Sunday 20 September 2015

How the racial mess started


is now the official national art of self-defense.

PM DS Najib Razak announced this on Friday night at a gathering of about 15,000 silat exponents at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

The gathering was fresh from the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally a few days earlier where Pesaka, the umbrella body of silat associations in the country was the main organiser.

The rally , originally dubbed Himpunan Maruah Melayu was to counter the Bersih 4.0 rally, which was dominated by participants from the Chinese community.

At the gathering of silat exponents, Najib was reported by Astro Awani as saying that,

"Red Shirt rally", was the rise of the Malays to defend their dignity and national leaders 


Speaking before 15,000 members of Pesaka from all over the country, Najib said: "Slapped once, we did not do anything. The second time...nothing...the third time...nothing...but the fourth time had crossed the limit. Malays also have rights.

"The Malays will stand up when their pride is scarred, when their leader is insulted, condemned and humiliated. It's enough, do not repeat such vengeful acts," he said.

I think most people may assume that Najib, as Umno president has now make it clear that the Malays can go on their own at running the country if the other communities were not willing to respect them as the majority and dominant race in this country.

Well, too bad for MCA, MIC and other non-Malay or non-bumiputera based parties in the BN coalition.

Actually, I'm sad that it has come to this.

But, I also think that Najib has no other choice than to take such a stand.

He was being whacked left, right and centre of late and when such an opportunity arises, he grabbed it to his advantage.

Who could blame him for that.

In my opinion, the Chinese, or to be more exact, the DAP gave Najib the Malay unity lifeline.

Bersih 4.0 was a rally too far for them.

Still, bear in mind that the seeds of all these racial posturing were actually planted way back before the last general election in 2013.

The racial sentiments played by DAP to whip up support among the Chinese community in the run-up to the general election was too obvious to deny.

There was DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who while speaking in front of thousands of Chinese called upon them to go against the Barisan Nasional government as he contended that they were being treated as second, third, fourth or even fifth class citizens.

Remember that Guan Eng?

Then there were other race based issues being brought up to further inflame, especially the Chinese sentiments.

They even accused BN, or to be more exact Umno of practicing apartheid to oppress the Chinese who are the most prosperous and advanced community in the country.

I was in Johor at that time and I felt the surge of anger among the Chinese electorate as the DAP's campaign built up to a crescendo in the final weeks before the general election.

The mammoth crowd of up to 300,000 people, mostly Chinese, at DAP campaign gatherings in Taman Sutera in Skudai was the ultimate show of force in the fight for the crucial battle for Gelang Patah.

I was in the thick of it.

Former Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman who was about to retire from politics was roped in back by Najib to stand against Guan Eng's father, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang in the Chinese majority constituency.

It was the first time an Umno leader was fielded in such an area.

I wonder if current Johor Menteri Besar DS Mohamad Khaled Nordin would ever be willing to do the same.

I learnt that the aim of fielding Ghani against Kit Siang was to stem the Chinese electoral tide which at that time was building into a tsunami.

It was an appeal to the Chinese community, especially in Gelang Patah - here is a good moderate Malay leader who had done a lot for you. Please choose him over a Chinese leader who had done nothing except telling you all to topple the Malay-led government.

It was an impossible mission.

Ghani was wiped out by the Chinese tsunami on May 5, 2013.

Admittedly, I was emotional when I wrote this the next morning,

The end of moderation

The posting remained as the the most read of this blog's for over a year.

Regular readers of this blog may noticed though that I had somewhat calmed down since then.

Several other moderate Malay leaders suffered the same fate as Ghani.

One of them was TS Mohd Ali Rustam, then the Chief Minister of Malacca.

Ali is the chairman of Pesaka which organised the Red-shirt rally.

He made it plain after the general election that the Chinese voters in the constituency which he contested betrayed him despite his good track record as the Chief Minister and the friendship he supposedly enjoyed with members of the Malaccan Chinese community.

I remember Ali being quite bitter about it.

Unlike Ghani, who never publicly blamed the Chinese electorate of Gelang Patah for his defeat, Ali didn't mince his words about it.

I have the opportunity of talking to Ghani several times over these past two and a half years since the last general election and not once did he say any unkind word about the role of the Chinese in ending his political career at such an unpleasant note.

He merely blamed DAP's racialist tactics for what happened.

But not all of those moderate Malay leaders are like Ghani.

Most became hardliners like Ali after the Chinese tsunami.

DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who was previously never really known to be a Malay champion suddenly became sorts of one after making some tough remarks in defence of what supposedly Malays' rights.

The Umno vice-president went on to be elevated to what he is now on the ticket of being a Malay hardliner.

It's the popular stance to take among Umno leaders now.

As it turned out, even Najib, who is the most moderate of them all has turned tough.

Well, it can be argued that he is being so to divert the public attention from his many problems, but still, the fact remains that we now have a set of Malay leaders who are hardliners running the show.

The moderate Malay leaders were either swept away by the Chinese tsunami of 2013 or transformed by it.

Bersih 4.0 actually completed the process when it prompted the Red-shirts backlash which cemented the positions of the Malay hardliners.


  1. Too true Annie.
    All this while, I was what you may call, a very moderate Malay. I subscribed to the belief that tolerance and patience, among the most noble of virtues practised by the Malays, were absolutely imperative in our dealings and relationship with the Malaysian Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups.

    I watched with utter dismay at the offensive and churlish behaviour of the Indians and Hindraf, both prior to and after the PRU 12. Their demands and attitude were beyond reason, most of which were outright insult and affront to the Malays.

    Next came the Chinese and their build-up to the PRU13. Goaded by the DAP, they made demands and more demands for their selfish selves, never considering the Malay honour and dignity. And never being grateful for what they have. They insulted anything and everything that the Malays stand for; Islam, the Malays Rulers, the government institutions and agencies - the Judiciary, the police, the military, the education system - everything. Nothing is sacred anymore. There were no more taboos for the DAP and the Chinese. Then came the PRU 13 and the Chinese tsunami. The rest is history. There were no moderates among the Chinese, only DAP extremists and racists.

    I do not like the way PM Najib is doing things and I wish he would step down soon and make way for someone else who has no baggage to carry, maybe TSMY. But then came Bersih4. That was the last straw for me. No more moderation, no more tolerance. Enough is enough. I am now becoming a strident Malay extremist. Call me a racist if you want. I am proud to be one . I don't give a damn anymore.


    1. Kita mau kasi belisih saja maa aa ,sutak kasi belisih baru atak senang lor rr .

    2. Annie,
      Saya seorang melayu , saya akan mempertahankan maruah melayu sekiranya tergugat , begitu juga dengan agama islam , sudah kewajipan untuk menpertahankan maruah agama saya ,tapi ingat lah saya tidak akan sama sekali mempertahankan kedudukan seorang pemimpin yang korup sekiranya ia menjatuhkan maruah agama bangsa dan negara , ada faham ka disamping itu sekiranya bangsa lain berlaku baik terhadadap bangsa dan agama saya saya akan berlaku baik dan bersangka baik , tetapi bila ada segelintir individu cina menghina agama dan bangsa saya ada pula menteri melayu boleh memberi muka di parlimen kepada individu ini bernama namewe dan memberi bantuan modal untuk buat filem , bila alvin tan buat onak sampai sekarang orang orang KDN dan polis tak tahu nak buat apa dan ditambah pemimpin melayu sendiri yang beri mereka naik kepala dengan menghapus beberapa akta pengcegahan semata mata untuk jadi popular dengan bangsa ini ,sudah la hentikan kemulut dan rektorik ini siapa sebenarnya yang salah bukan pemimpin melayu yang korup dan lemah ini. Tolong la sedar la semasa PM 1 ke PM 4 Umno adalah guardian kepada semua bangsa sebab kosep moderate dan tindakan pemimpin yang lebih bijasana dalam semua masalah bila masuk era ini UMNO dah serupa macam parti paria yang lain, adakah ini menandakan umno dipenghujung hayat.

    3. 359,

      Very well said.

      You should say it often just to get the others in Malaysian society to behave and be reasonable to others in in this country.

    4. roslan,

      UMNO tidak di penghujung hayat. Politik Najib mungkin.

      Sebab besar keadaan jadi begini ia lah pimpinan lemah. Najib perlu di gantikan secepat mungkin sabelom PRU14. Kalau tak, UMNO/BN kalah, yang lain akan melanda landa, dan semua akan merana.

    5. It's not impossible for a very small minority to rule a country. In fact, there were many instances in history.

      Taiwan was ruled by Japanese for hundred odd years, so did a significant part of China from mid-19th century to WWII. In Malay Peninsular, after 1511 it had its white masters until 1957.

      For that few hundred years, it was not like the natives and the Malays in the Peninsular were doing anything significant to fight against the foreign masters. If at all, they were very comfortable of being ruled, living peacefully under the foreign rule.

      That perhaps was because during that few hundred years, the Malays did not have amongst them pahlawan-pahlawan gagah like those few we saw during the red-shirt demonstration.

      What took them so many hundred years to produce these pahlawan, whose common traits are perut ponchit, doubled chins, pipi hitam (signs for problems of liver, paru paru and kidneys), and looking to have failed their BMI readings?

      To have a pemimpin who is being 'suggested' by so many foreign media (some very reputable ones) as having committed corrupt acts and criminal money laundering activities is one thing, to have their IMAM slapped is another, very SUAY to say the least.

      Not the fault of the cina, I supposed.

      What bangsa is the current PM ?

      The vast majority in the cabinet, the public service, the security forces (ada Rejimen Melayu), PDRM, Kastam, Immigresen, APMM, RELA, WATANIAH, etc., are Malays.

      Although there are some other races in the Government, it's a Malay government nonetheless.

      Under this condition, a Himpunan Maruah Melayu was called upon to defend the Maruah Bangsa Dan Agama. Something must be terribly wrong with the Malay leaders. Are they even doing their job?

      Yesterday Harun Idris and his Datuk Datuk Wira were welcoming the Guangdong Provincial Chief (a Cina kui, of course) in Malacca, promising to bring to the tiny state some billions of investment. The Guangdong cina kui was brought to Malacca by who? Rasis cina bukit of Malaysia of course. That helps Malaysia economy secara amnya and malacca secara khususnya.

      Recently a racis cina bukit of Malaysia also brought 6000 of his workers and staff from NE China to visit Malaysia as a company trip. That also helped Malaysia tourism I supposed. To move 6000 from NE China needs how many chartered flights? ko ingat naik bas Konsortium?

      The Chinese in Malaysia are patriotic in their own ways, action is better than words.

      On the other hands, the malays complained tak de rumah, Manu rumah mampu milk. They also complained takde tempat niaga, sewa mahal. The fact is, the Malay corporate leaders being appointed to GLCs are building houses and bungalows selling at market price. The lands are from government, the funds from government, the policies are formulated by UMNO leaders, but all that they could think of is profits. Do they even care about Malays?

      As a conclusion, Malaysia might not be a failed state, but the government is definitely not doing enough, and now some people want to cover up by playing into racial issues again.

    6. anon 14.16,

      yg mendukung najib itu juga adalah umno. bila kepincangan terang di depan mata, org2 tertinggi umno yg mengundi, perwakilan2 masih menyokong najib. suara org melayu tidak lagi didengari tetapi suara najib yg mereka junjung.

      kalau ini parti umno lebih baik berkubur saja. bila perjuangan utk seorang individu lebih penting dr A Ba dan Ta.

    7. 1623,

      In Fiji where the bloody British colonial masters allowed the pendatang to become majority, they won the general elections but could not taste power. The Army grabbed power.

      When the party comprising of locals were strong enough, elections were held, they won and the Army handed back power.

      I cannot say more than that as it may offend the laws in this country.

  2. Annie,

    Cina cina bersih/Dap..bila bersih 1,2,3 gambar hadi awang diaorang julang, siap nak peluk cium molot dgn hadi awang..masuk bersih 4 , gambar hadi awang diaorang pijak dan ludah..pasal ape??.. pasal tak mau tunduk dan dgr cakap tokong tokong dap!!..
    Cina cina bersih/Dap tau yg inilah masa utk menumbangkan kerajaan pimpinan org melayu..pasal apa?..umno dipimpin presiden yg bangang dimana ahli partinya diajar supaya berterusan setia kpd presiden bukan kpd parti..
    Cina cina bersih/Dap tau org org melayu tetap hormat kpd PAS walaupun tidak memangkah PAS..oleh itu PAS perlulah diporak perandakan supaya pengaruhnya dapat di imbang sekat..
    Pada masa yg sama cina cina bersih/dap mencatur melayu melayu tongong yg cinta akan liberal/human rights bertindak sbg frontman menghadapi umno dgn harapan org org melayu yg semakin muakkan umno beralih arah..
    Cina cina bersih/dap 'berkeyakinan' api api yg dinyalakan mampu dikawal..SILAP BESAR LA LU!!..
    Solution umno pulak ..BRIM!!
    cina cina bersih/dap dan ah jib gor.. lu orang sama sama ke laut ini PRU14...

    1. UMNO tak semesti nya ke laut jika UMNO gantikan Najib scepat mungkin sabelom PRU14.

    2. kahkahkah....sblm bersih 4 hadi n gang ibarat jelmaan ulama setan....dah nampak nak hanyut setan pun setan la janji leh bergayut kan....nasib baik la tg nik aziz dah xda kalau tak gerenti kena ludah nyer si hadi tu....hahahaha....

  3. Wake up to hard facts Annie: Bersih 1,2,3, were as much Malay as anything Chinese or Indian.

    Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Anwar and Azmin are all Malay opposition to the government of Najib - Anything But UMNO.

    Aljuburi the sodomizer was the linkman between PAS and DAP - an unholy alliance to get Najib out of power. Do not ever forget that!

    Unless we Malays learn to differentiate the "wira" from the "bangsatwan", this country will remain under a cloud of confusing notions which the evil-hearted will play to their own selfish advantage.

    1. Agree with you. UMNO should replace the "bangsatwan" (there's only one) ASAP

  4. Silat as the official self defence!!!!! why not put the hysteria kit as the official medical kit too.

  5. he had no choice annie?

    something is really wrong with you

    this is not normal. and im starting to get suspicious..


    1. DAP champion moderate(?) Muslims pulak, adinda Ms Annie.
      Alaa what is wrong for Muslims from both PAS and UMNO to want Sharia?

      The Star Publications openly work against JAKIM in cahoots with DAP, to promote DS Marina and the Geriatrics-25 who challenge fatwas based on al-Quran & Sunnah. They prefer fatwas based on their kinky desires.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Saudara Haji Zin,

      Assobiyah sebenarnya dilarang di dalam Islam.

      Kalaulah saudara pergi ke Haji, semua bangsa akan saudara jumpa, orang melayu, cina, arab, india, dan lain-lain,

      Di akhirat nanti pun tidak ada yang mengatakan orang melayu dapat masuk dulu ke dalam syarga,

      Orang bukan islam kita perlu da'awah kepada mereka secara bijaksana mengikut sunnah nabi dan adab serta tertib yang diajarkan.

      Saudara boleh rujuk pengajian ilmu Imam Ghazali dan Nawawi yang sesuai berkenaan dengan sunnah nabi dalam berbagai perkara.

    3. huh? anyone here said org melayu masuk syurga dulu ?

      i didnt see assobiyah in hj zin's comments

      barking at the wrong tree ?

      although wht u say is true, it is not applicable here.

      to put the rest of the malay suddenly accountable for the himpunan merah is uncalled for.

      we all know tht himpunan had nothing to do with malay. its just for najib survival.

      even annie didnt dismiss the fact. although she somehow manage to still favor the guy. and tht is beyond me. for whtever issue, especially serving your own special interest, playing the race card is just absurd.

      and this is the pm we are talking about who should know better.

      so annie no excuse for mr pm. wht do u mean he had too?

    4. Anon 12.11

      There are certain aspect of the Hajj that we need to observed.

      If a muslim came from the Hajj and talk about kinky desires and name calling fellow another muslims then he should refrain himself from using this title as he is smearing the Hajj title.

      The act of going to Hajj is to cleanse one selves from all the human deficiencies. So if one is to exhibit or express foul language and name calling fellow muslims like in the case of G25, then please dont use the Hajj title when commenting.

    5. I support Haji M Zin


    6. The G-25 openly challenge Majlis fatwas Sdr ANON 12:56
      that are almost solely based on al-Quran and Sunnah as not relevant today and not to their taste.

      For Gods sake what do they want Islamic fatwas to be based on?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. And exactly which fatwas based on al-Quran and Sunnah did you have in mind Zin?

    8. Spot on, Tuan Haji M Zain. The senile G25 group gets support from the liberal Malays and the non-Muslims. But the Malay majority say "take a hike, G25!" The same case with SIS. They together with DAPigs/PKR/Amanah have transformed us who used to be moderate Malays into ultra-Malays . This is Tanah Melayu and we will fight until our last breath.

    9. Better forget with "fighting" together with PAS - diorang bukan Islam Melayu sejati. They are the Pak Arab wahhabi curse upon Nusantara ... They produce garbage fighters for ISIS.


    10. Kalau Melayu dah tau, Tak pa Sdr ANON 00:30
      wal Hamduli'Lah !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    11. Quit la Batu Api the Malays, Sdr ANON 09:44
      against our Muslim PAS Bros !

      NB. Kindly identify youself, and agenda.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. Hey Haji Zin, Amanat Hadi Awang telah mengkafirkan keluarga ku yg menyokong Dr. Mahathir UMNO pada 80-an dan buat ahli2 PAS memusuhi kita. You pls don't come and lecture us our PAS bros. you shit!


    13. Enough lah your shit jaw dripping Sdr ANON 21:36
      and learn some adab. Memalukan UMNO !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Hi Annie,
    Nobody silat, taekwondo, kungfu etc nowadays. Guns, bombs and bullets. Worst, nuclear bomb. The Malaysian public shift to remove BN. What is BN? A racist party made of UMNO, MCA, MIC.....if the Chinese racist, sure they will vote MCA right...because MCA is such a racist party. Chinese reject MCA, Indian reject MIC, Malay reject UMNO.........there is alternative. You Malay? choose PKR, PAS, AMANAH, GHB......Chinese also choose DAP, PKR, PAS, AMANAH, BHB.....we just don't want BN especially Najib is corrupted with 1MDB scandal.

    1. BN (and the predecessor set up) had ruled the country or nearly 60 years, very well, excep when DA{ cused the race riots in 1969.

      Pakatan (whatever is the name of he splintered now is) cannot be an alternative. Just 5 years in power in few of the states they already showed the same weaknesses BN had all those 60 years. Including corruption.

      Imagine what they'd be if in power for scores of years - they'd probably have sold the country.

    2. Anon 09:45,

      No doubt the Malays have other choices besides UMNO but the fact of the matter is all those parties you mentioned are tali barut DAP. Anything to do with DAP, no go lah! We hate Najib but we hate DAPigs even more! Understand!

  7. I agree with you Annie. There are many Malays who are against Malay ultras but the DAP ultra kiasu and provocations made them support the Malay ultras albeit half heartedly. Combination of DAP Chineseness and Christians hypocrisy cannot be ignored by the Malays.

    For the sake of the country everybody must take a step back. Stop being so emotional. The Chinese must cease the provocations and name calling. They most stop bad mouthing the country (can continue criticizing Najib though). The Malays must stay rational. Don't let their leaders play on their emotions and their superiority (or is it inferiority?) complex.

    1. Emotions, provocations etc there'll always be. Anywhere in the world and in this country.

      The solution is to get a strong and effective leader. UMNO must replace Najib, get the new leader bring back ISA and be strict with anybody tending to be unreasonable, seditious and subversive.

  8. Macam biasa la Annie, bila PAU sedang menghampiri, mulalah mereka akan menampilkan 'perjuangan' demi Melayu. Cakap berdegar-degar untuk mempertahan hak Melayu seperti termaktub dalam perlembagaan. Bila dah menang jawatan, mereka akan kembali berpelukan dengan Kit Siang dan Anak sambil gelak-ketawa. Agama pun mereka sanggup gadai demi 'poket' mereka.

    Bila dekat dekat PRU pula, mereka akan 'bodek' bukan Melayu sehingga sanggup membelakang perlembagaan yang sama. Sebagai contoh, Najib pernah berkata;
    "SRJK akan terpelihara selagi ada bulan dan bintang".

    Lebih kurang begitulah ucapan beliau dihadapan Cina. Satu contoh yang paling baik ialah Al-Juburi. Beliau amat mahir berkata-kata benda yang berlainan di khalayak yang berlainan.

    Itulah Ahli Politik, terutamanya dari UMNO. Bila mahu tagih sokongan Rakyat, mereka akan berlakon dan menanam tebu dibibir mulut.

    Setelah sekian lama hidup di bawah Pakatan, saya sudah mula nampak keadaan dan suasana persekitaran lebih baik dari zaman BN. Sebagai contoh; permukaan jalanraya lebih elok di Seberang Perai dan dikawasan yang mereka wakili. Nampaknya PR 'berkerja' untuk Rakyat dan tidak tunggu sehingga dekat PRU saja, seperti BN. Bila kita complain ada pokok reput dan hampir tumbang ditepi jalan, sepantas kilat mereka datan tebang.

    1. "mereka akan berlakon dan menanam tebu dibibir mulut." Pakatan, atau apa yang tinggal salepas Pakatan berpecah, pun begitu juga.

      Yang bermasalah besar ada lah Najib. Gantikan Najib, akan kurang masalah dan keadaan akan pulih.

    2. Ah Jib Gor senyap2 buat banyak duit haram dengan Si Cina Gemok Jholow - dia tak khabar kepada Perkasa pun! Sekarang dan pecah lobang gergasi Si bangsatwan Najib mula main sentimen perkauman Melayu pula! Kita sudah tahu perangai jemuan politik ini.

  9. All these political posterings are symptoms of leaders jostling for power. Some are afraid of losing power and with it their various posts, some afraid of losing priviledges, subsidies, contracts, licences, grants etc. Some just believe in unfounded fears due to brainwashing of so many years that any change in parties or Govt. will never benefit them.

    Uncivilised and outright provocations by political parties using race, religion etc can only end in a failed nation.

    A nation made up of various races, religion, cultures etc in which one race or religion does not have an overwelming majority of more than 90% inorder to ensure complete subsugation of the other minorities can only lead to one conclusion ie civil wars like in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Former Yugoslavia, African countries etc.

    Which comes first to rightwingers or leftwingers or liberal Malaysian politicians?

    Is it actually for Country or Race or Religion which should be main vote baiting appeal for politicians to gain power?

    Malaysia's current model of using race and religion for politiking is doomed for the country whether now or in the future to come if it continues.

    We are likely to end up with civil wars, strifes, economic failures, migrations and also labelled as South East Asia pariah nation.

    Who actually benefits from all these failures? Everything is lost and the people suffer for another century whilst the rest of the world just leaves Malaysia to it's own Gloom and Doom.

    However patriotic Malaysians are in displaying such emotions during national celebrations, you can't survive on an empty stomach and a broken country engulfed in civil wars, economic disasters and a divided people.

    1. In Europe, things are getting worse, too. Lebanese PM told visiting British PM a week ago that out of every 100 immigrants from Syria to Europe, there might be 2 terrorists.

      US policy of granting permanent stay to those having relatives there also allow many Middle Eastern people entering the country. There are still 150 terrorists held without trial in Guananamo Bay.

      Everybody has problems. But we must tackle ours by having a strong, no-nonsense but fair leader. Najib should be replaced.

  10. Annie,

    Sekarang ini ada kambing hitam, tak kiralah DAP ke PKR atau ABC atau yang lain.

    Ini bukan soal perkauman, ini soal rasuah.

    Jadi sekarang ini, orang BN sudah tumpukan kepada Bersih.

    Bersih menuntut supaya rasuah diberhentikan, ekonomi dipulihkan. Ini bukan soal perkauman.

    DAP sendiri tidak boleh perintah Malaysia, di Selangor pun Azmin yang jadi MB dan di Perak dulu pun Nizar. DAP adalah sebahagian dari Pakatan Rakayat.

    Kalau kita check kad pengenalan Azmin Ali dan Nizar, dia bangsa melayu bukan cina,

    Kalau di Penang, masa BN dulu pun, Koh Tsu Kun yang jadi Ketua Menteri, memang dulu pun orang cina,.

    Saya orang melayu tapi saya paham bahasa Mandarin. Di Taman Sutera dulu, banyak yang isu rasuah yang dikeluarkan bukan isu perkauman. Bila masa pula jadi salah kalau orang berkumpul untuk dengar ceramah pilihanraya?

    Orang cina kibar pendera PAS di Taman Sutera JB. Ini bukan perkauman.

    Isu hak istimewa orang melayu antaranya berkanaan biasiswa, hal tanah kurnia dan lain-lain,

    Berapa ramai orang melayu yang dapat biasiswa dan dapat tanah kurnia sekarang ini? Nak beli rumah pun harga terlampau tinggi, Yang releven sekaran ini adalah hak istimewa orang melayu untuk bekerja di dalam kerajaan, Dalam kerajaan Selangor pun, orang melayu juga yang ramai berkerja,

    Saya paham ada orang melayu benci sangat orang cina, (bukan semua). Saya pun orang melayu juga. Kalau nak benci cina pun, jangan dibodohkan oleh orang politik yang hendak cari jalan keluar dari skandal rasuah yang melampau dan terus-terus amalkan rasuah.

    Perkara rasuah tidak boleh diteruskan dan janganlah cuba nak tutupkan dengan isu perkauman.

    Orang melayu kena bezakan betul-betul 2 perkara.

    1. Skandal Rasuah.
    2. Perkauman.

    Yang mana yang sebenarnya jadi masalah sekarang ini? Adakah isu perkauman ini saja-saja hendak diadakan?

    Orang yang bernama Jamal ketua bahagian mengatakan bahawa cina babi. Memang dia tak suka orang cina, itu sudah maklum, tapi adakah dia berkata cina babi kerana dia tidak suka orang cina "sahaja" atau "ada perkara lain" dalam kepala dia?

    Sama juga dengan perkara silat ini, apa sebenarnya tujuannya.?

    Kalaulah negara ini ditadbir dengan orang yang bersih, amanah, tidak ada skandal rasuah yang banyak bolehlah kita nak sokong silat ini.

    Tapi kalau keadaan sekarang ini, tak payahlah,

    Orang melayu jangan diperbodohkan dan diperalatkan oleh orang politik,

    1. "Saya paham ada orang melayu benci sangat orang cina, (bukan semua)." -

      Perlu di sedari gejala "stimulus and action" dan "action and reaction". Benar Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu di ura urakan dek Jamal ikan bakar yang nak sokong Najib. Tapi dia kata berkali kali dia bawa ha nya 10,000 peserta. Pada hal jumlah perserta di Padang Merbok di anggarkan antara 70,000 - 80,000. Jadi, yang datang untuk tujuan sokong Najib ha nya segelintir saja.

      Kebanyakan yang datang dari seluruh Semenanjung ke Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu itu ia lah sebagai reaksi kpd Bersih 4 yg terdiri kebanyakan nya dari penganut dan penyokong DAP mencemar maruah Melayu secara coba bukan saja nak jatuhkan Najib tapi juga nak gulingkan Kerajaan Najib secara demo jalanan yang haram. Tambah pulak ada yang menijak nijak gambbar pemimpin pemimpin Melayu.

    2. Lebih kurang angggaran 1 juta orang telah meredah panas dan jerebu untuk menyokong penuh kepimpinan DS Najib.

      Orang melayu menentang keras tuntutan Bersih supaya Najib turun dari jawatan PM kerana Najib sudah begitu banyak berjasa kepada orang melayu.

      Orang melayu tidak akan percaya tentang dakyah pembangkang tentang derma RM2.6 Billion. Walaupun RM1000 billion derma masuk ke dalam akaun Najib pun, orang melayu akan memberikan sokong penuh tidak berbelah bagi kepada DS Najib. Amalan derma adalah amalan mulia dan patut digalakkan di setiap peringkat.

      TSMY dan Shafie apdal turun dari jawatan kerana tidak akur dan setia kepada pemimpin no 1.

      Kita amat berbangga dengan kejayaan Jamal ikan bakar dan berharap kekayaan dan kemewahan dikurniakan berlipat kali ganda dan berharap selain dari Lambojini, akan bergambar pula dengan kereta Ferari dan Fiat.

      Kita berharap penyokong Bersih yang mahukan DS Najib turun paham yang orang melayu akan sokong penuh dan akan turun beramai-ramai sepertimana dalam himpunan lepas supaya Najib terus memimpin negara sehingga PRU-14, 15, dan 16.

    3. Anon 10:47

      Kau Melayu faham Mandarin ke? Kau Cina tak berapa fasih Melayu?

      Aku ingat yang terkemudiaan kut?!

  11. Annie finally now u seem to get what the red rally is about.
    Yup ...most of us are moderate Malays but after the last GE seeing those DAPigs menghasut and provoked us Malays plus that Bershit thingy us moderate malays are now becoming ultra malays. They just have no respect us and our leaders.

    1. Agree, mostly the DAP members and supporters, those likke Lim Guan Eng who DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz himself said is "biadap".

      UMNO should replace Najib and call for ISA be brought back. When necessary, send Kit Siang to ISA detention again to lessen his spreading of hate, hate and hate through his writings, sayings and doings. Including bringing many to the Bersih 4 illegal street demo.

  12. I think the PM forget that for Bersih 1,2,3 he was slapped mostly by his own Malay people from PAS and PKR.It's only Bersih4 that more chinese then Malays slapped him. But then it's always the Chinese fault when things go wrong in this country..never the fault of the ruling's best the Chinese just keep quiet and let the voting do the talking.

    1. I think the biggest slap the PM received from Bersih4 is from Tun M.. The last time I check Tun M is still a can you say the Chinese slap you...lollll

    2. Disagree with 1107. The number always blaming the Chinese is not significant. It's been propaganda-ised by the Opposition.

      You may speak up. So long as you see reason, no problem. Reason must be based on the Constitution of the country. All citizens must respect that and live by it fully. The DAP people don't. That's why they are the problem in this country. Other Chinese sometimes get blamed for the DAP doings.

  13. Annie,

    Probably one of your most insightful posts.

    3:59, 10:05 provided useful perspectives.

    10:30 is right too, but the reality is the Chinese have made the Malays highly uncomfortable.

    Actually, after Tun Hussein, which of our PMs have not been accused of corruption? Even the popular Pak Lah! Such is Malaysian politics.

    In my view, the key is the economy. I wish the government put very competent (not merely honest and have integrity) people into key areas. I'm not so concerned about Dap because after GE14, they'll still be in opposition.
    I believe after after Bersih 4, the Chinese understand the situation more.

    But deep in their hearts, all top Malay politicians know the importance of non Malays in the country's economic future.

    During the Mahathir era, a number of 'blue eye boys' were given major government privatisation deals, people such as: Halim Saad, Tajuddun Ramli, Wan Azmi, Ananda Krishnan, Yeoh Tiong Lay and Vincent Tan.

    While the nons have done alright, where are the 3 top Malay stars now?

    1. We have to be concerned with the DAP. At PRU13 the Oppos got 51% of the popular votes though they didn't get majority in Parliament. Anwarul Al Juburi is ensconced in Sg Buluh for 5 years but, with so many issues brought out by Najib in recent times (including GST), UMNO/BN may lose by default.

      So, do whack and wank DAP as much as possible. They are the danger signs for racial harmony and national unity. Like they were in May 1969. They caused the race riots and their mentality, words and deeds have not changed much since then.


    2. re So ,do whack and wank DAP as much as possible .They are the danger for racial harmony and national unity.

      National unity does not begin at adult age ,it should be grooms from young . Malaysian Malaysia or 1 Malaysia is just a political tools to make the difference look similar ,has the result something to be proud .

      If political leaders are serious in unity ,political slogan dose,t led us anywhere .

    3. F**king Najib the Mr. Slogan Cash is King (bangsatwan Bugis bukan Melayu)

  14. Everyone would have sort to acknowledge that the concussion of political instability. Politically, it is at stake. An alarming situation to our racial harmony which is within reach to the reachable.

    The reflection of the Red-Shirt and Yellow-Shirt rally is an addiction to that, as perceived contentious in manner, spit and image for racial tones

    It is obvious that these colors reversals bring about a political agitation by partisan. It has been for everyone concerned. Many have come to wonder what is going to happen next after the event of the colors reversal and cultural observance.

    The stage now seems volatile allocating that the game for power is usurped. Capturing the feeling that we are going in for a long haul unless the rakyat recognizes the double trouble and endangerment.

    Without doubt, politics and economy are intertwined in actuality and inseparable. Political crisis leads to economic crisis. Economic crisis can be overcome within a short time by instituting right policy but it is not so for political crisis.

    In addition to that, there are discrepancies among the ethnic communities. The gap between the haves and the have nots is in realization and above all the management of political differences.

    God forbids that the preamble is demonstrated by what is happening in the countries and other so called the Middle East conflicts are undergoing political turmoil.

    More importantly, we may want to stand up against and champion the avoidance of prolonged political turmoil in Malaysia within Malaysian geopolitical landscape in order to maintain political stability. In mind, we must champion the respect for LAW as our forefathers were instrumental in formulating the LAW that we are observing today.

    Without political stability as such, we have to pay for a high cost of the causes we created. Therefore our survival come what may but whether "Malaysia boleh" is questionable.

    Apparently, exposing a criminal is not an offense but protecting a criminal is. Misrepresentation is also an offense regardless of the intention. More or less, the end does not justify the means.

    Offenses may have already been committed and it will remain to haunt the individuals who had committed the offense.

    Our focus should be the meaning of Peace, Harmony and rule of Law to project the image as Malaysia is truly Asia.

    For every problem there is an opportunity but one must seize the opportunity. We are here all to be that leaders so that the population on the whole can compare us with all the aspirations.

    We have to learn to advance our mindsets and outlooks. Campaign for avoidance of state of affairs in other political turmoil countries and respect for rule of law and instill the leadership in ourselves at all time to deliberately achieve peace and harmony.

    Our fellow Malaysians are in dire need for our leadership to champion the message of peace, acceptance and tolerance among us. In spite of these we still need a prime leader who can inspire us to lead the way.

  15. Ghani lost because the cat bloggers offended powerful senior bloggers like Wenger and Brick. Next time don't offend them. If najib wants to be pro Malay why is it such a bad thing ? Some may say finally rather tha later. Now we can get a Malay Jho Low and a Malay George Kent. Th people want this!

  16. Terlalu banyak advertisement dan propaganda di tv supaya orang Melayu berbaik2 dan bersatu padu dengan bangsa lain. Tetapi tiada propaganda yang menyuruh Melayu bersatu padu dengan bangsa sendri. The result: majority melayu berbaik sangka dgn kaum lain. Tolong majukan bisnes mereka lagi. Tetapi dgn kaum sendiri asyik bertelagah dan berpecah belah.

  17. Every time someone points out it is DAP fault, remember who started this jack ass shit in the 1st place. UMNO. DAP just seize the opportunity to hijack the Chinese away. Don't believe me? How many time year in year out we hear about straight As scoring Chinese kids being denied university placement? Or the courses they want? How do you explain that to a youth? Oh sorry, your skin color and race and religion is all wrong so we can't give, find or even make an effort to give you a place in the local university. And this DAP crap started to take a hold on when UMNO started spewing their ketuanan melayu, keris waving (remember those days when Pak Lah was in power?) in their Perhimpunan. Eh deh, ppl gave you full mandate to rule la. Ingat tak? Cina bagi mandate hampir 100%. Cina selalu sokongTun M. Cina yang korang panggil babi tu, had all the while undi BN. Then. Siapa yg cakap, siap waving keris, cakap nak mandi darah orang? Ingat H2O? After the Chinese and non gave Pak Lah a shoo in? Nice. Nobody remember kah. So bila Cina babi undi UMNO semua tak rasis la ye? Everything is hunky dory? UMNO screwed up the race relations period. Why MCA, MIC was label as running dogs to UMNO? Sebab abang kat UMNO suka-suka wave keris, suka-suka ketuanan Melayu, suka-suka syok sendiri dengan sentimen perkauman tak tentu pasal dlm ucapan Perhimpunan UMNO. What can your BN parties do but to shake their head? DAP pun exploit la kau2. Lepas tu UMNO pulak full of rent seekers. You seriously think Chinese wake up one morning and decided to support DAP? Jangan asyik tunding jari kat org lain. Dulu org respect UMNO. Sekarang? Whatever la.

    1. well said.
      One of the fucking UMNO chibai said we pushed them against the wall. That's why they have the red shirt rally.

      Mother fuckers.. they have been pushing us against the wall for more than 50 years. I used to work for Maybank... I got so disgusted by the discrimination I left after 2 years.

      I fucking hate melayus..

    2. Hahaha. Cina dua ekor kat atas tu nak cakap pasal kena diskriminasi konon. Apek, got cermin ah lu lumah?? Fuck off!

    3. Hishamuddin and his idiotic keris-waving emmm .... pls lah kalau sudah jadi menteri tolong have more classy moves than that lah.

    4. 1758,

      The fact that you wrote all your points in just one long paragraph indicates your somewhat anarchistic mind, not following the norms of communication in writing. It therefore suggests that what you say are all jumbled up, disorderly and difficult to believe.

      Denying it's DAP's fault and blaming UMNO suggests your are the DAP kind. And what "DAP just seize the opportunity to hijack the Chinese away" are you talking about?

      straight As scoring Chinese kids being denied university placement? Have you thought about the Chinese already having UTAR and so many other private institutions catering to Chinese students? Ever thought of a reasonable ratio of Chinese to Malay students based on the population ratio?

      Surely you have to be fair to the Malays who form the majority in this country and who, for 80 years under British colonial rule, did not benefit educationally as they lived mostly in the kampongs where only Malay primary schools were available. Unlike in the towns where the Chinese had both primary and secondary schools, and schools in English as well. You can't be ultra kiasu wanting all, everything and the same continuously.

      And ketuanan melayu are you talking? It's surely nonsense to think it's a Master-Slave matter. Ketuanan Melayu refers to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council etc that are stated in the sensitive Articles of the Constitution. Such that, for example, no PM or Menteri Besar can officially function without the Consent and Assent (signature and official seal) of the YDP Agong or the Ruler of the state.

      If you can't accept that it means you don't accept and don't respect the Constitution and you should give up your citizenship. Because ALL citizens must accept, respect and live by the Constitution fully.

    5. 1758,

      And what about keris waving that you worry about? You cannot think that as a mere politicking and vote-getting gimmick at UMNO Youth party elections? You think they want to use it against you? Come on, man, be reasonable.

      You DAP fellas always want to spread hate and refuse to think of keris kissing as mere political gimmicks to get votes at UMNO Youth elections and the like.

      Yet the kind of language you DAP people used, and the behaviour you people displayed during the election victories celebrations (winning additional seats) on 13 May 1969 were so horrible that they led to the race riots. Google "13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969" and you'll get the details. Avoid those words and acts, will you.

      You and your kind, including those writing the other comments responding to yours above, may state your views at the right places in the comments section of the new post above if you want to discuss these further. But make sure they are at the right places - as replies to the relevant comments, if any - to avoid being totally out of topic.

    6. If you Chinese pigs are not happy, you can migrate elsewhere. We, the Malays did not invite you in and why should we be blamed for your unhappiness? Blame the British for angkuting your ancestors into this land Tanah MELAYU

  18. " But, I also think that Najib has no other choice than to take such a stand. "

    No choice??? BS! Najib acted to protect his self interest. He didn't give much thought whether these are the right moves for Malaysia and what are the impact of his actions on Malaysia in the long run.

    Najib is not a leader, let alone a statesman. Worse, he is a coward.


    ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, FOREVER AND EVER. Even if the stop NEP, they still have stolen from us for decades.

    My parents had to beg and borrow to send me to university. And 99% of fucking Melayu who were only 5% as smart got FUCKING FULL SCHOLARSHIP.



    1. So when is your flight out? Good riddance in Australia or wherever they want to accept you.

    2. FUCK OFF BABI!!!

    3. i am a parents are retired government servants...and I pay for my own education. please dont think all malays get study scholarships ya.

    4. Anon 22:42,

      If only the story was as simple as what you say .... too bad, just too bad all the stupid politicians can't put our national education back together again as one.

    5. This is one of the Chinese's attitude that we abhor. Thinking that they're smarter than Malays. When they think they're smarter, they of course don't want to be ruled by Malays. That's all. Suka fikir diri above others.




    1. Can. But you gonna come out looking like a bully to the world. Just stating a fact. In case you didnt read how the Chinese overseas papers reported about the Red Rally. They called it a racist march. China is watching us. Army is under Melayu. So is the Police.

      You start a civil war, you can kiss goodbye to your cushy life of Starbucks, iPhone, flushing toilet etc. And how will Sabah and Sarawak react to this ?

      Bunuh orang tak mudah wei. If you bunuh orang sebab nak pertahankan maruah Melayu, how you know you kill the right person? How to explain to Allah on judgement day?

      Can do a more targeted aim? Try Lim Kit Siang and his son. Start la with the DAPs first.

    2. Kalau dah babi tu babi jugak!


    3. Sikalang punya babi manyak gemok-gemok ,makan senang maa aa .

  21. Annie,

    Could 22:36, 22:42 and 22:44 have been posted by the same person?

    While you obviously allow freedom of speech as much as possible, there are those who take advantage that to spit their venom.

    Hiding behind anonymity, these people contribute nothing positive, and could be even be professional provocateurs.

    Could you consider disallowing posts of such type?

  22. Agar lama juga komentar The Seven Series tidak munchul dalam blog ini.Topik panas.Kami menunggu komen

  23. From PM 1 to PM4... social media was not used unlike today.
    Imagine our current PM having to face all these now. He has to face with so many issues which not even have any concrete evidence. Remember Tian Chua super impose photo of Najib n Altantunya having dinner...stories of Najib having a child with her supposedly the reason why she was killed ...the photo n stories went viral n so many people believed it or want to believe....people now create issues just so they can spread and tell lies to bring najib down. even tun m has started to believe them ....shame on them...

    1. Shame on you for supoorting the 2,600,000,000 ringgit thief!

    2. Shame on you for supporting DAPigs who live in pigsty and eat pig shit!

  24. good analysis this.when najib attempted to lure the chinese, dap took this as a sign of weakness and proceeded to embold the chinese community who all these years were content with enjoying a very decent piece of the economic pie. now they want to have a say in how the country is being run as well. Rightly or wrongly, by doing so they are encroaching into the malay's comfort zone. although one might say that that "zone" is artificial, propped up by the "ketuanan melayu" ideology, it remains an important concept for the malay majority living in the heartland of this beautiful country. Suddenly what malays believe to be an important compromise on their part, is seen to be of little value to the chinese. Still, Najib is the main problem. The one thing that the chinese cannot understand nor respect is a weak leader. What made it worse was the way Najib removed obstacles to his leadership, which many has considered to be a cowardly way of doing things, which strengthens even further the argument that he is a weak leader.

  25. Kalau Melayu betul2 percaya kepada Allah, maka Melayu jangan lupa bahawa manusia di dunia ini adalah ciptaan NYA. Dalam ajaran Islam, kita semua keturunan Nabi Adam dan Hawa. KALAU betul, macam mana Melayu boleh kata ni Tanah Mereka?

    Sila jawab.


    1. Apa lu cekap lea aa ,itu tanah besar Cina ,Amelika punya kaa aa ?.

      Bulayu atak kat tanah bulayu lea aa , Cina mali latang sana Tanah besar Cina lor rr .

      Ini mamat sutak bingong lea aa .


    2. Mamat ke, banyak RBA(?) menyamar di sini Sdr lufang
      ( macam ANON 09:44 )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  26. Hi Annie,
    ingat kah satu ayat dari saya yaitu " kecuali", maka itu ingin saya menyebut sebaris dua kata-kata dari saya dimana perumpamaan ini seringkali disebut-sebut kan disini Peranchis dan Eropah pabila terjadi apa jua insiden terhadap orang yahudi ataupun sesiapa yang celupar melontarkan kata-kata ketidaksetujuan mereka terhadap kejadian tersebut akan juga terus secara automatik dilabelkan sebagai kaum anti-semitism, oleh itu ianya amatlah taboo dan dilarang...
    Begitu juga apa yang telah selamanya terjadi ditanahair kita dimana apa-apapun yang disuarakan oleh orang melayu sertamerta dilabelkan racist atau akan ditemplak sekeras yang mungkin dengan lontaran bahasa yang amat kesat sekali !

    Seperti yang sering dilaung-laungkan perumpamaan disini Peranchis pabila tercebus insident terhadap orang yahudi "Painting yourself as the victim, when you're the Oppressor, that's what Israel does !

    Begitulah dua kaum di tanahair yang kerjanya asyik menyalak walhal "keistimewaan" terbentang buka i.e peluang perniagaan/hidup mengikut rentak memasing, vernakular sekolah, bahasa ibunda terus digunakan, budaya illicit tumbuh /merebak secara bermaharajalela etc buat mereka untuk menguasai dengan bebas sebebasnya.. !!!

    Saya lansong tidak menyokong/setuju terhadap orang melayu yang bersekutu sama kelakuan atau sekepala dengan perlakuan sedemikian seperti pecah amanah dan rasuah akan tetapi... ?

    Adakah pandangan saya terpincang dari kenyataan atau bias?

    à plus.