Sunday 30 May 2021

Whacking the Agong is not going to help win Covid war

 I think some people are getting a bit too emotional because of Covid-19 now that they are lashing out at simply anything and everything.

Blame the government, blame Muhyiddin, blame the health minister, blame KJ, blame DG Noor Hisham, and the latest blame the Agong also.

Yes, so many new cases, so many deaths, but would the lashing out do any good?

I don't think so.

Just yesterday, a terrified Noor Hisham pleaded for Malaysians to stay home after seeing the thousands of cars exiting KL to escape the coming lockdown despite the interstate travel ban and soaring number of infections and deaths

How they got through the roadblocks?

Same way as during Hari Raya that day, I guess. Here's the story on that one;

Covid-19 Aidilfitri clusters because 200,000 lied to cross state borders

Why don't blame those people?

And what the hell blaming and insulting the Agong over Covid-19 for?

Even the usually not so smart PKR leaders knew that,

After video purportedly insulting Agong, PKR man faces the sack

Saw the news that the PKR guy has now been remanded by the police.

Buta-buta saja kena.

What can the Agong do anyway?

For all intents and purposes, the only authority that matter in the country now are the one hold by the healthcare people.

If they say no, even the Agong can't do anything.

Do you all really think the Agong enjoy seeing what's happening now?

I don't think so.

Muhyiddin like this? No.

I don't think anyone like seeing the rising number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

I refuse to believe such accusations, like the one the other day when they accused the Agong, KJ and who else as trying to profit from the supply of Covid-19 vaccines.

Hey, I don't like the current government too but not to the point of throwing accusations blindly at everyone I dislike.

Come on la, be sensible about it.

This is after all a war.

A real war where a lot of people actually died.

Those in charge may have made some mistakes but that does not mean we should defy everything that they asked us to do.

The vaccination process is slow, ya, but does that mean we should defy the stay home order?

I don't think so.

We have to do our part too, okay.

If we don't like the government and blame it for the current situation, just wait for the next election and vote it out lah.

For now, that's our only government and we need to help it fight the war.

What? Change the government now?

And risk more infections and deaths during an election?

Remember Sabah, okay.

And what guarantee do we have that a new government would do any better?.

The last time we changed the government, things just got worse.

It imploded after just 22 months. This current government is the result of that nonsense.

What? Change the Agong?

Don't be crazy. 

Being an Agong doesn't make one a superhero who can stop the pandemic.

This is our war and we need to fight it together.

No single person or entity can win it for us. Not the Agong, not Muhyiddin, not Anwar, not Umno, not PH, not PN. 


  1. In these kinds of situations, we Malaysian should come together, work together, follow all instructions together to ensure all Malaysian is safe! Make matters worst we have our politicians couldn't work together for the national interest. Our Ministers lack media exposure, not able to speak in a simple manner to the rakyat on the government plan, too much red tape amongst Kementerian and ministers.

    The problem with Malaysians is they love to blame.
    1. Blame for late delivery of Covid 19 vaccine, they forget the manufacturer of Covid 19 vaccine coming from US, EU and China. For sure these countries will prioritize Covid 19 vaccine for their citizen first.
    2. Blame for cannot Balik Kampung.
    3. Blame for cannot lepak.
    4. We have sellers and customers so lazy to wear masks properly.
    5. We have so many SOP breach from artists until ministers.

    1. Monthly basic wage of cleaners in Singapore to rise over six years to at least S$2,420 by July 2028

  2. this kind of people are an absolute scum pretending to be the savior of the people but are not....i saw the pkr video on my newsfeed....but i did not bother to even watch it....

    >james bond

  3. Ada blogger menegaskan dalam posting beliau "Kerajaan Bodoh TAPI tuan-tuan 70 kali lebih bodoh " ,mungkin ada benarnya dakwaan beliau .
    Olih itu paling penting kita semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia ikut dengan disiplin saranan Ketua Pengarah Kem.Kesihatan .

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  5. its just fatigue. Citizens are also tired as they see ministers, politicians, royalty, celebrities breaking sops / district but not getting punished. These cream of the crop should be leading the way but instead are the main culprits, some doing so with arrogance in social media.

    I for one am sick of seeing neelofa’s antics. She is a serial law breaker and deserves to be jailed.

    all optics

  6. How do all these people managed to get through road-blocks when interstate travel are banned by the authority? The answer is corruption.From those who issued permit to travel and those who manned the road-blocks.The government refuses to acknowledge this although they knew this is the main cause. The same reason for allowing ramadan bazaars to operate which causes a spike. Najib has warned that those companies that are allowed to operate should not be decided by MITI.He has already knew what is happening.

  7. Hi Annie.
    Long time fan of yours.
    Agree with you on the coming together as a nation to fight the pandemic.
    However, surely we can't fault the people when they arent inspired by the 'Generals' anymore? The trust deficit is real & paramount, to a point that 'subconscious sabotage' from the people are being done on a daily basis. Well, that's my unlearned observervations any way.
    Expect it to continue, especially with how the so called PM bumbling recorded Perutusan 3.0 went.
    It was a stark contrast on how Lee Hsien Loong's Live Telecast, earlier on the same day.
    The only thing, imo, to reenergise the nation is to remove the 'Head'and'His Tentacles', get someone else to come in and drag the People through. GE15 is a different story.
    One thing for sure about us Malaysians, we are fighters.
    Its just that now, the majority sees the `General'is merely fighting for his own sake.
    War is won and lost with trust.

  8. Aisay Annie ....d Sarawak guy was just airing his frustration. Agreed his language could b better but all avenues have failed...apo nak buat? Appeal to the King la.

  9. In a family the onus is on the parents. Same goes with the people of a nation. Tu pun nak kena explain ke....

  10. good jobs to our HEROS!!!!! whoever they are karry, abah-moo, it-smiles and not forgetting barking oppositons


      fnally one thinking person.
      hope it not a Tong Tong SJK cina UEC drop out.