Friday, 13 December 2013

Late thank you better than no thank you at all

This came in just now via NST's SMS alert,

NST 13/12: After 20 years, United States today thanked Malaysian peacekeepers for saving their soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia on Oct 3, 1993.

You can read the details here
United States thanks Malaysia for saving their soldiers in Somalia


Well, better late than never.

At least it proves that Americans are quite decent and know what it means to appreciate the help extended by others.

You can read about what happened in Somalia 20 years ago at

Battle of Mogadishu

AlFatihah for our fallen hero Corporal Mat Aznan Awang who died in the incident.

It was unfortunate that the sacrifices of our soldiers in that incident was not previously officially appreciated by the US government. I'm not sure why but maybe it was due to protocols.

I remember when I first watched the movie Black Hawk Down, I had waited for the scene when the Malaysian soldiers came to save the American Rangers trapped in a firefight with the local militia. All I got to see were some Pakistani soldiers helping the Americans. There was not even a mentioned of the Malaysian soldiers. It was so disappointing.

Well, at least now that they had said thank you.

It is better than nothing.

I know of some people who totally refuse to say thank you to those who had done them a good deed.

These bunch of ingrates feel that it is their God given right to be assisted by others. That's why they don't feel that they need to say thank you.

They feel that the people who had helped them have to thank them instead and give them these and that things which they feel are their rights to have.

Really, there are such people in Malaysia.

Not only that they refused to thank the people who had helped them, they also mock their benefactors and tell them how useless and worthless they are.

And when the other people want to help themselves, these ingrates turned angry and accused those people who had previously helped them of not being fair. Then they start calling those people who had helped them all sorts of names such as racists, cripples on crutches etc etc.

Well, I don't want to go into details about these ugly people as I don't want all sorts of cybertroopers to come out of the woodworks and harass me again. Enough to say that they are really a bunch of disgusting ingrates.

Err...back to the Americans. Ya, I don't mind the Americans too much. They may be slow at saying thank you...about twenty years late, but that's not too bad as I know of people who still refuse to say thank you after more than half a century. That's even worse, right?

Anyway, I remember the CNN guy Fareed Zakaria once said in an interview that he noticed that for Malaysians who wanted to migrate for a better future, if given the choice between US and China, they will prefer the declining US than the emerging China. This applies even among the will be immigrants among the Malaysian Chinese, said Fareed. Such are the ways of things.

The Americans are indeed not so bad after all....well, better than some Malaysians.


  1. That's right, we have here a women by the name of Annie or A little lady of the valley loves to mocking and demeaning the supporters of PR and particularly to the Chinese community in the country.
    She is also here to defend the corrupt regime of UMNO, by instigating and pitting the Malays against the Chinese community at her best. Sadly she is way too stupid to differentiate between a country and a government. She has a notion of UMNO=Malaysia=UMNO and fully subscribe to ' UMNO Malay Supremacy' doctrine.

    Loyal to your country a must, Loyal to the government when they deserve it.

    1. "Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart. To see what is right, and not to do it, is a lack of courage or a failing in principle. But when we see men of bad character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves." (Confucius)

    2. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

      Sila maklum,

      Kebanyakan orang Cina tidak gemar makanan yang dimasak dengan terlalu banyak chili. Jadi mereka tidak lah terlalu merasa pedas.

      Orang Cina yang suka makan chili ni cuma yang ahli dan penyokong DAP je. Sebab tu lah dia orang kepedasan.

      Sekian. Terimakaseh.

    3. Annie, anda fikir faham ke Cinabeng DAP dengan kiasan anda? Satu lagi Cinabeng DAP suka tengok cermin. Mereka tidak suka melihat apa yang tergambar dalam cermin. Jadi mereka mula memberi gambaran tersebut terhadap 'musuh musuh' mereka.
      Jadi apa apa sahaja momokan mereka terhadap orang lain adalah gambaran sebenar diri mereka sendiri!

    4. Trade mark of Chinese (DAP supporters) they like to call others who are not as sepet as them as stupid ,they are clear product of SRJK ( C ) that never uphold the national interest.
      In China who are against the national interest are consider traitor and the penalty will be execution .

    5. Itu cib** punya cina mmg talak sokong melayu maupun cina yang sokong melayu...mcm anon 7.36am punya olang...betul2 punya cib** langsi la lu

    6. tebing tinggi, also in china those corrupt buggers like the UMNO geng will be facing firing squad, and a commentator like you who are supporting the corrupt regime will be send to hard labor camp in Gobi Desert to dig dirt.
      And can you imagine, Shahrizat and Hassan fate will be if the Komunnis Taikor found out that one of their kind bela lembu in condo and siphoned out million $$ from the country ?

    7. oi cib** 11:58, nah here your koh tai !

  2. " It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong"


    1. right! agree with you .. ... until the cows come home to mooo in condo

  3. Confucianism in a World of Ideas: What is Adab or Propriety?

  4. Semua Benda Naik Hujan Saja Yang Turun - Amirudin

    1. The new underclass in America:



    1. Could Annie tells Anon 09:59, viagra doesn't make the 'balls' harden, it make the batang stiff. Please address your issue to DS Rosmah, she is the real PM behind PM.


    2. buleh caya ka..tara umno tara harga brg naik...
      tara umno tara cukai pintu naik...
      tu selangor bkn cukai pintu naik ka....
      la ni semua parti kewana umno jaga skit pasai islam..haku sokom gak bat pru 14 kompom x p ngundi....sowwi....

    3. Tara chinkies in Malaysia, Melayu boleh hidup aman damai. Tara chinkies, tara kandang babi. Tara babi, tara kecemaran alam sekitar.

      I hope this will become reality in the near future. I just despise these sepets!

    4. Tara Chinkies in Malaysia, Tara Tax kutip, mampos lah UMNO,
      Tara UMNO, Tara susah ma, rakyat berbilang bangsa hidup gumbira,
      Tara UMNO, Tara wujud racist bodoh seperti anon 20:56 dan Annie.
      Tara UMNO, Tara harga barang naik giler.
      Tara UMNO, Tara Projek kelentong rakyat.
      Tara UMNO, Tara Kroni tekan rakyat marhean.
      Tara UMNO, Tara lembu duduk kat condo
      Tara UMNO, Tara C4
      Tara UMNO, Tara harga kereta rumah tinggi-tinggi
      Tara UMNO, Tara gaji sikit-skit
      Tara UMNO, rakyat bersyukur kepada Tuhan.

    5. Tara Annie, tara blog mau tulis bising--bising komplain Umno jahat ma.
      Lain blog tara best mau kachiau.

    6. Tara chinkies mau bayar tax la...sum mua ada tipu kira tax.
      Tara apa juga...itu petronas ada...

    7. Tara Annie, Tara racism
      Tara Annie, Tara ctitique
      Tara UMNO, Tara penghambaan minda orang2 Melayu
      Tara UMNO, Tara wang pertonas di gasak
      Tara UMNO, anon 05:56 akan jadi lebih bijaksana.

  6. The real Black Hawk Down story from the Public Broadcasting Corporation:

    It is imperative for government leaders to exercise the greatest prudence and highest compassion when considering to order its people to go to war.

    pt 1

    pt 3
    pt 4

    Rejimen Askar DiRaja Melayu di Somalia 1993

  7. The Malaysian army is under appreciated and underrated. They are the only force in the world who were able to defeat the communist insurgency. Even the US bungled and packed up without being able to finish it off in Vietnam. What the world didnt know that we are actually an expert in jungle warfare. It is already a public knowledge we have an excellent jungle warfare training in camp South of Johor. Even foreign troops come and train there.
    By the way, there will be interviews for aspirants vying for MCA president in NST tomorrow. Don't miss it : )

  8. Assalam...a ha ha ha...kowt nak tutop pasai penggintipan kowt...yg pemerintah m'sia laks diam seribu bahasa...negara lain siap usir diplomat lagik...kitew mcm xdew hapew hapew...idak ke baguih pemimpin kiter....caya lah....

  9. sokom anon 0959 14/12....

  10. I think the DAPSTERS Red Bean Army like Annie too much. Every time must come to her blog and 'kacau' Annie and defend their KIASUISM.

  11. Should non-bumis still be saying thank you for citizenship in a hundred years? Two hundred? Who needs to hear the thank you - our sultans? The colonial administration that drafted the constitution? Or those that threaten to revoke it today? We don't need thanks or gratitude. We need citizens that develop the country for the benefit of all, trusted and intelligent civil servants, citizens that obey the law and who help each other when times are hard.

  12. Responding to immediate thanks or late thanks has no meaning what so ever. Especially, it comes from the institutions of Government. Governments bureaucracy are said to be impersonal and therefore when any Government said thanks don't you ever believe  them because the noise (not voice) of thanks from bureaucracy don't mean anything. They are just pulling your legs and opted by lies hidden behind diplomacy. Thus their thanks are closely equate in creating the perception of more lies. 

    Like Shamsul Almar said in his column, NST. Malaysian Insider is full of reporting lies and then making numbers of apology. We reckon, then again after the apology, MI is still continuing spitting more lies in its choice of augmentative lies reporting. 

    Contrary to that, effective apology can cure many bad situations in relationships. It takes guts for MI to put the ego of lies aside. But MI has shown no clear sign of 'constructive' reporting for nation building, wellbeing and to keep readers for new thoughts which summon for articulation and diction. 

    For instance, MT applauded Mariam Mokthar. MI's editors should take this moderate view:

    Who would have thought that Siti Aisyah would be the nutcase but seriously said many don't. She just want to be human whose concerned with the interests and welfare of humans. 

    Moreover, she got caught in the idealogical and philosophical networks of secularism and naturalism, then being sucked into political webs of the 60s. Wandering by her inception, she soon could not get out from the modern capitalist environment.

    The so called a closed environment she was in and an undefined Maoist as she is, is just her economic shelter and as much as she feels belonging to her congregational cocoon in order for her to survive in the free world of the capitalistic urban London. 

    She reminded us of Pik Sen Lim (Chung Su Lee, Singaporean, we think), portrayed as a Maoist in the television series, "Mind Your Language." In class, she always had her little red book of Mao. Taro, her Japanese classmate was her ideological rivalry portraying Siti Aisyah's endeavor and essay of her entity.

    She was an idealist and maybe she still is.  More importantly she is an harmless human being. But Chin Peng was totally a negative international hero who killed people because of his ideology. For Mariam Mokthar to equate Chin Peng and put all the law breakers into one basket is not worth for an applause. But to remind her just to watch her language is an appropriate and sensible  warning. 

    I hope some senses need repairing.