Friday 9 September 2022

The rape of Gunung Lambak

 Received pictures of what's happening in my hometown Kluang in Johor this morning.

This is one of them,

That's the slope of Gunung Lambak, Kluang's iconic natural landmark, now denuded of its forest cover.

Apparently, some 'developers' got to own the land and did that for probably another musang king durian project.

I was told that one of the "landowners" had lodged a police report against the person who took the picture using a drone for trespassing.

So petty.

Hopefully nothing bad happens to that person.

I also received this video on the effects of that "development" at Gunung Lambak in nearby area,

I do wonder what the authorities are doing about this whole thing as I was told the affected people are complaining but are being ignored.


Maybe they are waiting for some real disaster to happen before acting on it.

Ya, maybe they are waiting for headlines such as this; "Whole family wiped out in Kluang landslide tragedy".

Or maybe the 'developers' are too well connected that they can't do anything to stop the felling of trees and soil erosion in the area.

I hope I'm wrong and that the authorities are actually doing something.

Hopefully that new youthful Johor MB will act on this instead of making his usual meaningless stupid statements of setting up committees and promising stuff which sounded more like blowing hot air only.

By the way, I also learnt that elephants living in the affected areas have decided to move to safer locations.

My beloved who went back to our hometown for the Merdeka holidays the other day sent me a video of one of the elephants,

Yup, the elephants are now hanging around in downtown Kluang.

Their jungles are gone and they are scared of landslides too.

A whole gang of them even went to disturb people in the nearby small town of Kahang.

Okay, on this one, I'm not blaming the DAP MP and assemblyman in Kluang for doing nothing.

The Mengkibol assemblyman, I was told had tried very hard to get the authorities to do something but was not successful. They just ignored him.

For me, this is the fault of the state government.

They should have put a stop to the cutting down of trees at Gunung Lambak from the very start.

Seriously, I don't think anybody should even own land at such an important site that they could do with it as they please like that. 

I know that it's too late to do much now, but at least the state government should try something to mitigate the problems caused by the felling of trees.

Hopefully they could move quickly before things get any worse.

If they still do nothing, I wouldn't blame the people of my hometown if they choose to vote for DAP again in GE15.

Why should they vote for BN when its state government care more about the well being of "developers" than them, right?


  1. There's also this thing, which was set up with no EIA:

    Warning signs:

    "Malacca Investment, Industry, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Committee chairperson Ab Rauf Yusoh (above) said the proposed development, which involves constructing a tunnel or bridge, would take 20 years...will be developed with the cooperation of the private sector."


    It's an open secret WHY this guy wanted to be Ketua Menteri Melaka, demi kontrak & kabel. Ma$$$$$yuk oiiiiiii.

    So if it's not land reclamation, this will do lah. Money is money. Who cares what damage it causes?

    But that aside, we are surely not taking care of our natural heritage.

    I will give the current gomen credit for their efforts:

    "KUALA LUMPUR: The Central Forest Spine Master Plan for Ecological Linkages (PIRECFS), the main policy relating to town and rural planning, has been approved to provide guidelines for planning and physical development of forests within Peninsular Malaysia.

    Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the 40th meeting of the National Physical Planning Council, which he chaired today, had approved the master plan, which is an initiative to connect eight major forests located in Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan."

    Good first step: the catch now is enforcement.

    For the sake of our natural heritage, please let's make sure that the laws are enforced.

  2. Land and forest areas are under the purview of state government. Maybe you should direct your question to authority above mentioned.

  3. Looking at this picture pity the house onwers at this mountain slop. Another disaster in making.

    1. Yes. The lessons of Baling have not been learned.

  4. We have Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka) who tirelessly champion this issue. Their boss now is being sued by the state government. The hard truth is our forest covers in the peninsula are getting smaller and smaller by days. The only virgin forests left in the peninsula are those along the Tititwangsa Range. Even those left are no longer lush and green. Lots of bald patches.

    And our myriad of rivers too, most of them originated from streams coming down from the hills and mountains on Titiwangsa Range. The focal point where they’re all started. With frequent heavy rain up there on those mountains along the range, going down and going places, from high land to low land, push out deep from the interiors, pure and pristine rivers are created.

    These streams or rivers then streaming further down, cutting through virgin jungles, not so virgin jungles, used jungles, going through orang asli's settlements, going through kampungs, orchards, palm oil plantations, etc. Those rivers then streaming even further down cutting through houses, cities and eventually flow into Malacca Strait on the west coast side of peninsula and the South China Sea on the east coast side. It has been like that since immemorial.

    Now this natural process is in danger of being disrupted due to human activities driven by insatiable greed. Unhindered deforestation is rampant now. Something need to be done. Recent massive flood shows we have overstep the boundary. We have bitten more than we could chew. If we are not careful, our kids, grand children and the future generation have to look at past videos and pictures to learn about jungle and forest.


    1. Someone said to me, only people in Bangsar care about the environment.

      But fact is, the livelihood of farmers and fishermen is badly affected.

      Be thankful that huge droughts have not stuck our agriculture, like in many parts of the world.

      But it's likely it will happen.

  5. Ni pun pasti ade unsur2 "sedekah"? Tapi bukan sedekah cara wang masuk dlm personal akaun.

    Melibatkn puluhan ribu hectar tanah negara bertuah ini. Silap2 "sedekah" at 30 ringet satu hectar?? ..Kekeke

    Kes2 macam ni tak payah nak libatkn Pak Arab. Sebab? Documents berkaitan kat pej tanah Kluang, Malaysia, dekat aja.

    Bukan Kluang aje Cik Annie. Kawasan2 Templars Park/ Taman Commenwealth, bila ronda2 makan angin ikut Latar Expressway atau to Serendah.. bole nampak botak2 bukit semua.

    Haiyaa ama apa.. yg heran bab2 ni rakyat tak excited plak nak tau???

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Seriously, using police resources to identify the drone operator?

  7. Five more reps set to join PBM, says Zuraida

    - After Anti-hopping law unamimously passed in parliamentary by all MPs and gazzetted as law, I though such practice finally stop. It happened again. The MPs themselves voted for the law but still doing it again regardless. Politicians just couldn’t be trusted.

  8. yet there are morons who still support Dumno ha ha ha