Thursday 24 September 2015

Raya Haji blues

I'm spending Raya Haji today on my own.

My father is in Klang to be with some relatives while my mother drove back to my hometown Kluang early this morning to spend time with my grandmother.

Ma wanted me to go with her but I decided to stay back in KL.

She went balik kampung with my cousin aunties, who live in Cheras instead.

I just wanted to spend the long weekend resting.

I also wanted to check out other options for my plan to buy a motorcycle tomorrow.

They are the CBR250R....

...and the Ninja 250SL

My ex said he will go with me to check out the bikes.

See lah how.

Today I just want to laze around the house.

Sorry, no politics today.

No energy for it.



  1. Boleh caya ke Annie ni bawak Superbike? Motor tu berat woo..kalau salah tongkat boleh tumbang larat ke nak angkat kalau tumbang?

    1. Those are just 250cc bikes. Not really superbikes. Quite manageable.

  2. Skang ni kalau ada orang tanya kenapa masih tak saman-saman WSJ, bukan nak bagi jawapan betul-betul tapi siap korek cerita lama yang Mahathir dulu pun tak saman Barry Wain.
    Siap korek cerita lama 6 tahun dulu nak deflect attention pasal apa bos dia tak saman WSJ. Barry Wain pun dah arwah lama dah. Lepas ni kalau ada yang tanya lagi entah apa yang nak dikorek cerita-cerita yang dah lepas.

  3. Dear Annie..!!

    Oyoyoyoy! Mau nyer the lads' minds in here 'racing' of you ala Megan Fox in Transformer.. :-) full Latex? Ooo-de-lolly!


  4. People drop big names - big shot politicians, business tycoons and the like. Annie drops her ex (pun intended) on this Hari Raya.

    She's teasing, making you guys jealous to the brim. Note that I didn't say I am, too. The BBC comedy series Yes Minister says when politicians say they don't, it invariably means they do. And am not telling you if I'm politician. Failed or highly successful ikan bakar one. Who has a date in Dang Wangi.

    Don't know about Malaysian politicians saying yes when they mean no. And my tongue is not in my cheek. Wishing the tongue tastes the 2.6 billion. What, a political comment? No, it's about the thousand and one tales in the Arabian nights. During the days of Saddam Hussein's ancestors.

  5. This lady who has been described in here as petite, wanna say voluptuous and tantalising but don't know her and scared of being scolded. If scolded by her "hidden hands", habis lah my chances. Ex or no ex, I'd be out, flung to smithereens.

    By a bike that has safety, good balance and stability features, Annie. No jammed disc brakes or the computer bluffing diesel emission that Volkswagen used and caused them billions in fines, suits and their shares zooming down.

    Thank God tak jadi Volkswagen working together with Proton like Tun Dr Mahathir wanted last time. Otherwise Hitler's car of the people would have incurred the wrath of the people in Malaysia, too - "volks wagon" was developed by and during the World War II dictator's regime.

    I'd better stop rambling too much on this Hari Raya evening otherwise the attempt to be entertaining becomes boring and damning. Selamat Hari Raya and enjoy the rest of the holidays, Annie.

  6. Annie, get yourself a Harley. You deserve it...

  7. Annie, get yourself a Harley. You would never look at another bike.

  8. Annie,

    When you drive a car, it is possible to recover from mistakes.

    But a fast bike - it is possible that you get no chance.

    So, before you take that step, think about your Pa, Ma, as well as your Grand Ma.

  9. Excuse me for this sombre talk when Annie deserves light ones during the Hari Raya break, but one suggestion that whoever has contacts with the Saudi Embassy or top guns in the Saudi government may relay (I have none and too lazy to write in their official website, even if there's one -

    the 300+ deaths (figures as at 8.30 pm - 700 at 9.30 news?) due to a stampede among the Hajj pilgrims (this year 3 million) while stoning the devil in Meena. Several hundred also died in 2006 and 1200+ in 1999 in the same place during the same occasion:

    the suggestion:

    1. add more cctv cameras in Meena, assign officers specifically to look at specific tv screens showing the Meena stoning-the-devil ceremony (3 million during 24 hours, like 100,000 per hour - correctness of this to be verified)

    2. those officers to closely observe any sign of panic at any point during the walk to the actual stone throwing spot, such signs to be based on tv footage of past death-causing stampedes -

    3. any sign at all, sound the alarm or siren that all pilgrims must have been told before hand to stop walking completely, stand on the same spot, don't move, until another siren indicates they may resume walking

    Lives must be saved. Yes, many pilgrims want to die in the Holy Land but surely not by being trampled upon during stampedes. The stone-throwing incidents there have caused worse fatalities than Al Qaeda attacks, against which the Saudi authorities have readied many thousands security personnel trained in countering and putting down such attacks.

    Credit to the Saudi authorities for significant and all--the-time improvements to facilities for the pilgrims. But deaths from stampedes must be avoided and all preventive measures must be put in place.

    Al Fatihah to those who perished to day.

  10. It's ok to fantasize. Forget about really getting the mean machine, ok?

  11. Ducati not in your crosshair?

    1. No. Ducati for glamour bikers. I am not.

    2. Aiyo, really-ar? I've never thought about that.

  12. Yamaha R25 tak masuk dalam list ke

  13. You can check your posture at You should consider CB500 series. Great fuel economy and forgiving for beginners bike.

    1. I have tried 500cc bikes and they are really too big for me.

  14. The bikes you mentioned are all good incl the R25. The z250sl is a naked and popular for girl riders. Not sure if the full faired z250 pix you showed is correct. Harley is like riding on a vibrator, unless you like one.

  15. Tell us when you have decided. I will definitely be looking out for a petite lady on a 250cc bike every time I drive around KL/PJ.