Monday, 24 June 2019

One year, two years, three years...toying with Anwar

This is a story on May 15 last year, just a few days after GE14

Mahathir says may stay as PM for 1-2 years

and this is the story today,

I will not go beyond three years - PM Mahathir

which funnily came AFTER this story yesterday

Anwar confident with PM transition plan, 
says it's a done deal

I seriously think that Dr Mahathir was toying with Anwar.

If I'm a journalist at the Anwar's press conference I would have asked him when exactly he expects to be made PM. What were the details of the done deal? One, two or three years?

I don't think he has a proper answer to that.

It's becoming more certain now that the chances of Anwar becoming the next prime minister is almost zero.

Dr Mahathir may just say something else next year.

Well, I don't care too much about that.

In fact I'm in favour of Dr Mahathir staying in office for life.

The guy simply can't have a successor.

So, let us save the trouble of having another Dr Mahathir versus his successor fight.

If he gives Anwar the post, I'm quite sure we will see another fight.

Anwar will screw up things for sure and Dr Mahathir has to go on another round of campaign against yet another successor.

Anwar definitely can screw up (or down) things worse than Najib.

Anyway, why the hell does Anwar need to be PM so much? Ego, is it?

Dr Mahathir is 94, okay. So, let's not tire him. Let him run the country till the end of his days instead of forcing him to have another fight with Anwar later on.

That is if Pakatan continues to rule.

If the BN-Pas alliance wins the next general election, then it's a different story lah.


  1. Annie, tukarle topik lain. Dah bosan nak baca pasal azmin/anwar/ pkr dan sewaktu dgn nya. Cerita2 diorang ni sikit tak membantu kehidupan rakyat.
    Jgnle jatuhkan taraf blog you sama dgn blog cts

    1. Annie, teruskan aku tak bosan dengar kes ni.....tak jatuh pun taraf U.....

  2. For once Annie, u put it rite. Me too feel Tun M should be left alone, instead of being asked again and again the same question. Anyone can get bored and reply according to his whim just to make everone wiggle. Hehehe..... One, 2,3,4 or full term, it is all up to him and god's will. If Malaysia want Anwar, than let them vote him in Pru15. Fair and square. Those who feel, he is not the right choice to helm the country, can vote BN or PAS or whatever party on the roll. Senang, kan. Tak perlu cocok sana and cocok sini jadi batu api.

  3. the only one constantly mentioning about the future pm is tht Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    let him be, he is desperate. and people can see it. nobody wants to entertain pkr and anwar regarding the pm post when there is so much more important stuff to do.

    i think secretly nobody wants him to be the pm.

    im in favor for our tun becoming pm for as long as it takes. he just has this curse with his successor. they all turns out disastrous. so why not.

    but maybe annie can gives some better future prospect for msians. wht about the young blood. the unsung hero. the unknown. not the obvious one like syed saddiq. u must surely know some. maybe list ur picks from each party. thtll be interesting.

    but please. no wajdi and kj. urgh. once complicit, always are.

  4. Everything is determined by Allah.As Muslim Anwar has to believe in Qada' and Qadar.No matter how hard he tries of it is not meant to be he will never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Mahathir will probably will dissolve parliament of there is any sign of no confidence vote from Anwar and his allies.

    Prof Kangkung


      TPM 1993~1998 ………..kunyit.
      Ketua Umum (Ketum) PKR…Kunyit.
      Presiden PKR…….kunyit.
      Tim Presiden PKR………kunyit.
      Ketua Angkatan Muda PKR..kunyit.
      AnonyMOUSE Kejora……..pun kunyit.
      Sodom Gommurah…..dihancur lambung terbalikkan pun sebab kunyit.

      Tun M memang patut tidak berat sebelah. Puak2 ‘stor kunyit’ tak seharusnya berada dalam pentadbiran negara setelah Taqdir Illahi
      menyingkap buruk laku pengamal2 homoseks luar tabiee yg hewan pun tidak lakukan.

      SELISIH you, I tak rela dunia akhirat…….!!!

    2. Othman, Setuju dengan ko bah...

      Hapuskan kunyit kunyit dari bersarang.

  5. BN-PAS coalition can’t win GE15 without the support of Sarawak & Sabah local parties. And those parties can’t stand PAS.

  6. the brader is a multidimensional animal - screw up or down, top or bottom, fore or rear, left or right, straight or crooked are habitual; a chameleon of a man that changes (fore)skin colour that beguile many a gender

  7. Kita semua toksah cuba nak jadi ahli nujum.

    What will be, let it be.

    Let us have some trust in the present line up. Things are moving albeit slow. Thinga are looking up a little here and there. But signs a global slowdown is picking up to. So let the man have some peace to himself so that me work some miracle like he did before.

  8. Aisay Annie,,,looking at the present crop of leaders (from PH or BN)I do not see anyone capable of taking the country forward. I have not mentioned leaders from PAS cos these oohlamak are only fit to screw camels. Imagine the boss stating that a Muslim without integrity is better than a non-Muslim with integrity! What does this leave us...what about the DAP guys? here we have a bunch of smart blokes Ong KM, Yeo BL dll...intelligent, clean, hardworking. Apa lagi Melayu mau? Mau olang Islam....main jubor, makan dedak takpe asalkan Islam! Here lies the problem....religion thumps everything else.

  9. We see so many environmental issues

    Last raya still much accident deaths

    Dap ministers aint doing so great either. Its just a myth

  10. PM, menteri2, council of elders PH kepit briefcases terbang sana sini macam burung.. dok pi luaq negara cari ape eh?

    Over a year harapan apabenda ni semua oooi?? Tu laaa Agama kita sll berpesan. Mulut jgn suka menghina, mengherdik, buat fitnah dan mengaib orang lain...

    Tun nak step down whn negara is in this shameful condition?? Anwar?? Habaq mai sat apa sebenar sumbangan dia kpd negara selama ini yg hangpa dok puja dia macam dewa2??

    Isssh. Memang bosan la drama PH ni. Moh tengok ni lagi best;

    Professor Nasi Lemak