Monday, 13 January 2020

Forming own opinion and learning from Taiwanese

Surfed around a bit just now to see what others are commenting.

As usual, lots of hot air and ego out there.

I'm right, you are wrong, ALWAYS.

Well, that's how it is with people.

That's why I  don't really like to read commentaries.

Especially on politics.

When I surfed for them, I normally don't read the entire stuff and just do so to see what others were interested in.

The first few paragraphs normally were just enough to make me....tired.

Too many people who know so little yet commenting so much as if they know everything.

Mostly bullshit, actually.

Then there are those who wrote so much about things such as religion and morals while at the same time committing transgressions all over the place.

For instance, I know one very prominent man who wrote quite a bit about Islam in his blog, claiming he's better than the religious scholars whom he condemned, yet he never solat and drink beer all the time.

Okay, I'm not religious or moral too by comparison, but at least I don't go around condemning the alim ulama.

And I didn't dye my hair blonde either.

Also, I'm not fat.

But seriously, do we need to read those commentaries to form our own opinion about things?

Get the news, and decide for ourselves what it's all about. How about that?

Well, seriously I'm a bit fed up with Malaysian politics at the moment.

All sort of nonsense.

Today, we even have this story,

Selangor rep, four political officers nabbed at drug party

I heard the assemblyman is from Pribumi Bersatu.

Bagus sangat lah perangai tu.

I hope the Kimanis folks will teach them a lesson at their by-election later this week.

Whatever it is, I'm really tired of discussing those monkeys running the country.

It's depressing, okay.

Taiwan's politics is better.

The people there made the right choice on Saturday.

Very happy for them.

Taiwan's Tsai wins landslide in stinging result for China

Tsai Ing-wen
Really hope the communists in Beijing will realise that given the chance, no one is willing to be oppressed by them. Just like what is happening in Hong Kong.

We, in Malaysia should learn from the Taiwanese. Don't let ourselves be ruled by a dictator or an oppressive entity.

We should cherish and defend our freedom and democracy.

And of course, let us all not be stupid by choosing the same monkeys again to rule over us in the next general election.


  1. Ha ha ha ... you make my day.

    Well ..nothing much to be said...
    You sum it all Annie .


  2. Tq akak for the advice...

    Peminat setia akak dri big cat.

  3. I think what the top boss of anti graft body did last week is crass, unprofessional and hitting below the belt. Gomen enforcement agency governed by code of ethics and professionalism. They don’t let political belief and personal sentiment muddled their thought and vision in discharging their duties.

    They don’t display evidences they collected like playing out aloud the audio video, displaying hard evidences, soft evidences for all and sundry to see, or parading the witnesses in public. Let alone made a special PC. It is unprecedented. It was never done before. Where is your professionalism oi mak cik? When you do that you’re being unnecessarily dramatic and driven by emotion.

    Putting salt to injury, she played out phone call between head of government of 2 countries thus breaching international rules and protocols. That is complete no no in international law and diplomacy and as it affects bilateral relation of both countries.

    As member of UN and signatories of various diplomatic and conventions charters, you can’t just simply do that. Hishamuddin Hussein has put it succintly. After this there’s no leaders around leaders will ever to talk to our prime minister through the phone anymore!!

    I mean what the hell this anak Mami thinking?? Did she ask for legal or professional advice before going ahead with shameful public stunt??

    We already messed with China, India, Saudi Arabia and now UAE?? We’re creating more and more enemy day after day...That’s why you can’t simply put a politician cum liberal activist crackpot as head of government enforcement agency. It’s a recipe for disaster!

  4. Dear Annie,

    I'm on the same page as you somewhat, except for your antagonism towards China.

    I had made a kind of new year resolution along similar lines as yours:-

    "Get the news, and decide for ourselves what it's all about. How about that?"

    "Well, seriously I'm a bit fed up with Malaysian politics at the moment."

    Basically, Pakatan Harapan politicians have shown themselves to be out for themselves, their own political power and positions, rather than to serve the interests of the rakyat who voted for them, which is clearly evident from the intrigues and jostling for power and position going on at the top.

    I'll rather focus on demands over local issues which impact me and my fellow rakyat as and when required, rather than waste my precious time bothering about what goes on at the top, whether Mahathir will hand over the prime ministership to Anwar, Azmin, Mukhriz or somebody else and so forth; whether Najib will go to jail over SRC and/or 1MDB, whether he will be tried, found guilty and hung over the murder of Altantuya, whether Anwar goes to jail over the recent allegations of attempted sodomy, so on and so on.

    At the end of the day, the eventual outcomes of the above will do nothing to lower the cost of living, solve graduate unemployment, boost the economy, improve the public transit system, improve our education system, raise living standards, reduce the incidence of dengue, reduce the number of potholes on the roads, reduce the uneveness of roads which damage my car's suspension for which I have to pay to repair more often.

    It looks like Ktemoc has decided along similar lines.

    Happy New Year plus Advice

    Take care.

    All the best.

    Be Happy!

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