Monday 18 December 2017

Last Jedi and a day at the mall

I've watched the Last Jedi.

It's the first Star Wars movie that I watched in cinema.

Quite good, should I say.

Better than all those comics reboots.

In fact, I think it's the third best among the Star Wars films.

My favourite is still The Empire Strikes Back, followed by A New Hope.

Nothing beats those.

Well, this latest Star Wars movie is good because it's the best of the non-original trilogy and it beats Return of The Jedi in my list of favourites.

It's serious and quite dark but I guess that's what the audience want these days.  Heard that even Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah went to see it yesterday.

I'm not going to do a full review of the movie because there were already plenty of those around.

Just want to say that I agree with those who said that it should be the last of the old Star Wars movies and the start of a new series.

Felt a tinge of sadness watching Luke Skywalker's final scene.

Luke, the real tragic hero of Star Wars.

The guy remained single all his life. I think he fell in love once but it turned out that Leia is his sister...urghhh....what a tragedy.

Somehow I believe Rey, the new main character, will end up like him.

I suspect that she loves Finn, but that guy will later on turned out to be in love with Rose, the cute chubby Vietnamese girl.

Somehow I think all guys tend to prefer Asian girls, if they were given a choice.

White girls can't beat Asian girls even if the Force is strong with them....hahahaha

I just hope that they don't make it that Rey will later on find out that Finn is actually her brother by some genetic engineering or something, so as not to hurt her too much for losing out to Rose.

They did that to Luke in Return of The Jedi just to make him looked less pathetic for losing out Leia to Han Solo. I really hate the movie because of that....aside from the Ewoks....

Seriously, why they need to make it so complicated.

Well, whatever it is, I do recommend this new Star Wars movie. Seriously, it's good.

Anyway, I spent my Sunday yesterday at the IOI Mall in Putrajaya.

The place was packed with shoppers.

Christmas shopping I guess....even though I think more than half of them are Malays.

Still, it's good to see people enjoying themselves.

Lots of bargains too.

I bought a pair of new shoes on sale for RM209. The original price was about RM300. Nice, tough and comfortable.

Here are some pictures I took at the mall,

Early Christmas carol
A Christmas tree
Long queue at an expensive ice cream kiosk
Long queue at McD
A packed Manhattan Fish Market. Same at the other restaurants too.

Ice skaters
Chong Wei, yours is not a Pie Face lah


  1. Neither white nor asian that matters
    Just too many permutations
    Papa gila mama, mama gila papa
    A hearty thing it is

  2. I liked The Last Jedi too, but I was disappointed over 2 things that were not fully explained in that movie;

    1) where the hell did Snoke come from? that fella was unceremoniously killed and his origins remained a mystery.

    2) what happened to Rey's parents? her origins also remained unanswered. i don't believe Kylo's explanation that Rey's parents were nobody, dead and buried in unnamed graves.

    By the way, Annie, you should watch Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle. The movie was unexpectedly highly entertaining and hilarious! I enjoyed it very much.


    Just keep on trying until you're flying without wings .....

  4. IOI is 1 On 1 tangan ghaib. O mymy

  5. Hye Annie,

    U didnt mention theres a plenty of close shops there. IOI always packed on the weekend(only).

    Met TUN and his wife once there at IOI.


  6. i watched no star wars movies

  7. I’m Rey the last Jedi
    Pakatan Harapan is Nazi first order by sith snooke

    Jho Low

  8. Annie,

    Sorry lah, I am not the movie type.

    I have not stepped foot in a cinema in years!!

    I am more the documentary type and, of cos, a news junkie :)

    Don't get me wrong, I do watch movies but I am not particularly crazy about them.

    When I do watch movies, I am more into the sci-fi genre.

    I will watch the Last Jedi, just as I have watched all the other Star Wars movies in the series (even the cartoon series) but when it comes out on DVD.

    Based on your recommendation, I will make sure I do watch it - eventually :)


  9. Living in Kota Bharu Kelantan I really envy you guys/gals who take cinemas for granted. For us Kota Bharu folks, the nearest cinema is in Kuala Terengganu, about 200 km away (2 and half hours drive).
    There is a cinema hall under construction in KB Mall (so I believe). There is a sign 'opening soon' outside the soon-to-be opened cinema. The sign has been there for more than a year. From what I heard the MPKB (Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu) has imposed so many conditions for the cinema to be given a license to operate. Among the conditions are separate seating between male and female (so, watching movies is no longer an enjoyable activity among married couples), no show during prayer time ( so the cinema operator has to schedule show times around tha prayer time. I can see the logistics problem showing a 3-hour movie. Probably 15 minutes Maghrib prayer break headed by an in house Imam, haha), and the lighs must be on during the movie screening.haha
    Saudi Arabia has reintroduced cinemas after a lapse of 35 years. Kelantan will probably follow suit. After all, Kelantan started growing palm dates trees to look like a middle eastern country.
    In the meantime Kota Bharu folks have to contend with Astro First or internet movie streaming
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof. my tok guru lives at Pengkalan Kubur ... but no toilet at sempadan siam can match toilet at stesen bas tengah bandar KB! Laki dan perempuan share same toilets di tingkat dua

    2. Time saya masuk toilet itu pada waktu pagi awal tahun ini,, terperanjatku kakak baru keluar jamban sedang memasang celananya.... lagi boleh kabar padaku tangki bocor titik air. Kononnya sudah lazim laki camour wants dijamban tu

    3. Laki campur perempuan di tempat buang air itu....

    4. wow, this is news to me. Dah lama tak naik bas. Tu yg tak tahu.

      Prof Kangkung

  10. Went to IOI City Mall cineplex back in Dec 2015 to watch Star Wars - The Force Awakens. It was my last trip there & all my best to sustainability of IOI City Mall or BN MO1 transformasi in recession year 2018. Happy New Year 2018???

    1. I thought IOI City Mall's thriving?

      Alamanda Putrajaya shopping mall is doing badly ever since IOI City Mall opened.

  11. Prof Kangkung,

    //For us Kota Bharu folks, the nearest cinema is in Kuala Terengganu,//

    Really? No cinemas in KB?

    Just shows how long since I have been to KB.

    Hmmm.... or have I ever been to KB?

    I know I have been to Kuala Terengganu when I was about a child.

    //From what I heard the MPKB (Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu) has imposed so many conditions for the cinema to be given a license to operate.//

    Only movies with camels? :)

    //Saudi Arabia has reintroduced cinemas after a lapse of 35 years. Kelantan will probably follow suit//

    It's not Kelantan, it's Parti Anak Syaitan, which slavishly follows Saudi.

    Kind of reminds me of corrupted version of Orwell's "1984".

    I can almost see the words chiselled onto some wall in the PAS HQ, "Malay good, Arab better."

    Now that Saudi Arabia has started to normalise relations with Israel, I guess PAS will have to find someone else to blame instead of Jews :)

    //Kota Bharu folks have to contend with Astro First or internet movie streaming//

    Come on lah.

    Internet movie streaming?

    A 2-3min video clip of a female pleasuring herself is, technically, NOT a movie, OK? Heheheheh!!

    OK, OK, OK, just joking, awright? :)


    1. are so funny gladiator

      Prof Kangkung

  12. When saudis best fren with israeli jews then the imaginary enemy of PAS & dumbo shall be DAP sigh...

  13. I remember being 'Star Wars' struck as a nine year old in 1977 watching Luke, Leia, Solo, chewie, R2 and C3PO battle it out with Vader & Co on the big screen. The next two were equally brilliant. and then there was a long lull, only for the anticipation of the the next three to turn out as the worst i ever seen. Duds to be precise. I went for the 'Force Awakens' with much pessimism only to be pleasantly surprised that it had captured the spirit of 'A New Hope', 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi'. I wasn't disappointed with the 'Last Jedi' but felt much more could have been done. Im hoping the final yet to be titled episode will somehow sign off the whole franchise with a bang. After all, by the time it plays next year, it would have been a 41 year journey for me.

  14. Let kelentong like RPK: star wars - the last dumbo!!! MO1 is snoke, komedi is kylo ren, H20 is 'so macho' general huz dll (oxfart, nazri, kunan, makan telor penyu, etc) are stormtroopers to be sacrificed utterly...macam ni mampuslah BN or dumno wakakaka
    PS annie is rey who will oversee harapan triumph over the BN or dumno dark force...

  15. Blinkered annie pls note that you were entertained but not learned from this star war movie. Snoke was decimated by its own people, will dumbo MO1 be decimated by its own people eg hang jebat, brutus, backstabbers, trojans, etc wakakaka