Sunday 25 October 2015

Queen's Gambit and prayers for a father and his daughter

Went on a day trip north with my father yesterday.

Visited my uncle, my father's youngest brother whom I mentioned in my previous post,

My uncle was fine.

It's been almost a year now since his ailment stablised.

He was cheerful and we spend over two hours chatting.

Normally, he could only spare half of that time with people.

It was nice.

My father and me brought him quite a lot of his favourite food which made him happy.

I even got him his favourite one footer Subway sandwich - turkey and chicken slices, with lots of salad, pickled olives, mayonnaise, chili and wholemeal bread.

He is the one who introduced me to Subway sandwiches.

Then there were also lots of fruits for him.

I told him about watching the movie Pawn Sacrifice

His eyes immediately lit up upon hearing the title of the movie.

"Ah! The Queen's Gambit," he remarked.

It's his favourite opening Chess move whenever he plays white against me.

He told me to get a CD of the movie because he wanted to watch it.

I think I will bring along a Chess set the next time I visit him.

Maybe we can play again. It's been many years since we last played.

Anyway, I was happy that my uncle is now well enough to talk with me about Chess again.

My father seemed to enjoy meeting his brother too.

He went through quite a lot of anguish when his brother was diagnosed with the ailment.

We went back to KL after the visit and it was raining all the way home.

The haze was thick too.

My father was the one at the wheel.

He doesn't trust my driving, saying that he's scared of my driving because I tend to speed.

He's always worried about me especially when I ride my motorcycle.

My father  is a careful driver and always drive within the speed limit.

I'm now trying to drive like him, but maybe I'm still not good enough.

The drive home would had been uneventful, except for one incident.

My father was overtaking a trailer at about 110 km per hour when a motorcycle overtook us from the left before it weaved to the right in front of us to overtake the trailer at the same time.

The motorcycle must had been going at almost 130 km per hour.

I managed to snap a picture,

Riding the bike was a man in his 40s and with him was a girl whom I believe to be his teenage daughter.

I saw them clearly as the bike was overtaking our car.

The bike is a kapchai (small underbone bike).

And it was raining, the haze was thick, the road surface was slippery....simply dangerous for a bike that small to go that fast.

At that moment after I took the picture, I made a little prayer or two in my heart....Allah, please let the father and daughter reach their destination safely....and Allah, please make the father realise that riding at such high speed and under such treacherous condition is very dangerous and that he will not do it again.

I sincerely hope they are safe.

Okay, I'm going out to do some shopping in a short while.

I'm leaving you all with the Queen's Gambit.



  1. Annie, I don't play chess. I don't play golf. I don't go fishing. You must me thinking I am leading a very boring life. But I love politics. Politics give me so much excitement.

    Prof Kangkung

  2. Dedication for Annie and her old folks ....

  3. hi annie

    u tak turun sepang ke...layan motogp...

    1. Didn't get to buy a ticket. Decided to just watch on TV.


  4. Annie,

    Satu hali nanti kita lawan itu Chess lea aa , Wa tatak pandai macam you tapi kalau Wa menang ,Wa kali belanja cendol maa aa , Cendol tatak GST lea aa.
    Susah punya olang dapat Cendol sutak haven maa aa , lagi lebeh tatak mampu maa aa .

  5. What's the Jib Gor Gambit when you're playing black?
    Make your King Cash, hide behind the Queen and move the Castle into personal account.

  6. How nice having a father-daughter drive and long distance, too. Must be a lot of spinning yarn, recalling of old times, at times quiet enjoying the scenery.

    Yes, maybe the scenery has been there for ages and one has passed thru there countless times, but it's always different with father, however many times one does it.

    Lucky you, not having to drive! Lucky father, having a daughter listening fully the advice to always drive carefully, avoid speeding - did you? Hope so.

    1. The scenery been spoilt a bit by the number of billboards, don't you think?

      Waiting for the Genting Highands - Cameron Highlands Highway for really breath-taking scenery in the future.

  7. Sorry to say but those who ride motor bikes and like to go to or watch races are suspect as far as speeding is concerned. And speeding is defined here as not just going beyond speed limits but driving fast when others drive slowly due to traffic conditions.

    It's the revving sound, moving a hundred meters at x number of seconds, the wind that goes into one's face, the sense of .... speed, yes it's the speed and nothing else that gets us to speed.

    Do as I say, not as I did. Only weeks ago I had a ticket for going 90 at the 80 kph Putrajaya junction to Kajang, caught by the AES cameras. It was a satay treat by a friend that I ended up paying much more myself! And a few days ago they talked about doing away with the AES!

    1. There's a difference between those who did not intend to over-speed and those who do, like the fellow commenting at 7:11 AM below.

      They may not contest traffic tickets because of the hassle of going to court. There were cases of people getting away with it by going to court in the past, if I remember correctly.

  8. Yeah, yeah, driving at 115 kph may not bring the traffic tickets and may be argued in court but the fact remains that it's over speeding. Vehicles should be fitted with the mechanism whereby bells ring on passing set limits.

    They tried that on the lorries (and buses too?) some time back nut is heard no more. And the Express and Tourist buses speed like nobody's business sometimes.

    True, motor cyclists get to road junctions much earlier than whole rows of other vehicles. But I often worry of the car with a groggy driver suddenly turning into the right lane or a Makcik or Ah Soh or Achi in the rear seat opening the door for whatever reason as a motor cyclist zooms past in between rows of cars. Watch out when in that situation on your motor bike, Annie.

    1. we watch motor cycle race in sepang. we practise racing highway we want to race fof 1 malaysia and show ketuanan

    2. You don't have to show ketuanan that way. And ketuanan is not for show, anyway.

      Ketuanan is that which is reflected in the Articles of the Constitution pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc. For example, no consent by the Agong or the Malay Rulers, no PM or MB can be sworn into office.

      And the other relevant Articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act. No discussion or debate on such issues that are deemed sensitive. No amendment to the Constitution without 2/3 Parliamentary majority. Whatever that may be passed, may be subject to the YDP Agong's Assent.

      YDP Agong may bring it up to the Rulers Council. The Pre-Council meetings are attended only by the Malay Rulers, no PM, MBs or even the Governors present.

      Don't practice racing on the highway. Do that in the racing circuits.

    3. 711 sounds sarcastic and may be a DAP Red Bean. If so, it means he is trying to make fun of Ketuanan Melayu. Having explained what it means above, I'd say this fellow is not respecting the Constitution of this country where that Ketuanan is envisaged in the Sensitive Articles.

      Such fellows are invariably DAP members or supporters. As has been said often times - and need be repeated time and again to get it into their thick heads and avoid being so - they are anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

      Those repeatedly showing non-respect of and unwillingness to live by the Constitution of the country are being shooed off, told to migrate. Well known personalities have also said so in the past.

  9. motorcycle going at almost 130 km per hour.

    poor education, cannot think much? daughter behind him means nothing?
    difficult life, so many problems, cannot think safety?

    1. It's a cruel world at times. Poor people, so many problems, drive fast, all they think about is reach home fast but may not reach home.

      Yet another guy drives carefully but some others don't, knock into him and doesn't reach home.

      And the Singapore blokes racing in Lamborghini sports cars KL-JB hi'way some time back, both did't reach home. (Was there a third?)

      I suppose the Lamborghini fellows did not get much sympathy, if any. The expression the good dies young doesn't apply to them.

  10. Must pray for all those road speeders. Must confess I sometimes wish God teach a lesson to the extreme daredevils and road bullies.

    1. Road bullies yang turun kereta mau pukul orang tuh sakit otak. Patut Hakim suruh dia pergi psychiatric treatment.