Saturday 29 July 2017

Being a bastard

This issue is depressing,

PUTRAJAYA,  July 28 (Bernama) -- The current implementation of genealogy of Muslim illegitimate children will go on as usual, said National Registration Department director-general Datuk Mohd Yazid Ramli.

"Any amendments to the current implementation would only be considered after the decision by the Federal Court,” he said in a statement today on the judgement by the Appeals Court that any child conceived out-of-wedlock could use the name of the man who admits fatherhood.

He said the NRD through the Attorney-General’s Chambers had filed an appeal against the verdict of the case which sided the applicant at the Federal Court.

Mohd Yazid said the High Court had previously ruled that under Islamic law, it was not allowed that a child bears the surname of the person who claimed fatherhood as he had been born less than six months from the date of the parents’ marriage.

“As such, the action taken by the NRD is in line with the decision of the Muzakarah National Fatwa Committee Council,” he said.

Personally, I think we all should be allowed to name whomever we want as our father.

Bastard or not, everyone should have the same rights.

But again, that's my personal opinion.

NRD instead is following a fatwa.

By right, as a Muslim, I shouldn't be questioning a fatwa.

Still, I can't help but to wonder whether it's really necessary to force such a thing on anyone.

It's like labeling people.

You are therefore a bastard. You need to be identified as that because you are lesser than non-bastards.

Basically, no matter what is the rationale, I think that's the effect of such a ruling.

Why do we need to punish a child in such a way just because he/she was conceived out of wedlock?

I heard it many times from people who seemed to know Islam more than myself that such a child was not at fault for being a bastard, and that only the parents are guilty for fucking around.

So, why labeled the child as a bastard?

Isn't that unfair to the child?

There are other connecting issues to this matter but I rather not discuss it as I don't want to muddle things up more.

All, I know is that Islam is fair and just.

Why then we have this kind of ruling, which doesn't seem very fair to me?

Maybe I'll be deemed a lesser Muslim (or even a kafir) for questioning this, but personally, I think if a person is good, it doesn't matter whether he/she is a bastard.

Well, never mind what they want to say, I'm just saying what's in my mind on this.

Okay, have a restful weekend guys.

Here's a bit of music,

My father always sang this about my mother. He loves her very much.

Does it really matter if I'm their bastard?


  1. Annie,

    Allow me to thank you for raising this issue.

    I would take this opportunity to express my utmost respect to Abdul Rahman Sebli JCA and two other appeal court judges whose courage and their 'kebijaksanaan' had served justice well in arriving at the decision.

    One part of the judgment read: "One can imagine the 1st appellant’s grief, not to mention the feeling
    of shame that he has to bear throughout his existence. A birth certificate
    serves as a poignant reminder of one’s birth into this transitory world. It
    should not be turned into an instrument of shame."

    Now, that's a judgment with heart for the souls, the weak, and those who are not able even to speak to defend their own self.

  2. Fatwa is not rigid.I am a Muslim but i choose the fatwa selectively.In the case of assets inheritence I don't follow faraid as I personally feel that faraid is unfair.
    Prof Kangkung

  3. I think this is a matter of interpretation of Islamic laws. What are the stand taken from other schools of Islamic thoughts such as Hambali, Maliki and Hanafi regarding this? I believe Islam is fair to those living with disadvantages such as kids born out of wedlock.

    They too like everyone else want to lead a normal life. It is not their fault of being illegitimate childs. It's their parents whose naive about birth control and don't know the use of condom.

    By the time they old enough to realize that they are DIFFERENT than their peers for carrying certain patriachal names, they must have felt shame about themselves. Extreme humiliation. They walk around bowing their heads in shame.

    They must have been thought that they would rather not born into this world thus darken their world view. These kids could thinking of committing suicide rather living in shame for the rest of their lives.

    These innocent kids deserve to live a normal life like their peers. Why are we so cruel in denying their rights to have a normal life?

    1. Yes.totally agree with anon 1756.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Do you think that Imam Shafi'i would agree to this fatwa Anon 17:56? Shafi'i said:

      "Never do I argue with a man with a desire to hear him say what is wrong, or to expose him and win victory over him. Whenever I face an opponent in debate I silently pray - O Lord, help him so that truth may flow from his heart and on his tongue, and so that if truth is on my side, he may follow me; and if truth be on his side, I may follow him.... To admonish your brother in private is to advise him and improve him. But to admonish him publicly is to disgrace and shame him."

      Do we want to go against the Imam and shame unfortunately born individuals for a whole lifetime? Can't science confirm the genetic makeup of a father and his child?

  4. The Quran Surah 33 verse 5 states: Ascribe a person to their father is more just with Allah.

  5. Annie,

    Well, this is how Islam is practised in Malaysia.

    It is such practices which make people all over the world think that Islam is unable to cope with the changes in social ethics and mores.

    I think Hadi Awang asked why don't Malaysians give Islam a chance, why don't Malaysians try out Islamic laws.

    For me personally, I will never want to try out Islamic laws simply because I simply do not trust those who make and administer those laws.

    Those who make those laws?

    Yes, those are not Allah's laws, they are merely Man-made laws using the authority of Allah.

    And we know that it is impossible to ring up/email/wassap Allah to check and see if that person really does have Allah's authority.

    I prefer laws which I can verify, which I can confirm, which I can compare.

    And if those laws are wrong, I know who I can blame and I know how I can have those laws changed.

    So, how do you change fatwas which we feel are unjust?

    Anybody has Allah's ph no, His email address or His wassap account details?


    1. Gladiator
      I'm allowing this comment through because I would like to remind you that I'm okay for you to comment on Islam but I do not approve when you mock my religion. Maybe you do not realise that your words sound mocking especially in the last paragraph. I give you a benefit of doubt on that. However, please note that I will not let through such comments in future. Thank you.

    2. Annie,

      The intention was NOT to mock but to show that those who claim to have Allah's authority cannot show that they do have that authority.

      If anybody feel that I am mocking Islam, I do apologise and I will ensure that I rephrase my words better in future.



    3. What gladiator is doing is mocking Muslims who don't understand Islam.When the 'so-called ulamak' says something that is illogical and defies every logical thinking he would say that is the word of God when in reality Allah doesn't say so.No wonder Muslims are confused most of the time

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Every law must shine a light ...
      Have we looked into our hearts?

    5. Prof Kangkung
      I agree with you about Gladiator's comment. It's not wrong except the choice of words and tone of the comment. Thank you.

    6. Manusia dikurniakan akal yang membolehkan untuk berfikir. Alasan untuk menyatakan kekeliruan di kalangan umat Islam mungkin tidak berapa tepat..Kalau anda rasa keliru, usaha untuk cari pencerahan, bukan sekadar tunggu pengetahuan itu sampai depan mata.

  6. Jon Snow is a bastard.

    Now is the king of the north.

  7. Tak berani nak bagi komen atau cadangan tentang hukum hakam sebab saya bukan pakar dalam bidang ini. Sekadar untuk peringatan, memberi pendapat biarlah berpada2 kerana dikhuatiri akan menyebabkan terpesongnya akidah...Islam agama yang sempurna, please jangan sesekali pertikaikan walaupun kita tak setuju...(simpan dalam hati lagi bagus dan sentiasa berdoa kepada-NYA agar kita sentiasa di atas landasan yang betul) wallahuaalam..

  8. Being a bastard..

    Ia hanya sebuah permulaan dari sebuah kelahiran..

    Pengisian dan akhirnya yang lebih penting, taqwa atau sesat.

    Penzinaan ke atas rakyat juga berlaku dari pemimpin yang penipu dan zalim.. Tanpa segan silu masih ada yang menyanjung..

  9. There is no guarantee for one who is a born Muslim to die as a Muslim.In the same context, one born as a bastard may die as a man of complete piety(Soleh). Everything depends on the Ehsan of ALLAH.

    1. Yo bro. ku tabik mu!
      So did that schoolgirl who was gangraped in KBahru conceive a child?
      Then could the baby not "use" one of those 38(thirty eight) fucking bastards for "Daddy's" name?! Just to save the poor child from becoming a poor bastard? And to protect the poor mother from being a "whore"?

    2. Even if the school girl being gang-raped with 38 boys, 39 or more and got pregnant, you can still find out who the father is with paternity test via DNA. So your argument don't hold water here.

  10. Prof Kangkung,

    //What gladiator is doing is mocking Muslims who don't understand Islam.//

    I logged in here this morning intending to say exactly what you have said, although I don't think I would have referred to them as Muslims.

    I was going to say that the particular sentence was directed specifically at those who claim Allah's authority.


  11. This is a monkey problem. Nothing to do with us.

  12. The 37th Muzakarah (Conference) of the Fatwa Committee National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia held on 23rd March 1995 has discussed on smoking from the perspective of Islam. The Committee has decided that smoking is prohibited (haram) in Islam because it is harmful.

    - Does Malaysian government enforce this edit (fatwa) to Muslims in Malaysia? Nope!..they still happily puffing away ever since like nobody business. Some are still doing it, rather proudly, in public places. Some even doing it while driving a car and shamelessly throw the cigar's butt out of the window.

    If it is alright for the government not to heed the directive of National Majlis Fatwa in 1995 which prohibited Muslims from smoking, what prevent them from not doing the same when it comes to the future of the unfortunate and miserable children who have to pay eith their dignity of their parent's action?

    In the future, I'm suggesting for the National Fatwa Council to discuss the burdensome GST tax. Two state muftis already declare it as haram as the practise does not exempt the poor from paying the tax.

    In Islam, you can't impose tax on the poor people as they don't even have enough means to support themselves what more to pay tax. But you know, this kind topic will NEVER land on the Majlis Fatwa desk to be discussed let alone to issue a fatwa. It looks as if it is off limit for them to discuss.

    1. Dear anon 1317
      Cuba bgtau mufti yg kata gst tu haram duit gaji dia silap-silap dari hasil GST

      Prof Kangkung

  13. Annie. For this I refer to the Mufti of Perlis.

  14. Today I have to agree with Profesor Kangkung and I have mostly agreed with Gladiator in many issues Annie raised. Kluangman has a point too.

    I am going to check what 33:5 in the Qur'an reads.

    The parents of a child born out of wedlock would have realized their mistake (sin) already and they would already be paying the price having to live with this for the rest of their lives. The child, don't burden him/her with the parents doing.

    Kalau JPN nak implement jugak fatwa ni, minta JPN ni tukar ke Kementerian Ugama Islam. Kalau belum ada, buat kementerian baru.

    Jangan keliru kan diri kita

    1. not sure why Prof feel that Faraid is not fair? Prof bukan anak lelaki sulung pertama/kedua? Atau His/Her eldest abang lelaki yg dia rasa tak bertanggungjawab pada ibu bapa tapi nak claim harta pusaka guna Faraid? So, Prof rasa tak puas hati cara Faraid? Faraid tak wajib rasanya tetapi terpulang macam mana nak implement antara adik beradik...selalu yg rasa tak fair tu sebab tak dapat bahagian lebih..harap2 Prof bukan begitu...rezeki masing2, Allah dan tentukan sejak Azzali.. :-)

    2. Dear anon 1759
      Bercakap tentang hukum saya bukan org yang layak tapi biarlah apa yg saya rasa saya simpan utk diri saya sahaja.
      I am not in a position to issue fatwa etc.Kalau apa yg saya buat ini salah saya mohon ampun dari Allah saw

      Prof Kangkung

  15. I agree with Anon 30 July 2017 at 13:17.

    Those so called religious people, including Zahid Hamidi... are too eager to support Jakim's edict in punishing the fruits of fornication but seems to be muted on the prohibition of smoking and collecting GST on the poor.

    It seems their minds are very much preoccupied with sex, sex and more sex. That's why many of these people, especially in PAS have more that one wife but seem very shy and not being proud about this so called Sunnah Rasul. Wonder why?

    I guest, the best way to overcome this stupidity is to backdate the marriage, so that the illicit child was borne after 6 month or more. If you have to grease the palms of some religious people, so be it.
    After-all, those so called religious Tok Gurus and politicians in PAS, accepted a token of RM90 million from Najib. Why not a few bucks for the Tok Kadi?
    Best still... legalized it as penalty... like they did with 'dam' in the Haj pilgrimage.

    At least, to the Kafir people, Islam would not be construed as a cruel too bastards.

  16. I see, you have updated your Blogroll, Annie.

    You've 'revived' ShuZheng... who now seems to be a fan of Jho Low & Najib's 1MDB of late, especially after China became the saviour of Najib's woes... hence the prospect-of, or the projected influx of his Mainland brethren through the development of Forest City, Bandar Malaysia, HSR & ECRL.

    You've also included The Scribe, Another Brick in the Wall, KayangdailyPost and Apanama.
    But... sadly... no link to OutsyedTheBox and Zamkata.

    Anyway, Thank You Annie. It'll be more easier for me to leap to these bloggers.

    1. A blogroll that must include the top cat his fat dogs and the aged pussy.Looking at them hitting at at the old man all in tandem just show how much the 'mahafiraun-sodomee'reunion is sending chills down their spines.A union that once had reformed the whole social fabric and structure of UMNO, this time reunited to destroy UMNO totally.

  17. Of course, despite the whole world being aware of the contrary, you still desperately cling to that Arabian fable that nothing is missing from 1MDB, that the cooked goose does not contain any fat Chinaman, yachts, billions in moolah, actresses, or pink diamonds.

  18. What you mean you cannot goes against a fatwa? Is this God word or man made ruling?. Once you give away this right to question conclusion/fatwa made by man, then this country has gone to the dogs?.
    I thank God for the couple who has the courage to fight against stupid fatwa. These are the people who wants to make the country great.

  19. Msia has been destroyed by PM najib razak - al arabiya. Arabs are the bastards of all!!!

  20. Annie,

    Last weekend my friend went to a tokong dewa guan eng near jalan macalister penang to ask about fengshui. The sifu calculated that he will be winning lottery because his birthday falls on 1953 July 23, about noon time.

    That's the same as the biggest kleptocrat in the world, hey!

    And he even predicted that the kleptocrat would direct the chief of government lawyer to drop the NRD appeal, and that will make so many people happy!

    Everyone in bolehland would be so happy they forgot everything else and wants kleptocrat to rule forever, even if he dies also his mayat must continue to rule the country.

    Except perhaps for someone who thought the day 'harus' sunny..

  21. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about
    this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a
    bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A fantastic read.
    I will definitely be back.