Sunday 19 June 2016

The Chinese are significantly back

I think I got it right when I wrote this post last month,

And last night,

BN crushes opposition in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar

It's without doubt that the coalition wouldn't be able to do that without something like this happening,

Significant Chinese votes for BN in Sekinchan

Yet, some hate-mongers may still try to argue that most Chinese still hate BN and insist for the Malays to throw them into the sea.

They will come up with all sorts of charts and statistics to deny the changing Chinese voting trend as well as concocting all sorts of theories to continue trying to convince the Malays that they must hate the Chinese.

They will write long articles to look impressive by repeating the same points several times to spread their message of hate.

But I'm confident that the Malays will not listen to these bad people.

After all, Malays are not mindless racists.

Malays are generally good and peaceful Muslims.

After last night, I truly believe that the Chinese tsunami of 2013 has finally became just a past nightmare.

Many Chinese may still support the opposition but now there is a significant number of them who prefer to keep an open mind about giving their support to BN.

Last night, the Chinese once again proved themselves to be pragmatic voters.

Some of them apparently saw that the opposition was in too much of a mess with their in-fighting that it was pointless to vote for them.

If BN continues to play it nice like during the two by-elections, I'm confident more of them will support the ruling coalition.

As it is, I think this was the best move by BN for the by-elections,

I think many Chinese appreciate that and returned the favour by voting BN.

The Chinese are not all ungrateful bunch of people like those hate-mongers were trying to portray them.

For me, it's not so much the BN's victory at the by-elections that made me happy, but the fact that the apparent shift of voting trend among the Chinese indicates that we Malaysians don't have to go against each other anymore like in this past decade.

Most importantly, if this trend continues, Malaysia will not be so racially polarised anymore.

It's good, isn't it?

Really, better to be friends than hate each other just because of our race.

Think about it, guys.

Okay, I'm going to spend the rest of the day sleeping until buka puasa time.

Need to rest after a very long ride last night.

Here's a song to suit the mood,

My father loves that song by the legendary Momoe Yamaguchi.

This is the Malay version of it,

Okay, peace everyone :)


  1. Annie,

    Yeah, I was surprised by the size of the majority in both Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.

    To be honest, I have no idea how people can work out who voted for whom.

    I do have a rough idea but because I do not have close associations with any particular political party so I do do not think that any party would share their methodology with me.

    Anyway, one has to congratulate BN for holding onto those two seats.

    The BN campaign machinery seemed to work very well yet again.

    As for Pakatan, they will have to go away somewhere quiet to lick their wounds and figure out how the wheels fell off their bus.

    //Malaysia will not be so racially polarised anymore.//

    It is in some people's interest for Malaysia to be racially polarised.

    Money and power are the rewards for such people.

    Such people exist on both side of the political divide.

    If we could somehow get rid of these people, we would go a long way towards Malaysia a better place for all.


  2. you are right on the chinese factors.

    but their motives is everyone's guess.

    dap is awfully quiet on this prk.

    1. Both in Sungai Besar and K Kangsar didn't have a Chinese candidate that represent the opposition .

      Its too early to say that the Chinese are with BN or mybe the Chinese didn't know about 1MDB .

  3. Annie,

    The "size" of the Chinese majority just increased... 602 kg.

    She ordered extra sweet & sour pork to celebrate : )

    Anyway a good debut by Amanah, for a party not even a year old to beat PAS.

    Let's see if the Cina are dumb enough to fall for the MCA's "wa lindung lu from itu PAS punyak hooloo, maaaa" spin next time.

    Maybe not?

    1. mdzfrs,

      // 602 kg.//


      When I first read you saying that the Chinese majority had increased, I was totally unprepared and puzzled for a split second by the '602 kgs'.

      Like it was WTF!!

      Then I read the following sentence about the sweet and sour pork :)

      Anyway, I am not going to say anything more because I said I wouldn't.


  4. Just going back to the roots solves the problem.


  5. Annie,

    Speaking of scumbag bloggers (not Chinese, this time), the macho tough-talking RPK has been wetting his adult diapers over the SR lawsuit in the UK.

    "As for the recent jumping up and down by RPK, demanding to be sued in this matter by Mr Muhyiddin, let us inform the world how RPK reacts when he is actually sued.

    First the cringing fellow pretends he doesn’t reside at his own address and that his wife and his son don’t know him and so cannot pass on legal letters addressed to him.

    When that doesn’t work he next he pleads utter poverty and mewls that it isn’t worth suing him, since he has no money and has no assets to pay up when he loses.

    But, even more laughably, RPK once backed in a corner, denies that he actually is responsible for his notorious platform, the blog Malaysia Today!"

    RPK has removed his profile pix from all blog articles (PAST AND PRESENT) and invented a Chinaman called "Julian Khoo" as "Editor" in an attempt to avoid have his fat backside sued.

    "But, as the deadline for a formal reply in legal terms arrived, RPK’s tail dived firmly in between his legs.

    An email arrived at SR’s lawyers with just hours to spare, in which RPK denied he was any longer responsible for Malaysia Today, saying that instead it is run by anonymous characters in KL, over whom he has no control!"

    It's almost as bad as crawling out of M'kini and setting up shop as an overweight, pork-chomping ustazah.

    1. mdzfrs,

      Your above post is the exact replica of an article in Malaysian Chronicle. You must be Tian Chua the ear biter.

    2. 19:35,

      You may find this hard to believe but it's actually from the source, the SR, which I'm guessing Malaysia Chronicle then re-published.

      Want to check?

      Eat brains, bro. Sorely needed *ahem*

    3. RPK is a cheap wanker. What's amazing is people still lap up his rubbish. Just like smelly fat bitch. Two examples of why Malaysia still has a Long way to go.

    4. i think you'll find rpk is an expensive wanker......been paid from our money!

    5. define Raja Petra Kamaruddin?
      A decadent backbiter just about absolutely estranged from civility ... maybe there's hope for repentance just maybe ... until the blabbering blubber runs short of British pounds ... yet again


  6. The trend should in-sya-Allah encourage reapproachment from both sides, Lil sis Ms Annie

    The proof must however come like in Sarawak when the candidate is DAP not Amanahs

    ( no 90%+ Chinese tsunami, really)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  7. Chinamen very smart and practical lah. The two by-elections wouldn't have changed the government. BN was showering them with dedak especially to the fishermen. Times are tough and for most Chinamen, money matters because they don't get handouts from gomen.
    So they see the forest for the trees. Take the dedak now for their livelihoods, but come the GE when it really matters, tsunami time.

    Anyway the 1MDB probes abroad tightening noose on Jibby. He'll go down as our first sitting PM shamed for corruption. As it is, the finance ministry being sued in London! Did us malaysians ever think we'd see this day?

    As for Fatsoh, how she gonna curse her race now they've voted for BN? Wibble-wobble waffler that she is.


    1. Voters make comparisons of dedak tons(?) serving select few interested parties in iskand P Pinang, Sdr ANON 11:09

      Voters are in-sya-Allah a tad more discriminating than you allow kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  8. Agree with anonymous 11.09. It was a Malay candidate from Amanah, not a Chinese candidate from DAP. Whoever won, it doesn't make any difference to the govt. So jaga your pocket first, show a bit of Chinese support so that the govt will be hookwinked and give them more dedak. Just like your sister H is getting