Saturday 24 December 2016

A song for grandfather

Grandpa, please get well and be yourself again.

Miss your smile and laughter.

Ma and the others miss you talking loudly as usual.

Cheer up, okay.

We love you very much.

Here's a song for you,

Weary, with no words or tears, I look at the endless sea,
Confused, I look at the endless sky
Like a small boat, my heart is tossed in waves,
I look at my days and wonder
Where am I going?
I can’t see, but I’m willing to keep on
Just who is steering this tiny boat
Struggling to stay afloat in this sea of sadness
My heart mourns
The years flow by like water
The past is gone, forever
All I have now are memories, chains and chains of memories,
I long for yesterday, but time cannot turn back
My youth is gone, all is changed
But not my love
My love will stay, forever


  1. Annie,

    Hope all turns out well for your grandfather.



  2. " Just who is steering this tiny boat?"

    All must have faith and we pray in-sya-Allah for His guidance and Mercy

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH