Wednesday 8 November 2017

Taking a break

Guys, I need to take a break from blogging at least for a while.

Need to focus on my work.

I think I may lose my job if my work doesn't improve soon.

I need to earn a living like most people, okay.

Therefore, my job is definitely more important than this blog.

And yes, writing this blog does interfere with my train of thoughts for my work.

This blog doesn't feed me. My job does.

Unlike all those prominent sopo bloggers, I'm actually blogging purely just for fun.

As I always said, I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger after all.


While I'm taking this break, I suggest you all read la all the prominent sopo blogs instead.

Those which are supposedly more factual....and with figures, graphs and charts.

I think you all also need to take a break from my nonsense.

See lah how.  Later, if my work improves, I may continue writing here again.

Or maybe I'll ask someone else with better opinions, as well as higher level of  English and writing skills to write here.

Okay, you all take care.



  1. Selamat maju jaya annie.

    Jangan sampai hilang pekerjaan, di era najib ekonomi berkembang tetapi "mempunyai pekerjaan" lebih mahal dari emas.

    Once you hilang pekerjaan, kebulor.

    No wonder, sesetengah blogger ternama, mereka dan ramai yang makan dedak walaupun maruah tergadai.

  2. Annie,

    See yer around.

    Gonna miss yer.

    Don't be away too long.


  3. Looking forward to read your writings again.For my 'friends' gladiator you can continue fighting.For prof sawi please continue giving English tuitions to those kids who really need your expertise.

    Prof Kangkung

  4. Or MCMC & media sohai dumno are not happy with your blogging comments (not spreading lies & hatred against Harapan eg RPK)??? sigh

    1. Likely this RPK will takeover Bodoh Nasional blogging captain from that loki bro so affecting annie position sigh!!!
      Anyway terbaik jugak, dumno2, macai2 & blogger2 BONKING each other wakakaka

  5. Relax & take your time Annie.

    Yes, job is important!

    To cheer you up, something nice from Penang floods:

    "SEBERANG PERAI, Nov 8 ― They drove here upon receiving calls on Sunday that the people affected by floods needed immediate help.

    Since then, this group of volunteers from Kuala Lumpur has cooked up countless hot meals for flood evacuees all over Seberang Perai.

    Looking at this motley crew of volunteers from Kuala Lumpur, led by William Cheah, one could never imagine how efficient and organised the whole operation, called Kembara Kitchen, is as they work together cooking and packing hundreds of packets of food.

    What is more interesting is that this group of volunteers consists of people of various ages, races and religious beliefs. Some of the main cooks are Muslims.

    “We have a mix of different races so when we have to deal with a certain culture that we don't understand, they can better explain it to us on how to manage the situation,” Cheah said when met at the impromptu kitchen they had set up inside a futsal court in Sungai Dua here."

    Hope for Malaysians still if we don't listen to politicians but only to each other...

  6. The ship is sinking so all the rats are running away.

  7. Hope to see you soon
    And selama maju Jaya
    Pilihlah masa handapan dimana kadar purata merompak dapat dikurangkan

    Ops joking... I meant support lah UMNO, pilihlah masa Depan yang gelap gelita

    Jho Low

  8. Kekuatan najib bkn Lah ditangan AG, sprm, pdrm, atau pun diteloq kepitnya mahupun pompuan jelmaan dibelakangnya.
    Tetapi ditangan macai umno yg bodoh lg dungu langsung x boleh berfikir secara waras yg terus memberi kuasa sbg ketua partinya.

  9. Allrite annie,

    Minyak pun naik sekarang. Kerja je lah.. our view not significant anymore.

    Enjoy your working life and non involvement in the PRU for the first time in your political blogging career.

    Thanks for keeping it nuetral until now.


  10. take a good care annie,
    >james bond

  11. Berehatlah Annie.
    Life is too short untuk berpolitik sepanjang hidup.
    Jumpa lagi!

  12. MO1 said economy growing & he created lots of jobs meh, no worry be happy & pls continue your blogging hahaha...