Wednesday 19 June 2019

Malay men, do something about your reputation, okay

I have not been writing for almost a week now because I was trying to avoid the Azmin sex video scandal.

I was honestly disgusted by it.

Nonetheless, everyone seemed to be so engrossed with it.

I even got a foreigner friend asking whether the whole thing was for real.

Of course it's real, okay.

Someone really made and distributed the video to destroy Azmin and as the man said, it was an inside job.

Inside PGayR, that is....hahaha.

But on whether it's really Azmin in the video, that I wouldn't know for sure.

That's what I told my foreigner friend.

Personally, I hope it's not Azmin because for me, the guy is the best hope for the country if Pakatan Harapan is to continue being the government in the event Dr Mahathir is ever to step down.

I'm totally against Anwar as PM as I think he's going to wreck the country.

But if Azmin is having the same problem as Anwar, then I think the guy shouldn't be allowed to replace Dr Mahathir too.

Well, that's not so good for Pakatan Harapan, particularly because it doesn't have that many good Malay leaders capable of being the prime minister.

Just look at these "realistic" options,

PBBM - Muhyiddin (health, age and capability issues), Mukhriz (questionable capability).
Amanah - Mohamed Sabu (IQ problem)
PKR - Dr Wan Azizah (questionable capability)
DAP - Kit Siang (Chinese and old), Guan Eng (Chinese and stupid)

There you have them.

Well, they can stick with Dr Mahathir but the guy is 94. You want him as PM till he's 100, is it?

What ever it is, I'm sure the fight with Anwar will continue.

My money is on Dr Mahathir winning the fight as he did two decades ago.

But after that? What's going to happen to the country's leadership?

Never mind. Let's think about that later. You all voted for this, so bear with it and don't complain too much.

As of now, I'm more concerned about the effect of Azmin's alleged homosexuality on the image of Malays, particularly Malay men.

Are Malay men prone to homosexuality?

It's a valid question, okay.

Here we have a party president and his deputy facing allegations of involvement in buggery activities on top of other things. Both are Malay men.

Then their alleged victims/partners are also Malay men.

Really, what's wrong with Malay men lah these days.

Not enough women, is it?

Then we have these sort of Malay men too,

Okay, the last one you have to use your imagination a bit.

But really, I think all these sex scandals, particularly of the homosexual variety is bad for the reputation of Malay men.

And this is not fair to them. I believe there is a need to correct whatever misconception caused by the scandals.

Well, I leave that for the Malay men to do it themselves. They need to prove their manliness themselves, one way or another, so that people don't talk funny about them.

Of course there are many other things they need to prove but for now, this manliness issue is the most important.

Okay, if they want to get angry for having to do it, then get angry with the PGayR Malay male leaders who started the whole thing.

But being angry aside, they need to do something about it.

Whatever it is, they need to improve what others think of them.


  1. Annie,
    Have to disagree with you. This unnatural activity is not confine to melayu only!
    Melayu do play play but hide hide cos taboo and against religion.
    Others do openly and make it official into marriage like the nephew of our neighbouring country’s PM!

    1. Others cant beat the malays here who also made porno lucah or XXX :)

  2. saw some pics LGE participating in LGBT acts this nation really gutter sex adoi

  3. Cik Annie post gambaq "over my dead body".. isssh klo rambut dia panjang mesti comey, terbayang movie yg ni plak dah!.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. Blame it on Bang Non. This guy started all this nonsense. Damn!!! Dulu ada la pondan menari ghazal parti. But they are transparent....I mean diaorang memang pakai pakaian perempuan. But Bang Non watak dan cakap yang berdegar degar...rupanya suka...hmmmmmm
    Boleh mampussss la melayu dan Negara kalau dia jadi PM...

  5. Atta gal, this is your most entertaining article to date.

  6. I like your "realistic options.

    "PBBM - Muhyiddin (health, age and capability issues),
    Mukhriz (questionable capability).
    Amanah - Mohamed Sabu (IQ problem)
    PKR - Dr Wan Azizah (questionable capability)
    DAP - Kit Siang (Chinese and old),
    Guan Eng (Chinese and stupid)"..

    Your last one is surely win.

    There will be always 1 or 2 weird Malay leaders but 2 Malay leaders from the same party and both aspire to become the next Prime Minister, chance this to happen can be 1 in 1000 years.An history is going to happen.While this is happening, enjoy the drama.

  7. Both president and deputy president are prime minister-in-waiting. Both hit with the same scandals. On of them will ascend to the highest office in the land for sure. And after that Malaysia will change its name to Turmericana hahaha..

  8. Guys pls look differently lah...why do we have to confine to different political parties only...ini semua old fashion lah...passe ...we should think about opinion future leaders....

    PM.... Hishammudin Onn need it's a stupid role
    FM...Khairy Jamaluddin Deputy..Rafizi and Wee KS

    Menteri Dalam Negeri...Tuan Mat
    Transport...Anthony Like
    Foreign...Bayya Gobind

    The rest you pick and choose lah...

    But LGE ..Ur astute observation is damn accurate...Chinese and stupid! Almost a rare species!

  9. Ku Li is the best candidate to replace Dr.M.

    1. Rd, thats just what he will always be, a “candidate”. Just like anwar being just the pm in waiting forever. Ambitions dont necessarily turn into reality.

  10. If Ku Li decline, Rafidah Aziz should be the best alternative to replace Dr.M.

    1. Why bring dinosors back to life...already fossilised still want to gerak dari tidok...buat apa!

    2. RD

      Babies first words normally "mama" and "dadda" mai tang nenek ni "APAPAPAPAP".

      Macam mana nak jadi PM lagu ni??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Kalau dah tak ada Melayu yang layak, bagi saja jawatan PM pada Cina-DAP Anthony Loke atau Bengali-DAP Gobin Singh.

      Sekurang-kurangnya, jika mereka guna-Agama masing-masing untuk menyamun atau meliwat, emej Bangsa Melayu & Agama Islam tidak terjejas.

    4. Kalau Cina boleh jadi PM, paling layak Yeo Bee Yin.Satu masaalah besar boleh selesai.Suami dia boleh buat rumah murah di seluruh Malaysia.I-Eco-Homes.(eco for economical)

  11. justice for haziq translating to justice for LGBT right :(

  12. Takkan melayu hilang di Dunia

    Gombak sengaja leak the sex videos until CHECKMATE Langkawi
    P/s: Gombak & Port Dickson adalah satu entiti 2 jasad

    Saya yang menjalankan amanah,

    asyMok aAmbo

  13. Let’s look at it in different perspective. Perhaps the video is deepfake, but let’s pretend the video is authentic. If the video is authentic, who had the access to plant it there? Do you really believe Anwar’s camp had access to Azmin’s room?

    Do you really believe they could move around freely to do whatever they wanted to do in a hotel which considered as private property?? Even SB themselves can’t do that.

    Those who could’ve done that is Hazid himself, Azmin himself, the hotel managers or the workers of the hotel. It is these people are the main suspects. The people behind the videos. If someone wanted to put recording device in Azmin’s room, they needed to have access to these suspects. The trails lead to somewhere else other than PKR party. This is interesting.

  14. The video real lah. Who would want to spend millions to do deepfake video. We must thank hafiz to show the real Azmin. Will malay accept gay azmin who knows. Malay ok with the klepto najib, so why not gay azmin.

    1. Actually malay got no strong principle or value system. Taking money without consent ok. Bribery ok as long as you recite the word halal ya !. Then all good for the malay. Hadi says ok to lie. Pas say need 4 men see sexual act then act is true video cannot count. Anything an uztaz say is true no question ask. I think malay soon will say gay ok.

    2. You Cina balik tongsan lah... you comment and then you reply to your own comment.

    3. What Anon 0953 said was true.
      If we read Utusan, Metro or hear the news on Buletin TV3... every time an incidence of rape, Ustad sodomize young boys, incest, father rape own child etc... its highly likely that the perpetrator is a Malay.

      Furthermore, it's well known that Kelantan had the highest reported cases of HIV and drug addiction too.
      Ehmm... Cina-Dap in control of Kelantan?

    4. Ngomong-ngomong, siapa yg memerintah Kelantan selama ini..apakah air jampi Pas tidak mujarrab ker….??
      15 orang asli (semua beragama Islam) mati konyol dan yg survive hidup melarat dalam serba kedaifan.

      Apakah Cina DAP nak dipersalahkan seperti yg digembar-gemburkan oleh puak2 ‘daulah terpendam’ yg konon Islam, Raja & Melayu terancam…..??


    5. Gua nk tau mana lu dpt statistik mengatakan Kelantan mempunyai bil kes hiv Dan penagihan dadah tertinggi??!!! Sila bagitahu sumber dari mana??!!

  15. Why insist on letting stupid Melayu monkeys run this country? They haven't done enough damage?

    1. What damage are you talking about?? Lu cau tut batu ke ckp mcm org xde sekolah

  16. The gay sexual grooming starts when the Malay youngster starts at the elites Mara resident Science school in Form one and also the Sekolah Agama Asrama schools . 6 years of full one gender school , eat study and stay together is a formatting ground for gay sexual grooming of these young boys . These schools must have been created by an LGBT network in the government to keep their numbers steady and also in high government and political positions .how blind are the Malay males when they cannot see that they are gay groomed in these schools

    1. Anon 11:40. You have not mentioned MCGayGay.
      Annie your posting is gender biased. What about women. They are more or les the same.

    2. No sorg lg ckp melalut.. lu cau tut batu ka

  17. cina ada alibaba, melayu ada maluapa wakakaka

  18. Seganas-ganas politik di Indonesia, haram satu pun tidak terpalit dgn tebiat 'stor kunyit' yg menjijikkan.

    Di Malaysia, sana sini siang malam heboh kecoh kunyit jadi bahan perbualan, terutama di blog ini.

    Apakah itu petanda 'Kunyitokrasi' akan melanda selepas 'klepetokrasi'..........??

    Naudzubillah Min Dzaliq.......!!

  19. 15:45
    a long time ago southern chinese intermarry with austronesians jadi kacukan mcm annie wink wink

  20. cruelty inflicted mind...sound like a dog breeder. pptuih!

  21. Anon 15:45

    Haiyaa.. what to do? Melayus trpaksa terima dan menanggung otak2 sewel rejects macam kamu dTanah Air yg bertuah ini.

    Look at how successful your cousins are;

    My feveret chinaman;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. Aku geli geleman tengok gambar hang posted termasuk yang sengaja nak nampak kan gigi. Jenis ni yang paling menakutkan.. you know those who feel they are the metro type male. Gambar yang lain tu sekali tengok kita dah tau and they manifest themselves.

    Hal next PM ni tak payah pecah kepala fikir. Memang tak ada. In fact in 2003 we already knew this and hence we have a Malaysia tonggang terbalik today. Kesian your handsome old man. Dia pening ni..dalam coalition dia tak ada yang cukup wibawa dan dipercayai dan berjiwa pemimpin. Yang mengaku dan mahu memimpin (niat lain) semua nya indah lakon dari bakat.

    Mohamad Hassan is a fine Malay gentleman. Hope he watches his steps cautiously. RPK, Papagomo maybe right this time. Let's see what unfolds. KJ is another but he still needs a watcher. Not time for him just yet.

    RD's choice pun boleh terima jugak. We need a doer. Nenek ka datok ka belakang kira. Janji ada pengalaman dan tegas. Contoh : the last CPO yang memang berwibawa sebelum Abdul Hamid Bador was Abdul Rahim Noor.

  23. 19:41
    are you a bloody barua implying annie is a mongrel sigh

  24. Hey Annie,

    I totally disagree with you.

    Other countries also have gays. In UK and US. They even got gay rights, and all that.....

    Have you heard of culture club music "Do you really want to hurt me" and do you really want to make me cry.? Karma-karma Chemeloeon...

    I think Malaysia ready for a female prime minister. Our MACC, Chief Justice, all Female already.

    So, no more problem of Gays and buggery of sorts.

    I have no problem to have female prime minister. Wan Azizah can be the first one.

  25. Anon 13.58...Lu pi calit taik dulu la...pungkok pun tak basuh... and your mulut bau taik....puiihhhh

    1. Hakikatnya, species 'calit-taik' inilah yang paling ramai dalam 10 terkaya di Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand. Begitu juga species Mat Salleh, minum arak dan makan-babi, kecuali Yahudi yang bersunat seperti Melayu dan sembelihan mereka, orang -Islam boleh makan.

      Malah jika lihat sekeliling... dalam & luar rumah kita.... dari berus-gigi, mesin-basuh, seterika, handphone, laptop/PC, game Dota yang menjad kegilaan anak-muda, motorsikal yang banyak menyebabkan budak-Melayu mati, cacat atau lumpuh seumur hidup, kereta berjenama yang menjadi idaman pemimpin UMNO, PAS & PH, sehinggalah pembesar-suara yang kita guna untuk laung Azan lima kali sehari... semuanya direka-cipta dan dibuat species yang berak tak basuh pungkok ini.

      Harap Maklum.

    2. RD
      Isssh kamu ni. Siapa pencipta "species yang berak tak basuh pungkok ini"? Jawab sikit?

      Haiyaaa. Jgn hot hot.. arini cili merah dh naik RM34-RM38 satu kilo. Fulamak oooi, bahan keperluan harian awat melambung sampai jadi lagu ni? Harga semen (bukan Azmin punya ya) pun dh naik 50%.
      1Jul ni byk cukai2 balu akn dikenakan...

      Tipah o tipah ayamaapa? Ingaporey? Mudah2an jgn tunjuk gempaq macam the counsel of Elders idah la. 1+ tahun depa kepit briefcase ke hulu kehilir, terbang sana sini macam burung... haboq pun tarak.

      Okay la. Boring la drama PH ni semua. Moh tgk video ni lagi best;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Alahai....u ni...toksalah dok worship the west and the Chinese...remember you have a Lord over and above you who holds the heavens and the earth in HiS Hands and His dominion...

      Ini zaman depalah, they are up on the wheel, if you go over 600 or before years ago these same species were in the dark ages what with the mat salleh and the cinapek depa sujud kat depa punya emperor ..many of them living so poor and being treated worst than the pigs that they rear....but where were the Arabs and Muslims then?...Ruler of the largest empire in the world...

      In the future these 2 species will be below of the wheel ...don't be surprise, u never know maybe the black Arab Muslims will preside over the world...laughable at the current state but not impossible going by history

      There is a word in the Qur'an that brings this reality into life....Nuudawiluha....u pi cari that the more than 6300 ayats of the Qur'an and probably around 200,000 words....then u will appreciate...pi buat kerja sikit and go and find out and also the tafsir of it..don't be a lazy bum hoping everything to be spoon fed....again the word is nuudawiluha

    4. Anon 2336.

      I do not worshiped those kapirs, the West nor the Chinese.
      What I wrote was a fundamental fact, the dire state of affairs, Muslim-World are today, especially in the Middle East.

      Yes the Muslims use to 'preside over the world'... but that was about 1400 years ago. Unfortunately, 200 ~ 300 years after the passing of Prophet Muhammad SAW, everything including worldly-knowledge began to regress.

      By the way... Islam was already in regression, when wealthy Arab merchants brought it to the Nusantara, only 500 years ago. Mesmerized by their wealth, Raja-Raja Melayu who was Hindus, converted to Islam. His subject have no option, of-course.

      Yes, more than 600 years ago, the West was in what we called, the Dark Ages and the Chinese too, are mired with unrelenting wars and famines.
      At that time, those kapirs are ruled by various tribal Kings, imperial warlords or dynastic Monarchs where the clergyman/shaman played a major role. That's where the word 'Holy'... e.g. Holy Roman Empire... came about.

      However, after Oliver Cromwell, sort of banished all their clergymen to what is now known as Vatican, the West began to progress and became more peaceful. China too, became peaceful after doing away with Imperial rule, not too long ago, in 1912.

      Unfortunately, 200 ~300 years after the passing of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Arab Muslims 'embraced' their clergymen, at a time when the West are dumping theirs.

      That was why Muslims' are today emulating or following the footsteps of the West's Dark Ages... the Sunni-Shia conflict. (Hang bom Masjid aku, aku bom Masjid hang).
      Both sides buying weapons, while enriching already rich Kapir nations to lingkop-melingkop sesama-Islam.
      Syaitan Saudi Arabia, in cohorts with syaitan US and Zionist Israel to decimate Iran.

      "...don't be surprise, u never know maybe the black Arab Muslims will preside over the world...laughable at the current state but not impossible going by history"

      He he he...

      - Sunni & Syiah are able to unite and be at peace with each other as neighbours,
      - more Muslims countries possess Nuclear Weapon (other than Pakistan),
      - in the case of Malaysia... separate Religion from Politics by doing a Cromwell, i.e. post all religious people in every State Palaces.

      ... Muslims can only dream to 'preside over the world' again.

    5. The Malays never was Hindus but the faithful followers of Abraham/Ibrahim/Brahma.. Hindu was the corrupted version of Brahma's teaching..

      Islam already reached Nusantara while Muhammad s.a.w still alive.. all those Raja² Melayu during that time were very wealthy, billionaires of their era..

      And of course the teaching of Muhammad and Abraham compatible with each other and that is the main reason why the Malays easily embraced Islam..


      According to historical fact, after Bendahara Tun Mutahir was sentenced to death by Sultan Mahmud, Tanah Melayu dijajah oleh Portugis, Belanda, inggeris, Jepun & inggeris selama 466 tahun.

      It took another Tun M in 1981 to redeem the nation’s glory and put Malaysia at world map once again.

      It’s so obvious that the letter ‘M’ is so sinonym to Malay, Malaysia, Muslim & prophet Muhammad SAW.

    7. Ya ya ya...

      "Raja² Melayu during that time were very wealthy, billionaires of their era.. "

      ... from collecting taxes, tithes or ufti from downtrodden hamba-Rakyats. Can even grab pretty-wife of subject, as his Highness wishes.

      As Raja-Raja Melayu in those days, of-course its much more easier to become a 'Billionaire', rather than being a businessmen-like Arab Merchants.

    8. This gundek mentality is still alive to this day. Hamba rakyats glorifying those who became billionaires by selling off state land .
      Synonimous to olden days when pakcik/makcik became the pride of the kampung by having their daughters taken away to be a dayang-dayang.
      Only diffenrence is today its all done for the sake of ketuanan with learned kampung professor to attest to it.

  26. Mahathir is running out of option and out of time.He has to do something and do it fast.
    Die hard UMNO supporters like yours truly would surely reject any effort by Mahathir to enter UMNO through the backdoor or backside whichever word you prefer to use.
    I prefer UMNO to continue working with Pas and other minor parties like MCA and MIC.
    3 more years maximum, UMNO will be back into power again.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Professori,
      If you have a little bit of political sense , take the cue from the Johore UMNO and their state leader. Don't leave the matters they raised to Tok Mat. In his position up there he has to play his diplomatic role 'beradab' and all.Strong supporters like you who I can credit with some intelligence in you should take the fore front or play the strong backgroud role to support them . Drag Cik Annie along and she can get her 'big' brothers together. Don't forget the history of UMNO started in Johore and let the revival of UMNO to also start from Johore.

  27. malu apa annieku, bawang said required 4 witnesses so where to find 4 witnesses for said sex video adoi

    1. Bawang the Carrot, are you really in the 21st century?
      Just imagine if you Bawang were rape and there are no witness or less then 4 witnesses(usually there are none and if there are as usual again its a gang rape case) what will you do? Make a police report or take a pregnancy pill.

    2. 4 witnessses is required when accusing someone of adultery and adultery only .. ada paham????

  28. Wonder! If Bawang saw someone's being rape and he was a lone, what is he going to tell the court. My Lord I have an IQ of a Carrot like Admin of this blog.

    1. Idiot 22:07
      You pig eating cockroach brain full shit crusted ass due to wiping using tissue,you are such a stupid piece of spunk you are almost like that ostrich that buries it's head the only difference being u r putting head right inside the ass of your demigod LGE - another stupid idiot like u-....don't come into this forum spewing Ur small dick sperm like idea hoping for people to read your dotard idea! Bodoh macam cinabukit

  29. Lu bila pigi jalan mana² mata tu buka luas².. tengok Dan observe melayu muka Arab.. ada melayu muka India.. ada melayu muka cina.. muka Pakistan.. gua sendiri muka mcm.cina.. ada paham?!!

  30. Hi Annie,
    It seems like Tun Mahathir and the DAP cabinet like Anthony Loke, Lim Guan Eng, Amanah people and people like the former NGO new MACC head Latheefa Koya and newly place professionals in GLC, Bank Negara etc are running the country now. While PKR and some Pribumi still politicking a lot. PKR with gay sex conspiration and when Anwar become PeeEm dilemma and PBB with the Johor Palace struggle occasional flare up. Please think of the country first, economy, people welfare then worry who play with whose backside, dream of become PM, politics with the palace....let the rule of law take its course with the Bossku gangs, they can make noise here and there...the long arm of the law will catch them. Focus the GPD, economy, growth and people welfare.

  31. bossku no flavour + die already???

    1. Haiyaa.. "what die already?"s

      Najib post video lama Azmin dok kelentong pun dpt 1.2m viewers la in 1 week. Followers dia dkt 4m la, my WA grp + nerwokg dah 2,200 daily followers..

      His videos brselfie2 dgn raykat2 satu Malaysia pun, within 2 hours easily can get 350K viewers!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  32. ideally it was supposed to be mahathir to anwar to azmin/khairy/mukhriz/whoever (except anyone from pas, this party under hadi become more n more idiotic), something more agreeable by all, a quite reasonable succession plan. however if people like u prefer otherwise, then lets fight for another 10 or 20 years.

    1. hy..

      yea..nicely said.tun cannot bust on someone chop n insisting obedience to work it out. d political risk should be eliminated for d great of d country. dun wait for d other shoe to drop or we all to face another delusional memory raging for being fooled.