money, why can't she just say it properly?

Why the hysterics?

And I don't like them encouraging the 92 years old Dr Mahathir going to the ground to fight at that age.

For me, they are as bad as those on Najib's side who whacked the old man.

That's why I prefer not to join any of them.

I also have friends on both sides.

I don't want to fight any of them.

It doesn't matter to me if they no longer regard me as their friend because I didn't join their cause.

For me, friends will always be friends.

Maybe I'm being naive, but as far as I'm concerned, politics can't make me hate my friends.

Anyway, as I had previously said, I will vote in the next general election as according to my conscience.

Despite arguments by both sides, I rather decide the matter depending on how things end up for me.

I will ask myself :

- Does voting for the opposition makes things better?

- Does voting for BN makes it worse?

So far, my life is neither really better nor worse.

Therefore, I guess I have to wait until election time.

Still, it's going to be quite difficult for me.

Honestly, I wish I can vote for BN again.

My MP is DS Nurjazlan Mohamed.

I don't mind him so much because he is a good MP who take care of his constituents.

Dr Mahathir doesn't like him because he quit PAC to be a deputy minister.

But I still like Jazlan despite that.

Well, I think I like him better than some crazy Pas, Amanah or whatever guy who may contest against him.

I also believe that Jazlan tried his best under the circumstances.

Furthermore, the few times I met him, he was genuinely nice to me.

So, it's hard for me to vote against him, okay.

For state seat, I'm in Pengkalan Rinting.

In the last general election, I voted for the MCA guy but he lost to the DAP candidate.

So, how about the next election?

No matter what, I don't think I can make myself vote for DAP.

I'm too allergic to that party.

Just look at this guy,

Can you blame me for saying that?

See, it's not going to be easy for me even if things get bad for myself.

It's all not so black and white, okay.

Some people are so sure in what they believe in, but I'm just not like that.

I tend to question things.

I have to be 100 per cent convinced before I make a decision.

That's because I have encountered so many people who were not what they seemed to be.

And there were many occasions before where I got it all wrong because I was not careful enough with my judgement.

I'm not ashamed to admit that.

I don't like that and have no wish to make such mistakes again.

That's why I'm very careful.

But that's just me.

You all decide for yourself what you want to believe.

I'm not going to tell you to think like this or like that or decide like this or like that.

However, I would like to just suggest for you all to try decide rationally, okay.

Try to think before making a decision and please don't simply believe in what others told you.

Nothing wrong with that suggestion, right?

Okay, that's all.



  1. Annie,

    You are completely wrong about Mr Chubby Opportunist Nur Jaz-Wang.

    I don't respect him any more in the slightest.

    He walked out of the PAC at a time when the rakyat most needed him, just to get his foot on the gomen gravy train. He sold us all out. His replacement deliberately concealed a letter from BNM that showed that Chinaman Jho Low owned PSI, where our stolen money was siphoned to. That is what Najib also denied in Parliament. (He was lying, as always.)

    I think Chubby Opportunist knew that someone would be put in the PAC to cover-up. He didn't care. He looked after himself only. (Do you know any other "Chubby Opportunists", Annie? Female ones? LOL!)

    Also, come on...

    "Passports allowing Malaysians to travel to and from the country are issued as a privilege and not a right, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said today."

    "There is a new ruling to stop Malaysians who ridicule the government from travelling overseas. The ruling was introduced a few months ago, and that the overseas travel ban for a period of three years will also be slapped on those who discredit the government overseas when they return to Malaysia."

    Wow, good stuff. He's rewritten the constitution!

    Guess the girl who dropped balloons will be banned, while the guy who stole billions from our pockets and his macai will be free to come and go. They have made the right to travel a form of political control. That is an abuse of power, like many others.

    Yeah, I would vote PAS or Amanah over Nur Sell-Out.


    1. ha ha.......spot on......how to ridicule a ridiculous govt with shameful PM???.......world is already 'ridicule' to us already.....bangang betul anak tok mat nih.......

    2. Pada saya, Nor Jazlan lebih baik dari Kruak, Nazri dan Fuad. Mungkin NorJazlan berasa serba salah. Sebagai PAC Chairman..Tak cover-up taik Najib, nanti dipecat & hilang sumber pendapatan mewah & kedudukan. Nak kelentong Rakyat pun serba-salah. Lebih baik zip-mulut.

      Biasa la, orang politik pun nak hidup-senang.
      So...lebih baik terima offer Najib. Naik pangkat, pendapatan & kuasa pun meningkat.

    3. k lah bro......fair comment


  2. They're at it again.

    "However not everyone is happy over the formation of the party with MCA Religious Harmony Bureau secretary Chris Daniel Wong yesterday criticising it for bringing racism back onto the political scene by catering only to Bumiputeras.

    Syed speaking to FMT last night, slammed MCA for issuing such a statement, and called the party “hypocritical” for “obvious reasons.”

    “This party, despite being a Bumiputera party, will champion all Malaysians when it comes to motions for reforms. This party is a reform-centric Bumiputera party.”

    Aiyaaaaa, Clis Daniel Rong, lu apa cakak, aaa?

    Kinapa lu manyaaaa malah karau olang Maraioo ada pati sendili? Lu punya Malaysian Cinabeng Association silupa jugak, maaaaa. Olang Maraioo tabblih join itu MCA, maaaa. Lu jugak "mono-lacial party" maaaa, lu betu-betu talak faham kaaaaa??? Jadi mono-lacial untuk Cina OK, tapi mono-lacial untuk Maraioo tabblih kaaaa? Ini ada logik kaaaaa? Tala. Kinapa lu tala cakak pasai itu Umnonok? Itu pati mono-lacial jugak. Tapi lu sukak itu Umnonok punyak kontlak & tetak, kan? HAIYAAAAAA! Wa tahu lu sukak!

    Wa ingak lu mimang mangkuk hayun, saulala Clis, silupa sama itu charboh gemuk Ustazah Malaysiakini.

    Talima kasee.

    1. Hehehe, this really reminds me of Lufang - I miss Lufang, any idea where he went? Maybe eloped with some sexy Ah Moi, I guess? Lu mana, kawan?

    2. PS: Even Gerakan is 'mono-lacial' - logo in Chinese,what more you want! And they also bising about Tun's party being 'mono-lacial'! Sickos. But,the new party name is a mouthful, just call it BERSATU,lah...simpler. Right


    3. MCA Religious Harmony Bureau is kafir, Sdr mdzfrs
      unless Chinese Muslim committee member ada?

      No problem with that kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Bersatu!

      Sudah lama rakyat menunggu
      Parti baru umat Melayu
      Takde rasuah tidak dibelenggu
      You help me..I help you..

      Beri sokongan parti yg baru
      Semoga rakyat hidup selesa
      Perlakuan rasuah jangan ditiru
      Bina negara,agama dan bangsa


    5. ya what happen to lufang? cuti ke?

    6. Tebing Tinggi XVII11 August 2016 at 13:26

      Mr M Zin

      So, tell us - are you opposed to religious harmony & interfaith dialogue?

      Like what is being done in Singapore?

      Guess you are showing your true colours after all.

      Got tired of the masquerade, eh?

    7. mangkuk zina tu konpom pemakan dedak parti najib (formerly umno)......please ignore him


    8. Q: Are Chinese Muslims in MCA in RHB, Sdr Tebing
      do you know?
      ( reasking?)

      I voted PAS GE13 Sdr ANON 13:42
      so why masya-Allah your foul mouth?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Annie, no need to ramble - it makes U sound so DEFENSIVE.
    U tak mahu menyebelah mana-mana pihak - full stop. Titik.
    U don't have to ramble on and on, feeling so guilty
    about this. Bunyinya so lame, full of excuses.
    For me I am very happu Tun Mahadir at the age of 90
    involves himslef in politic again. Ada orang menunggu je
    saat untuk mati sedangkan Izrail tak datang-datang memanggil.
    Suka hati dialah - yang penting DIALAH ORANG YANG
    Orang lain tak berani.
    Kalau takda Tun Mahadir, kemungkinan sampai sekarang
    kita tak tahu, duit kita sudah disonglapkan berbillyon
    dan sdemakin lama, semakin meningkat BILLYONnya.
    So, be thankful, Allah panjangkan usia Tun Mahadir.
    Sekarang dia dah serahkan the batton to Mahyiddin.
    I am happy walaupun AURA Mahyiddin tak sehebat ANWAR.
    At least now we have an ALTERNATIF - a choice after umno.
    U tak mahu pangkah, itu hak U
    But please don't ramble.
    Cukuplah dengan rambling terakhir ini.
    We know U are not on Tun Det's side.


    1. Surprise us boleh(?) that DS Muhkrizs is not Timbalan, Sdr Cik

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Well, actually this blog is my space to ramble. I ramble all the time. It's a space for me to express my thoughts. You are also welcomed to express your thoughts here. That's why I tried to publish as many comments as I can including those which were not so nice about myself. That's the whole purpose of this blog. Freedom of expression is good what. Just don't go overboard, okay.

    3. Kita sokong Tun M tubuh parti politik melayu/bumi yg baru. Itu satu pilihan & tindakan yg strategik. Tun M yg tubuhkn UMNO baru, maka wajarlah juga beliau yg mjadi pemain utama memusnahkn sehabisnya secara total UMNO.

    4. I would prefer Mukhriz as the Presiden as Muhyiddin has a lot of baggage, if you know what I mean.

    5. Tapi Kak Mah ada 'baggage' BIRKIN, kih kih kih!

    6. For Protuns,

      You all should pray hard because your hero Mahathir has been admitted to IJN for chest infection. Although I am no more his fan, I pray to Allah for his speedy recovery and may Allah give him petunjuk to stop his nonsensical attacks on Najib. Selepas ni, if he recovers from this health crisis, retire from politics altogether and repent.

    7. tell pokjib to retire from stealing public money and lying first........deal? Bole tak?

    8. Hi Ah Soh. You must be happy to hear that Tun M is in IJN. For us, Tun M is old. Whatever happen we will accept. He has done more for the nation than any other leaders. We accept his strength and also his weaknesses. And guess what, he doesn't have to give us dedak like what you are getting, get it?

    9. What dedak you're talking about? I don't live in Malaysia lah, bongok! BTW, saya seorang Melayu bukan Cina, faham? Kamu yang makan dedak Mahathir, tuduh orang pulak, ptui!!!!

    10. You don't write like melayu lah. See your sentence construction. So formal grammar.


    11. Yes Annie is rambling. She is rambling about choice to choose.

      The best thing we can do is to choose the right thing. Is it to choose Najib is the right thing?

      If you thing Najib is the thief then don't choose him. If you think Najib is Robin Hood who steals and gives to the poor still don't choose him. Because your parents tells you so, and also your religion tells you so.

      May be the worst thing you can do is to do nothing, noting Najib, nothing Rosmah, nothing step son, nothing Jho Low, nothing 1MDB, nothing 2.6 billions, nothing DOJ, nothing, nothing and nothing.

      But we have our choices not to choose to love Najib because we choose our love to dislike thief, and the love of our choice is the freedom of choice because we are our choices. That's to justify Najib is not our choice this time to the next general election.

  4. "You all decide for yourself what you want to believe."

    The fact is:-

    Feb 27, 2009 – TIA was set-up.
    April 3, 2009 - Najib take over Pak Lah.
    July 31, 2009 - TIA rebranded as 1MDB.

    I believed, 1MDB is a scheme to scam. I also believed that the rhetoric slogan 'Rakyat di Dahulukan' was coined about the same time when TIA was transformed into 1MDB. And that was only 3 month after Najib became PM. Therefore, Najib must have known Jho Low or his father, long before that.

    But wait....Jho Low was known to be in TIA. That means, as soon as Najib became PM or maybe, when Pak Lah was being harassed to resign, 1MDB was already being brewed. Looks like Najib wasted no time at all, scheming.

    In contrast to Dr.M's scheming.....2 month after becoming PM, 1981, he instructed the Navy's Paskal to set-up camp on Terumbu Layang-Layang, only a speck of shoals at high-tide, about 300km from Labuan. After a shack was ready, he even spent a night there.

    As Deputy PM, Dr.M had already hinted that we should inhabit Amboyna Cay, the thirteenth largest among the Spratly islands, but was turned down by his boss, Tun Hussein Onn to avoid conflict with Vietnam. However, by the time Dr.M became PM, Amboyna Cay was already occupied by them.

    Today, if not because of Dr.M' bravery, Malaysia would definitely NOT had any claim over anything in the Spratlys.

    Therefore, I would not want anything to do with UMNO-Najib during GE14, if and when there is one.

    1. bro......tepat sekali bro. But you see now bugis pendekar tu x berani nak lawan China sbb syarikat CCCC bagi dia "kickback" to settle 1mdb & jho low problem.....knape harga projek landasan keretapi pantai timur tu daripada hanya RM30 beliyon DINAIKKAN kepada RM60 beliyon........SIAPAKAH yg dapat 'KEUNTUNGAN' drpd kenaikan giler tu, if not the penyamun no.1 a.k.a. "MO1"?

    2. Kalau dapat "kickback" dari CCCC pun Rakyat dan Negara tak perolehi apa-apa keuntungan. Semuanya akan lesap untuk bayar 'bunga' keatas hutang & lain-lain obligasi hutang. Yang lega adalah Najib. Dia tak perlu berhutang lagi Ananda, KWAP, KWSAP atau TH....yang sudah tentu buat Rakyat lebih marah, hanya kerana nak bayar hutang.
      Tapi....sebagai PM & Menteri Kewangan,dia masih cilok dari mana-mana untuk persediaan PRU14. Dia pun dah kata nak jadikan PRK Kuala Kangsar & Sg. Besar sebagai 'model' untuk menang, termasuk merampas Selagor dari Pakatan. Faham-faham saja lah....lebih banyak lagi WANG yang diperlu ditaburkan 1Malaysia.

    3. "lebih banyak lagi WANG yang diperlu ditaburkan 1Malaysia"......222 kerusi parlimen (tambah entah berape lagi kat Sabah?).... Hmmmmmmm patutlah kena songlap banyaj duit lagi......."CASH IS KING"

    4. Thanks RD for the islands history.

  5. I used to have high regards for Nur Jazlan when he was PAC Chairman until he was reported to have been paid between RM1-2m to cover-up and promoted to Deputy Minister. If he of someone of good character, he should not have accepted the bribes(money + promotion) and he could have just relinquish his position at PAC and go and do some fishing or farming. But alas, politicians being politicians, they worship money and power.By the way, i cannot figure out any single UMNO politician that walks the straight line.

    To me Nur Jazlan is a man of greed, no principle and integrity and is no different from the thieve that stole our money billions. And to make matters worst,Nur Jazlan has seen himself the evidence of the money stolen from the poor, farmers,fishermen, orphans etc and yet without any single guilt he is enjoying the money stolen from these poor folks.Whetever his reasons for accepting the bribes be it afraid of hired killers or fall into an oil drum filled with cement,a wrong remains a wrong.

    Btw, you seems to have a "religious police" here labeling non muslims as Kafir. To me a Kafir that did not steal money from the poor folks are much better than the non-Kafir who stole money from the poor folks and they are actually worst than Kafir.

  6. Annie,

    Why the need to show your stance and disappointment.

    Just be what you are.In matters related to 1MDB, it is better
    to take note of the CM of Malacca's valuable statement.

    I am getting worried sick and scared of going to war.

    According to the CM of Malacca.....the DOJ documents and accusations therein are attempts by US to kill the Malays.He had said that the US had used the same tactics (baseless accusations) against Saddam and killed thousands of Iraqis.

    But Jho Low is not Melayu and the other 2 are of Middle Eastern stock .MO1 is still mysterious and the remaining one is the only Malay.

    Can someone tell me has US declared war against Malaysia ?

    Should I start stocking up rations of essentials? Someone please help me.

    Malacca seems to have a penchant to let loose brilliant and super intelligent people on regular intervals.

    The previous CM of Malacca was very dangerously close to Albert Einstein in levels of intelligence while the current one seems to show potential to overtake Stephen Hawkins.

    And there's another one lurking around blindly, waiting to sweep another coveted prize reserved for morons.

    Please don't cry for me Malacca.

    Cheers and Peace.....Definitely No War !

  7. 'Malacca seems to have a penchant to let loose brilliant and super intelligent people on regular intervals.'.......ha ha ha!

  8. this nurjazlan guy will be promoted to a full minister status, he's got what it takes to be a minister..

    1. 'this nurjazlan guy will be promoted to a full minister status, he's got what it takes to be a minister.'........yep, pandai cium bontot. Kipidap!

  9. sdr m zin alor gajah, the line up is just a pro-tem committee. what that means, they'll meet and will appoint the office bearers of BERSATU. at that time, i believe Mukhriz will be appointed/elected as a timb presiden..


  10. The Timbalan is appropriately Yg Bhg DS Mukhriz, Sdr ANON 09:31
    that would be to everyones expectations, no?

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Tuan Haji,

      Kita semua dah tahu apa yang tersirat di sebalik kutukan Mahathir terhadap Najib yang tidak berhenti-henti. 1MDB tu hanyalah alasan saja. Boboi Mukhriz sebagai Timbalan President parti botox dan kemudian Muhyiddin Nika Gee akan meletak jawatan sebagai President parti untuk memberi laluan kepada Boboi.Tapi kan, tak ramai rakyat akan menyokong parti botox ni, jadi musnahlah harapan boboi until jadi PM. Setakat suka-suka macam main masak-masak semasa kecil samalah juga dengan parti botox ni. Tapi tak apa, mereka dapat suntikan botox free macam si Khairuddin aka Mr Umie Aida, hahaha!

    2. Haprak punya orang mu cakap macam macai partai celaka yang songlap baitul mal songsang betui!!!

    3. Saya pun pernah sokong & defend Najib ketika kes Altantuya kena C4ed dulu? Susah nak mampus. RBA tanya...
      -mengapa kerajaan guna 'orang-tengah' Razak Baginda?
      -mengapa tak guna Pegawai Kerajaan yang bersepah tuh?
      -mengapa perlu membazir WANG Rakyat, bayar komisen beratus-ratus juta?

      Terkelu lidah, berbelit-belit nak jawab. Tipu kata.. Altantuya jurubahasa. Hakikat sebenarnya, dia adalah seorang 'pisau-cukur', berkeliaran di hotel-hotel mewah cari lelaki-kaya, jalin affair, kemudian peras-ugut untuk dapatkan sebahagian dari durian-runtuh itu.
      Kalau ada wanita pisau-cukur nak pikat ahli-politik, boleh la berkeliaran di Parlimen....macam seorang tu.

      Selepas Deepak Carpet dapat pinjaman RM30 Juta tanpa-faedah..... membela Najib menjadi beban teramat sangat...membodohkan diri je. Takkan sampai nak memfitnah orang tak bersalah...untuk defend Najib.

      Dalam kes 1MDB & Jho Low pun sama. Bukti sudah jelas. Dakwaan DoJ memperkukuhkan apa yang Kerajaan cuba sembunyikan; seperti, Laporan Ketua Audit Negara disembunyikan dibawah OSA. Dulu Najib sendiri, suruh Rakyat tunggu laporan itu.

      Dah tak ada modal nak defend Najib...mulalah memburuk-buruk 'pembawa-berita'. Buka segala pekong- lampau UMNO.

      Sekurang-kurangnya, Dr.M, semasa menjadi PM. menegah samasekali, anak-anaknya terlibat dalam politik atau sebarang pertubuhan yang ada kaitan dengan Kerajaan untuk jaga nama baik UMNO & BN. Tidak dituduh amalkan Nepotisma atau Kronisma.

      Kalau zaman Dr.M dulu:-
      - jangan harap, TPM boleh lantik adik sendiri jadi agent bawa masuk 1.5 juta pekerja-asing..
      - jangan harap Menteri Melancong boleh ambil anak sendiri, jadi pegawai dalam pejabat sendiri.
      - jangan harap sesiapa boleh terima 'derma' masuk akaun-peribadi.
      - sesiapa yang pernah terpalit dengan rasuah atau politik WANG, sudah pasti akan tamat riwayat politiknya. Bukan dilantik semula pegang Felda atau jadi Menteri.

      Apa nak buat....memang patut pun DoJ kata; kita diperintah oleh pencuri-pencuri. Klepetocracy...Rule by thieves. Itulah hakikatnya.

    4. Apa salahnya kalau DS Mukhriz dipilih atau 'diangkat' pegang jawatan dalam Parti Baru. Dia tidak pernah terpalit dengan sebarang salahlaku-rasuah, seperti ramai pemimpin yang ada dalam UMNO, hari ini. Isteri beliau pun ramai tak kenal. Dia kawin dulu, semasa bapak dia PM, Rakyat pun tak tahu.

      Lagi pun, Muhyidin Ahli Parlimen & Muhkriz, ADUN. Bukan seperti mereka yang kalah dalam PRU13, tetapi dilantik ikut 'pintu-belakang' oleh Najib, kembali dalam Kerajaan atau badan yang berkaitan Kerajaan & UMNO.

      Psst...Anak Najib pun, secara senyap-senyap je:-
      - "the youngest-ever vice-president of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), when he was appointed in August 2015."
      Ehmmm....satu pencapaian yang menakjubkan. Naib-Presiden Majis Olympic Malaysia..

      - "Datuk Nazifuddin Mohd Najib, salah seorang anak perdana menteri, mengesahkan penglibatan beliau dengan dua syarikat yang berpangkalan di Kepulauan Virgin British (BVI) tetapi menafikan sebarang salah laku dalam perkara tersebut.
      Dalam respons beliau terhadap dokuman 'Soalan Lazim Ditanya' berkaitan dengan kebocoran yang digelar sebagai "Panama Papers' baru-baru ini, Nazifuddin berkata beliau pernah memegang jawatan pengarah dalam dua syarikat - Jay Marriot International dan PCJ International Venture Limited.

      Nazifuddin, bagaimanapun berkata beliau tidak lagi terbabit dalam kedua-dua syarikat itu yang telah diperbadankan oleh frima guaman di Panama, Mossack Fonseca."

      Wow....baru berusia 28 dah 'terlibat' dengan Syarikat berpengkalan di British Virgin Island atau BVI. Macam biasa dengar je..BVI ni.

    5. I agree that Mukhriz is clean and I fully support him as the President. High time that Malaysia get a clean and responsible leader, no matter who his father is.


    6. So yes DS Mukhriz in-sya-Allah to everyones(?) expectations

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Black and white? It's so important that we find the light that shines


  12. hate the pm...set up another party...u think its cheap to contest in general elections to beat BN? u need hundreds of millions of ringgit to win and take over the country.unless ur focus is just to contest in Pekan...and beat najib at his own stronghold. and if u lose what will happen?...another heart attack?
    i am respecting najib more and more....his calmness, his positiveness, his patience.....yes...and furthermore he doesnt bash other people's wife...unlike some people....

    1. dina as patient as a dinosaur on the hunt. they're all the same aren't they...the predators?

      Pray hard oh preys, triceratops mappadulung has a hungry herd around him.