Saturday 19 September 2015

Drive safe

Almost had an accident last night.

Was driving quite fast along the East Coast Highway when it happened.

At a stretch not far from the Maran interchange, I decided to slow down a bit.

I was tired.

Was doing between 140 and 150 km per hour.

I just let go off the accelerator and eased into the left lane.

The car was slowing down but still going about 120 and 130 km per hour when I realised there was a huge trailer in front of me.

My bad eyesight must be worse now that I only noticed the trailer just about 100 meters away.

Of course it was dark.

The trailer was crawling at very low speed and looked almost as if it was at a standstill.

My reflex instantly told my brain that it was too close and if I brake, I would still smash into the back of the trailer.

I swerved to the right lane but because the car was still going quite fast, I had to immediately correct it's direction so not to smash into the rail-guard of the divider.

To my horror, I over-corrected and the car started to veer towards the trailer again.

I instinctively applied the break and swung the steering back slightly to the right.

I missed the trailer by mere few centimeters, I think.

If I had smashed into the trailer, this blog would most probably soon be listed under Rocky's R.I.P section of his blog roll.

It was all really very scary.

After calming down, I told myself that I need to be more careful.

Shouldn't drove that fast, especially with my bad eyesight.

Reminded myself to slow down from then on.

Speed kills, okay.

Just resting today at this peaceful place of my good friend.

Maybe I'll go to the nearby beach later.

For the moment, I just want to advise you all and especially myself not to drive too fast.

Take it easy guys.

Drive safe.

For entertainment, here's a song, the autistic son of my friend keeps singing,

The boy lives in his own world but he seems to love Green Day very much.


  1. Thank God (Tuhan or Allah) that you are safe. Please don't be fast and furious.

  2. Drive safely and have a great weekend... Malaysians do care...

  3. Yes, Annie, Drive Safe!

    Let that close miss be a good learning experience. You may not be so lucky next time.

    And please forget about getting a big bike!

    1. Agree. Tak boleh percaya budak ni.


  4. Annie,

    Kasi patuh itu undang-undang jalanraya maa aa , kalau malam lagi mau slow lea aa .

    Pandei punya olang ada cekap ," tatak lali gunung dikejar " maa aa .

  5. Dear Annie,

    When you start to feel sleepy while driving, just pull over to the nearest R&R or gas station, park your car in a crowded and well-litted area, lock all the doors and take a nap for a couple of hours.
    When you wake up, sprinkle and wash your face with a bottle of mineral water. A small one will do. Wipe your face, start the engine and continue your journey. You will feel fresh all over again.
    I do that all the time every time I doze off while driving. After being on the road for hours, your concentration starts to drop drastically and you will start to feel sleepy. It is extremely dangerous to continue driving.

    1. How about some strong coffee followed by a can of red bull. How long is washing your face with mineral water going to keep you awake.

  6. "'Speed kills, okay."'

    Use your brains please ! 150 kmh and you must be proud of yourself.?

    The problem with drivers like you is your arrogance, well go ahead to injure or kill another life its nothing to you.For you it will be a accident or fate.

    You couldnt care less about someone father mother,brother , sister ,uncle grandad

    For drivers like you its the other way around


  7. Ms Annie, I have to admit that even though you are not one of my favorite bloggers, I don't want you to die young. By the way, cigarettes kill too. Take care.

  8. Annie, let me tell a litlle secret. These day and age, there are places what we know as opticians. You might not know this, if you suffer from poor vision, they can prescribe you corrective glasses......In case you want to know what opticians do for living, just use google.......ok lovey.

    If you have cornea, retina damage, double vision, partial should not be driving in the first place. You only have one life so take care.

    One it.
    One wife.....livid.
    Malays 4 wifes........?

    Cant help having a dig.


  9. The speed limit is for all, adinda Ms Annie.

    When driving, we in-sya-Allah always think of the lives of other souls entrusted to us, especially motor cyclists and pedestrians who unwittingly cross our way or get killed because our car goes out of control.

    We can drive fast according to conditions,
    and accidents will happen but we'd save many lives by driving at reasonable speeds especially through populated areas.

    M Zin, 40+ years veteran driver
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. another idiot on the road...
    that nearmiss is reminder from Allah.
    Take heed!

  11. Annie, get a mid specs Mazda. They have auto emergency braking. Beats the price of a Merc wt same function. Yg bodoh2 tak suka kat you tapi still baca blog ni apa hal

  12. Drive carefully Annie

    Prof Kangkung