Thursday 3 September 2015

The oldest criminal suspect in the country

Just a short one.

Saw this report,

Dr Mahathir to be investigated for criminal defamation

and can't resist writing a bit.

I'm actually still busy until tomorrow.

So, Dr Mahathir is going to be investigated under the Sedition Act.

The offense - criminal defamation.

That, I believe makes Dr Mahathir a suspected criminal.

I think the 90-year-old statesman is now the oldest criminal suspect in the country, if not in the world.

He may even be charged in court and if found guilty jailed for up to two years.

I know, that's quite a remote possibility, but still, it could happen.

The thought of any 90 year old man being jailed for something that he said is quite worrying.

I hope it's not going to happen.

I think the country will be in serious shit if Dr Mahathir is jailed.

His supporters will not take it laying down.


  1. The country already seems like it's in deep serious shit now, with more people turning up for Bersih than for the National Day parade.

  2. Even if that's not true la... maybe I'm wrong that there was a bigger crowd at Bersih than the National Day parade ... the country still seems like it's already in deep serious shit.

  3. If someone just voiced out to demand an answer to clear the doubt was jailed, then the country is not in serious trouble but cuma satu perkataan, Habis.

  4. * Asah parang *

  5. Asia tenggara ada Marcos dan Suharto. Negara Arab ada Ghadafi dan Saddam Hussin. Bezanya negara Arab punya walaupun korup masih lagi disanjung dan dipuja dibanyak negara. Ramai menamakan anak mereka sempena nama Ghadafi dan Saddam. Ketiadaan mrk menyebabkan negara huru hara.
    Dibelah sini Suharto dan Marcos dibenci sebenci-bencinya. Negara lebih makmur lepas mrk tidak ada.
    Najib sepatutnya menjadikan Ghadafi dan Saddam Hussin sebagai idola ttp nampaknya bakal menjadi Marcos yg baru.
    *Bapa saya pantang kalau mengata Saddam Hussin. Mmg dia marah.

  6. Jailing Dr M? Doomsday would be in our horizon.

  7. Pertama kali kalau Tun M ini di penjara sah memang kerja Rosmah Puaka , kedua kalau Tun M disiasat dan memberi bukti jelas kepada IGP bahawa memang Najib bagi rasuah dekat ketua Bahagian ,contoh MP shahrir pun mengaku terima RM 1 juta untuk bahagian johor bahru dan IGP nak ke ambil tindakan terhadap najib .

    Ketiga banyak report polis dibuat terhadap Najib terutama sabitan penyelewengan 1MDB dan juga terhadap Rosmah berkenaan wang RM 2 juta dalam akaun pribadinya apa polis dah buat ,IGP duduk atas report ke atau rebus buat air penerang hati , sebenarnya PDRM ini berkerja untuk siapa jangan buat rakyat pening ,adakah kamu PDRM hanya berkerja untuk Najib aka Rosmah bukan menjaga keadilan dan keselamatan negara . Sudah la jangan buat terlalu banyak lawak la , orang dah semakin menyampah .

  8. Annie.......the laws don't allow for a 90 years old person to be jailed.....I hope it is just a wishful thinking on your busy mind.

  9. I seek refuge in Allah from the evils of the accursed Satan.
    In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

    There is a traditional story about `Umar Ibn al-Khattab, the Islamic caliph who captured the city of Jerusalem and built the first mosque on the grounds of the sacred sanctuary now known as the Dome of the Rock.

    `Umar was a ruler of great justice and peace. Because of his noble qualities, he was given the beautiful name, Commander of the Faithful, and it was his rightful duty to receive the key to the Holy City which was the original qiblah - the direction Muslims face while praying.

    The armies of `Umar had already entered Jerusalem and taken control of the city from the Christians who had ruled there since the time of Constantine, but when `Umar came to take official possession of Jerusalem, he came alone. He journeyed from Damascus to Jerusalem with only one camel and a cameleer. The caliph, being a man of great humility, had arranged with the cameleer that they would both take turns riding the camel. According to justice, he would ride for a while, then the cameleer would ride and he would walk.

    Meanwhile, the entire city was awaiting `Umar's impending arrival. The bishop of the Holy Sepulcher had announced, "The great Islamic leader is coming! We must greet him and pay our respects to him." And so all the people had gathered at the city gate, awaiting a grand royal procession. But no procession appeared.

    - to be continued ...

  10. - continuation ...

    Instead, two people became visible on the horizon, approaching very slowly. When they finally reached the city, it was the cameleer's turn to be riding, and so all the people mistook him for the caliph and rushed to greet him.

    ''Wait! I am not the caliph!" he protested and explained their arrangement to take turns riding and walking. The people, overwhelmed by this justice, praised the great caliph.

    The bishop was also amazed by such justice. His heart filled with joy, and he handed the key of the city to `Umar Ibn al-Khattdb.

    The bishop then invited `Umar to perform his prayers within their church. But when `Umar saw the interior decorated with all the Christian symbols, he politely declined, saying, "I will pray just outside your doors."

    Once he had finished, the bishop asked, ''Why would you not come inside our church?"

    "If I had prayed in your sanctuary,'' `Umar explained, ''my followers and those who come here in the future would take over this building and turn it into a mosque. They would destroy your place of worship. To avoid these difficulties and allow your church to continue as it is, I prayed outside."

    Again the bishop was amazed by his justice. ''Today, because of your justice, faith, wisdom, and truth, you have received the key to the Holy City. But for how long will this remain in your hands? When will this sacred place come back into our possession?"

    - to be continued ...

  11. - continuation ...

    `Umar Ibn al-Khattab then replied, ''Today we have indeed taken over this place of worship. It is with the four qualities of Faith, Wisdom, Justice, and Truth that we have regained the city. As long as these four exist in Islam, as long as the Muslims have all four in their hands, they will retain the city. But when these virtues depart from Islam, this place of worship will change hands once again.

    "If it happens that we must lose this place to someone else, it will be because we lack certitude in our faith. When the Muslims sell the truth and collect worldly wealth and seek worldly pleasures; when they lose good faith, good conduct, and the good behavior of modesty and reserve; when they relate to women in an immoral and unjust way; when they behave with backbiting, jealousy, and envy; when they lack unity and establish hypocrisy; when they destroy good deeds and degenerate into committing evil actions-when all this occurs in the midst of Islam, then unity and peacefulness will be destroyed. These evil qualities and actions will cause divisions and separations, and this Holy City will be taken from our hands. That is certain.

    "When this happens, the followers of Islam will be as numerous as the granules of flour in dough. But the number of those who shall take possession of the city will be as few as the grains of salt in the dough. This will happen when degradation permeates Islam."

    These were the words of `Umar Ibn al-Khattab when he took possession of the Holy City and the sacred ground of the Dome of the Rock.

    - The End -

  12. Dear Annie.
    I agree with you.

    "His supporters will not take it laying down."

    I have never went to any street rallies, but for the sake of Dr.M, I will never hesitate.

    What if Tun Dr.M had physical evidence that some or a few 'ketua bahagian' did receive bribe from our PM? Will the police act on it?

    Of-course UMNO would claimed that its some sort of allocation or donation for the party division.

  13. I'm not a fan but admiring him I do. The only PM I will remember as long as I live. Not for the bad things but more on the good side...

  14. Kepada Atuk kita yang mulia, Tun Doktor Mahathir :

  15. Quote from Anon: Tun has many faults but he built this country...

  16. "I think the country will be in serious shit if Dr Mahathir is jailed."

    That is an understatement.
    All hell will break loose is more likely.
    Not only do the authorities have to contend with Dr M's supporters, even the fence-sitters and the neutrals will throw in their lot too with Dr M.


  17. Pegi tulun tengok belisih atak salah kah ?. join Belisih punya olang tatak salah kah ?.

    Mana lagi salah ,tengok belisih atau itu bikin belisih punya olang ? , itu belisih punya olang apa pasat tatak tangkap ,apa pasat mau tangkap Tun , Aii yaa ini macam punya cala manyak susah maa aa .

    Buat punya olang ,tatak salah ,tengok punya olang manyak salah , buat punya olang tatak salah ,kasi tanya punya olang manak salah , Wa tatak pelenah dengar ini macam punya undang-undang maa aa .

    1. Dia sudah cabut pergi Jordan.

  18. Never underestimate the Grand old man. There are already cracks in the police, armed forces, UMNO grassroots, civil service. It's just waiting for the straw that breaks the camel's back. That straw could be harsh action taken against Tun. This will be the factor that will trigger unity and force against Gibby. Gibby knows this too but he is running out of aces. Tun still has lots of Aces in his hands. The tide is rising

  19. According to RPK the old man is the kerala mafia who control the political funding of Umno. The PM after him don't want to kowtow, him any more. They don't want to be control by the old man anymore. Let it go.....let it go.....let it go.........

    1. RPK? The fuvitive atheist? And you take his word without being given any proof whatsoever? No wonder Najib wants stupid loyal people around him....After this there would never exist any kind of corruptionin our country. Everyone would be asking and receiving our dear PM.... let it go my arse...

    2. What you think the old man is so clean. OMG.

  20. Hi Annie,
    RPK is a good story teller, sometimes he imbue half truth and fiction in his story to suit his agenda. But, he is a fugitive and the palace has warn him not to come back and bring disrepute to the palace. Our problem is still Najib now, how to get rid of this corrupt person. All the world is watching Malaysia and this PM. He really as no where to hide, and his advisors are cooking up idea how to let this guy go. When Pakatan take over, he will be in real trouble and will goto Sungai Buloh for CBT...he cannot hide his money trail and the hounds are sniffing and getting closer. I foresee a couple of them will join Najib in Sungai Buloh.

  21. No more puppet Prime Minister.

  22. Good riddance if he's gone before the end of this year. Imagine we have to donate to everyone who wants a portion of some donation to get things done. You can't, can you? That is why you hate Dr M and love the corrupters and the corrupted.You are one of them. The good and the bad cannot coexist. Ditch him or we ditch BN. Comprehende loyal numbskulls? Tik tok tik tok...

  23. And if any of you think I am some kind of a cybertrooper or a paid mercenary. Think again. I am once a BN loyalist. Pak Lah changed me. And worse leaders after him matured me. What more for the fence sitters.

    1. Saraly,
      I am with you. Pak Lah changed me and Najib really beyond words to describe. I was in Dubai last month.. the taxi driver asked us where are we from. We said Malaysia and immediately he said MAHATHIR MOHAMAD, a very smart and visionary leader. This is from a Pakistani okay.. Put Tun and Najib together, my choice is very obvious... hate him as much as you want but nothing can make the current one better than Tun M in every way.

    2. It's a free country!