Sunday 4 September 2022

How to vote in GE15

A friend the other day sent me a Tik Tok video of a good looking lady in tudung pleading for Malaysians not to vote for BN, especially Umno candidates, in the coming GE15.

She said if BN has the full power to run the country again, it will free Najib and Rosmah.

By the look of her, I believe that the lady is one of those well off urban Malays, who support Pakatan or maybe Perikatan.

She basically wants people to vote just to keep Najib and Rosmah in jail.

Okay, she did say that the country would be free from corruption by keeping the couple and other soon to be jailed Umno leaders in prison.

Really? Others, once they have the power, will not be tempted to be corrupt?

Well, Guan Eng has that Penang tunnel corruption case hanging over his head. 

Also, the supposedly clean because he is young Syed Sadiq is in court too for allegedly stealing money from his former party.

Let's not even talk about a Pakatan leader who was convicted for using his position to coerce a young man into allowing himself being sodomised.

If you can sodomise someone like that, what guarantee there is that you will not sodomise the country later on when you have the power to do so?

So, I don't think that lady's idea for people not to vote BN/Umno just to keep Najib and Rosmah in jail is very sound.

A better way to decide who to vote I think is by comparing between the past BN, Pakatan and Perikatan administrations.

Which of those administrations actually did things to make our lives better?

Was your life better when the country was managed by Najib's BN administration, Dr Mahathir's Pakatan administration or Muhyiddin's Perikatan administration?

Ismail Sabri's administration doesn't count as I don't know what it really is. 

Never mind their allegations against each other as that's actually just stupid politics.

After all, talk is cheap and even convictions in court doesn't really amount to much as they could always say it's just political prosecution managed by manipulating the judiciary.

Remember this?

What really matter is what those politicians had done and probably will do again to make a better difference in our lives. 

Try not to be swayed by sentiments and instead look at the actual facts on that.

Just pause a bit and think - was my life worse than now during the BN administration led by the supposedly corrupt Najib?

Or, is it true that my life has became wonderful after GE14 in 2018 because the Pakatan administration did things to make life better for people like me?

Or, was Muhyiddin's Perikatan administration even better than the earlier two as it made life in this country fantastic during its short stint in power?

I don't know about you guys, but my life was easily much better back then than now.

I used to have a proper team to do my work and my salary was quite good.

Now I work alone and have lesser income.

Fine, Covid contributed to that but I didn't see Pakatan or Perikatan doing anything real to make Malaysia a better place for me to live in.

Pakatan, which rule the country before the pandemic struck didn't even do much during their 22 months in power, having spent almost half of the time blaming the previous BN government for everything and the other half on trying to put the country's previous leaders in jail.

That's about all that they really did.

Okay, they also sold off the country's assets, wrecked the economy, soured our ties with some countries and.....oh, they also managed to antagonise the majority group in the country.

Election promises....let's not waste our time talking about that, okay. 

Seriously, post 2018 was probably the worst period in Malaysia since the May 13 racial riot after the 1969 general election.

The fact that we already have three governments since the last real BN administration shows our country's current instability.

People can talk all they want about this and that but without stability, our country can't move ahead as no one would want to invest in a place where the people constantly quarrel over who are better between them.

My beloved, who is a DAP supporter once said to me that I would never know whether Pakatan is better than BN because I never tried having them running the country.

That was before 2018.

Now that I have experienced their rule and that of Perikatan's too, I have to conclude that they are not anywhere near as good as they claimed to be.

Much worse than BN, actually.

But, if you all think otherwise because life has been wonderful over the past four years, then go ahead and vote for them again. 

No problem.

I'll just laugh when you all get sodomised again....figuratively speaking, that is.


  1. Yes think before u vote.

  2. Life went downhill after Tingkat 4 boys wreaked havoc in Putrajaya. To illustrate a point of what the country could have achieved, imagine we should be having ETS running from JB to Pdg Besar since 10 years ago.

    Najib made lives better in that his policy steered the country out of the 2008 financial crisis. But his habit of buying his way out of troubles was and is not sustainable. And I have a feeling that 1MDB was not the only scandal under his watch.

  3. No doubt that BN was much better during Najib's administration as compared to PH and PN. This time my vote to BN. I had enough of PH's hypocrisy.

  4. UMNO's 61 years (732months or 22265 days) versus PH's 2 years ( 24 months or 730 days)? You got to be kidding to make this comparison. PH have not even warm up to their seats yet. You just look at the time consumed just to pass a bill or the Q & A in parliament. Some are wasting time with what's not.

    Quote "I used to have a proper team to do my work and my salary was quite good.
    Now I work alone and have lesser income." Your management problems, girl. Look at Ramly Burger couple hands-on strategy in building up their successful business. Don't follow the bakery one where you dump in capital and expect it to flourish.

    Sodomy more serious than corruption? We had one with solid proof with videos and one actor's admission out there but no action taken. Do you know spermotaza can be detected through forensic in rape or sodomy cases? You just follow the case and make your own judgement.

    Do you remember the curfew during the covid period? It killed a lot of businesses and left many jobless, many homeless. So many without food. Who was the government and who were in the government with this policy without debating about it before implemention. This is bad governance. Taking out EPF or distributing funds is short term relief for the needy. When spent already where are we heading? Same proverty hole! There are still many jobless and homeless and anybody doing anything yet? The government should "teach them to fish not give them fish".

    Just imagine all the money pump into the rakyat instead of the cronies. Maybe you also won't have so much headaches about your income.

    We seem to have many zombies whose mind seems blur on what is happening and what will happen to the country.

    1. Annie is lucky RockyBru saved her from starvation.

  5. The country thrived during Tun M's 1st tenure. My life was way much better throughout that period of time. I wish I could turn back the clock to allow my beloved country to continue to prosper. What a joke if people believe that a sodomiser could bring the country around.

    1. You are a joke going backward instead of forward. Turning around the country doesn't depends on A PERSON.

    2. Ya lo.... Vote the sodomiser in to take charge of Pjaya. Then willingly allow him to sodomise the country and take turn to belakang mari each and every one of us. Make sure you register yourself to be the 1st. Yea, we certainly need him to TURN the country AROUND... and get high, higher, highest.

  6. 😅🤣🤣🤣if the country had not voted for a PH Govt on May 2018, Najib will still be arguing that 1MBD has not lost money and you will be parroting his lies.

    So much more are known now, TH was confirmed insolvent, Alpandi lied on Najib’s done nothing wrong, Boustead/ LCS’s 9 billions and MOF’s debts in PFI?

    1. Annie is a tadika-level debater laaaaaa. Always has been. Ask her to repay this "gift" from Bijan:

  7. Could you upload the video in your blog? Only then can we rebutt her argumenrs.

  8. You said she said this, she said that and we did not have the chance to hear from her ourselves, only your rebuttals.

  9. Najib has just got admitted into HKL. It looks like the copycat of anwar has also started to repeat all the dramas that we had seen some time ago. But, I don't think so Najib is able to beat that famous "Oscar-winning" drama queen actor in any circumstances. So, Najib desperately needs a special advisor, someone like anwar, in order to gain public sympathy, the sooner the better.

  10. You are forgetting something Annie!

    22 months rule with people committing suicide publicly! Dead bodies hanging from roof trusses and pedestrian walkway.

    Remember, remember 22 months of horror. 30 Ringgek.

    1. ... and jumping from high rises

  11. 30 Ringgek??

    Skrg paham tak nape our young generation puluhan ribu tiap hari cross over to Singapore pi kojo sana?? Tak kisah le cuci jamban pun takpe!! Redah crossway tak kira siang malam panas atau ribut???

    30 Ringget tukaq SGD bole dapat belapa sikalang?

    Gi kojo Saudi dan Qatar, 30 Ringget tukaq USD belapa plak?

    PH3 klo nak win must offer better opportunities nak lure and get them to come back home and vote.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. They used Najib and Rosmah cases as cover... they are hoping that if Pakatan win again, Guan Eng going to get away for 2nd time.. thanks to 'fair judicial'... full of hypocrites..

  13. An uproarious story : Najib's die-hard supporter aka offspring equates his father's imprisonment to that of Mandela. Familiar with the line? Just in case you have forgotten, not long ago, a convicted sodomiser said exactly the same. These are the examples of useless Malaysian politicians. Berani buat tak berani mengaku. Ha..ha..ha.. lunch hour amusement to whet my appetite !!

  14. .....Ha..ha..ha.. lunch hour amusement to whet my appetite !...

    Klo gini cara hidup no need lunch! Hari2 24/7 asyik merepet aje ayaq lioq kamu will one day drown you. Kekeke

    So whts yr suggestion for "PH3 to guarantee" tht our young graduates get paid at least 30 Ringet an hour??

    Haiyaa mayak kesian sama rakyat Msia la. Work in Malaysian fastfood outlets sikalang being paid less than Sgd2 only orh??? Lawak benar.

    Owh masa PH 22mths dulu cikiut Saddiq ata sibut min gaji RM4K, dia sekadar anggan2 to lure voters... takmau ikut teladan dia tau kojo nak menipu aje.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Which nationality are you from? Couldn't understand at all your point. Pls use proper language to convey otherwise it is a waste of time. Ok, Professor?

    2. Malaysia berbilang bangsa dn Agama.. bahasa pun campoq2 la..

      Olang Sabah sebut payau for rusa. Olang Kedah ayaq tak sedap depa kata payau.

      Neway tak faham? 30 ringet = sgd9.40 = USD6.67 wonly.. yanadey??

      Moh kita tgk gaji pemimpin2 pula;

      Satu jam klo hari2 mereka dok merepet agak berapa rakyat dok kena bayaq gaji mereka???

      At least yg kojo KFC McD wth such low pay, mereka mampu bg rakyat kenyang juga.

      So nak pilih pemimpin nanti pikiaq2 n keep asking them "what can they contribute to make our life better".

      Jgn pilih yg sekadar menabur ayaq lioq 24/7.
      Ada paham?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. and still there are morons who believe that the rm2.6 billions came from a Arab prince ha ha ha jokers la you people.

  16. Anon 17:19 If the highest echelon of malaysian govt says it is an arab donation who are you to dispute it when the second highest echelon says he saw the cheque himself. If Annie did not dispute this assertion then it must be accepted as the truth for Annie knows best. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the second in command is too shy to be a witness in court to confirm his claim.

  17. Haiyaa ama apa anon 7sept 17:19

    RM2.6b is chicken feed to many PakArabs le. Esp utk kerja2 amal.

    Kamu trkejut mungkin famili kamu tak pernah sedekah

    Back to 30 ringet. Haiyaa ama apa.. Dok Sg nak bayaq makan nasi lemak ayam satu pinggan pun tak cukup. Kekeke

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

    1. Tapi yg heran tu peguam jota2 najib x leh nak buktikan e-trail derma tu dari pak arab. Pak arab bagi cash ke hantar dgn jet? Wakil pak arab pun x nampak hidung tolong testify... ingatkan najib & rosmah bff raja saudi
      #butamatahati or #bodohxlehnakajar

    2. Rogol, liwat adik ipar sejak usia 9 tahun: Imam mengaku tak salah
      jangan buka AIB kata montori dari PasPisPus

    3. ngapa "my bois and gang" pi kutip taiii puak tongcang di pulau selatan tak ke Abu Dahabi. lumayan nya kaum arab

  18. Anon 8 sept 15:15 if it is true the RM2.6 billion is a donation from the so-called arab prince and has been najib's focal contention of defence, the easiest way for any third grade lawyer to do is just provide concrete proof to the court whether by witness testimony or admissible affidavit that it is indeed a donation. Why go fishing with political persecution, political expediency when your defence is entirely cemented on arab donation. If RM2.6 billion is chicken feed as implied by prof nasi kelabu what is offering a saudi govt representative to affirm in court with paper trail that it is indeed a donation. Sap sap sui. It is so simple and straight forward Najib will be fairly acquitted if this steps could materialised. Why didn't he?

    1. Haiyaaa kamu nih. Cara derma Islam tak sama..

      Klo bangsa lain, ata yg akan guna naga dan singa. cucuh mercun nari2 tepok gendang berarak2 satu pekan. Lepaih tu naga/singa panjat tiang telan paket2 angpow. Itu cara dn adat mrk huluq derma.

      Ramai plak yg suka naik pentas, sengeh2 amik gambaq potong riben. Lepaih tu masuk surat kabar. Kan dulu sorang budak sklah pecah tabung dia nak bantu PH sbb katanya Msia dah nak bankrup?

      Ade juga bila siap plojek perumahan derma property kpd semua anak2 yg berkenaan. Gi cek pej tanah tgk.. kdg2 satu derek kedai/rumah atas nama satu keluarga.

      Haiya ama apa.. macam2 cara dn gaya olang kasi sedekah tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Nasi basi 19:32,

      U mean derma orang Islam tu mcm 'derma' yg presiden umngok terima tiap2 bulan ke? Hantar juta2 dlm beg waktu malam tanpa saksi, maklumle orang zuhud supaya tanan kiri tak tahu apa tgn kanan dapat?

      Ni zuhud ikut hadis nabi yg mana?

  19. Prof Nasi Lemau, ini mcm berhujah kat luar mahkamah. Lawan dgn hujah jgn lari dari isu.

  20. Another joker from melaka proposed to build bridges and tunnel from melaka to dumai. It cost more than usd20b to build English channel tunnel for distance of 38km. Is this another china debt trap in making. Trade between that regions will not be able to pay back. So you still want to vote these guys in pru15