Sunday 30 May 2021

Whacking the Agong is not going to help win Covid war

 I think some people are getting a bit too emotional because of Covid-19 now that they are lashing out at simply anything and everything.

Blame the government, blame Muhyiddin, blame the health minister, blame KJ, blame DG Noor Hisham, and the latest blame the Agong also.

Yes, so many new cases, so many deaths, but would the lashing out do any good?

I don't think so.

Just yesterday, a terrified Noor Hisham pleaded for Malaysians to stay home after seeing the thousands of cars exiting KL to escape the coming lockdown despite the interstate travel ban and soaring number of infections and deaths

How they got through the roadblocks?

Same way as during Hari Raya that day, I guess. Here's the story on that one;

Covid-19 Aidilfitri clusters because 200,000 lied to cross state borders

Why don't blame those people?

And what the hell blaming and insulting the Agong over Covid-19 for?

Even the usually not so smart PKR leaders knew that,

After video purportedly insulting Agong, PKR man faces the sack

Saw the news that the PKR guy has now been remanded by the police.

Buta-buta saja kena.

What can the Agong do anyway?

For all intents and purposes, the only authority that matter in the country now are the one hold by the healthcare people.

If they say no, even the Agong can't do anything.

Do you all really think the Agong enjoy seeing what's happening now?

I don't think so.

Muhyiddin like this? No.

I don't think anyone like seeing the rising number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

I refuse to believe such accusations, like the one the other day when they accused the Agong, KJ and who else as trying to profit from the supply of Covid-19 vaccines.

Hey, I don't like the current government too but not to the point of throwing accusations blindly at everyone I dislike.

Come on la, be sensible about it.

This is after all a war.

A real war where a lot of people actually died.

Those in charge may have made some mistakes but that does not mean we should defy everything that they asked us to do.

The vaccination process is slow, ya, but does that mean we should defy the stay home order?

I don't think so.

We have to do our part too, okay.

If we don't like the government and blame it for the current situation, just wait for the next election and vote it out lah.

For now, that's our only government and we need to help it fight the war.

What? Change the government now?

And risk more infections and deaths during an election?

Remember Sabah, okay.

And what guarantee do we have that a new government would do any better?.

The last time we changed the government, things just got worse.

It imploded after just 22 months. This current government is the result of that nonsense.

What? Change the Agong?

Don't be crazy. 

Being an Agong doesn't make one a superhero who can stop the pandemic.

This is our war and we need to fight it together.

No single person or entity can win it for us. Not the Agong, not Muhyiddin, not Anwar, not Umno, not PH, not PN. 

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Tajuddin's shit will stick on Umno

When Zahid replaced his deputy Mat Hasan with Tajuddin Rahman as Umno's election director in November last year, I described it as the

That boorish Tajuddin was appointed by Muhyiddin as Prasarana chairman six month earlier as part of effort to shore up support for the Perikatan Nasional government among Umno leaders.

And as I predicted, he made a mess out of it.

You can read about it in this first post of mine this year

Today, the whole world can see how screwed up Prasarana now under Tajuddin.

We have headlines such as this

Prasarana needs new chairman after Tajuddin’s train wreck press conference

and tonnes of uglier yet truthful comments about the man in the social media.

Well, the shit will definitely stick on Umno.

After he was made the party's election director, Tajuddin has been making numerous stupid statements as if he is the Umno president.

News outlets published his statements as if they were the party's official stand.

Yup, he became Umno's face.

Ugly and boorish.

It reminds me of the final days of Umno and BN before they were crushed in 2018.

One of Najib's biggest faults at that time was letting people like Tajuddin shaped the party's image.

People became so disgusted of them that they voted for Pakatan Harapan.

Tajuddin may won in Pasir Salak, where his core supporters provided enough votes for him but his image which became Umno's image did terrible harm for the party in other constituencies, especially among the fence sitters.

What happened at the Prasarana's press conference today will make people think - hey, if Umno comes back to power, this is the kind of leaders who will run the country.

I'm quite sure Tajuddin costs Umno a few hundred thousands votes by appearing and behaving the way he did at the press conference.

Who can blame those voters for that. Even I don't want such a leader myself.

That's why I don't really blame those who voted for Pakatan in the last general election.

Too many such characters in Umno at that time and they are the loud ones, who became the faces of Umno.

Now Umno, in particular Zahid and gang are making the same mistake again by promoting characters such as Tajuddin as party's frontliners.

They believe the Malays will support them no matter what.

Well, if that's their attitude, they will be shocked yet again in the next general election.

Malays are not cows, okay.

They also want good leaders to manage this country.

Friday 21 May 2021

No to personal attacks against people who want to help in Covid war

 It's really a war now with the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths steadily increasing.

Malaysia is yet to announce a full lockdown at the time of this writing and our vaccination programme is still going rather slow, as far as I'm concerned.

Full lockdown now is good, but I believe that vaccination is the real key to winning the war against the pandemic as proven in the slowly opening Europe and US.

Well, I still haven't got my jabs yet but am waiting for it, patiently.

I do understand that the frontliners and more vulnerable people need it more and therefore should have theirs first.

However, I do hope that they could quickly get as many vaccine dosages as possible to accelerate the immunisation process.

For that, I think the government should welcome any offer of help that it could get.

Yes, there has been that vaccine scam case in Penang but that should not mean the other offers to help in the immunisation process were bogus too.

I'm of the opinion that those who want to help speed up the process should not be discouraged from doing so.

For instance, I was a bit bewildered when the Petra Group came under attack when it offered to help procure 200,000 dosages of Covid-19 vaccine,

That, despite it was confirmed by The Star that the offer was genuine.

That's why I don't really understand why Azmin Ali's outfit MalaysiaNow came out with this one yesterday,

Man behind free vaccines offer has history of unfulfilled pledges

which even has a Bahasa Malaysia version

Lelaki di belakang tawaran vaksin percuma miliki sejarah janji tak tertunai

It's without question a direct personal attack against the Petra Group boss as the article has nothing really to do with the immunisation programme.

Reading through the article, I believe the reporter who wrote it was specially assigned to dig up dirts about that Vinod guy.

It's the type of assignments reporters in the mainstream media called as coming from "wahyu dari atas" (edict from above). 

Okay, it's probably because the Vinod guy is a friend of Anwar and Azmin doesn't like him because of that.

But come on la, I don't like Anwar and his friends too because of their politics, but the guy is offering to help in the Covid war and what's wrong with that?

We need all the help that we could get now, okay.

Politics or personal dislike should not be mixed in these sort of things.

Anyway, I have not personally met this Vinod guy but I don't think he is as bad as portrayed in that article.

It's true that he has some unfulfilled promises but admitting to that, he had previously explained that he was suddenly hit by some financial problems himself due to the economic downturn at that time.

I don't think that's a big crime. It's not like he went around robbing people, okay.

A guy has some extra money and promised to give some to charity but suddenly he lost that extra money and can't fulfil his promise. That's understandable la.

Now he has some more extra money and again want to do some good with it, what's wrong with that?

Are we now saying that he can't help people anymore and that he should be vilified instead?

That's a bit too much lah.

Hey, we are now backpaddling against the rising Covid tide and therefore shouldn't care less about badmouthing people who want to help us.

People are dying, the health system is overstretched and the economy is in bad shape - definitely not the time to whack people who genuinely wanted to help.

Come on la Azmin, if you are pissed off with Anwar, just go after him. I can even join you later as I don't like Anwar too.

But don't la make your people at MalaysiaNow to whack his friend, who just wanted to help in the Covid war.

Malaysia needs that promised extra vaccine dosages to speed up its immunisation process. It's about saving people's lives, okay.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Fuck Israel, US and their supporters

I have actually wrote about the Israeli ongoing genocide against the Palestinians at another platform elsewhere several days ago.

I think I took quite a bit of risk writing that one and if you read it, you would probably agree with me.

So, I don't want to write more on it.

If I do write more from my heart about the killings of even babies in Gaza now, I believe they are going to arrest me under SOSMA and call me Jihadist Annie.

Trust me, they will.

I feel very strongly about it, that it would be very hard for me not to write something very inflammatory. 

So, I think, I'll just keep how I truly feel on this one closed in my heart.

Well, I can't afford to go to jail anyway for expressing my true opinion as I have to continue working to fulfil my  responsibilities.

It's a bitch, but that's the reality of life.

Anyway, I have faith in the teachings of my religion, which promised that the oppressors who are now killing babies in Gaza, stealing other people's homes in the holy land, desecrating one of the holiest sites of my religion will in the end be vanquished.

Yeah, when the time comes, it was said that they will be hunted with even rocks and trees refusing to give them shelter.

I hold on to that faith, whenever I feel hopeless watching the little mutilated bodies of Gaza children being wrapped in their death shrouds for burial.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Why can't they celebrate Raya without firecrackers?

 Another Raya under MCO.

Well, I'm okay with it, as I feel it's necessary with Covid-19 raging worse than ever now.

What's there to celebrate, eh?

Anyway, I don't really celebrate anything much these days.

Just trying to make ends meet under the ongoing movement restrictions.

That's partly the reason why I have not been writing here for quite a while.

Busy and no mood.

I wonder how certain people could complain about not being able to celebrate Hari Raya as usual.

Maybe that's because they have a steady income or lots of money.

They don't seemed to realise that others are suffering.

Some are even burning money on firecrackers.

My friend in Kuantan said her neighbourhood now is like Jerusalem with Israeli soldiers running amok shooting and bombing Palestinians (which they are actually doing right now)..

They are using huge firecrackers there in her neighbourhood.

My friend's son who is with autism is having a very bad meltdown because of it.

Most people with autism can't stand the sound of firecrackers.

This is one of them,

This Khairul guy is a RTM radio DJ and he is with asperger, a high functioning person with autism.

I was told that there were other individuals with  autism who have to be taken to hospital because of this last night.

Ya, why can't they celebrate raya without firecrackers?

It's not an Islamic or even a Malay tradition.

It's I believe was adopted by the Malays from Chinese New Year celebration.

The alim ulamak should come up with a fatwa on this.

What's the hukum of Muslims burning money with firecrackers to celebrate Hari Raya?

Anyway, I'm back in KL since a few weeks ago.

Crossed the state border with police's permission because of work.

I don't know whether I still have my job a few months from now because of the lockdown.

Hopefully, I will still have it, but if I lose it, I will accept it as something fated by Allah.

I will not blame it on the lockdown because it's necessary to contain Covid-19.

In fact,  they should have done it much earlier when the number of cases started to increase earlier this year.

Well, if I lose my job, I think I will use my little savings to open a burger stall when the pandemic is over.

Life has to go on and I will survive one way or another.

I may not celebrate Hari Raya or anything else for now but I will not despair either.

p.s I have decided not to publish comments not related to my post anymore. Too many spams.